Update: One of the Odense Victims Quoted on Danish TV

Update from Steen: Anonymous Palestinian in the video: “You should have seen a huge party we held last night in Vollsmose. I do hope we all support him (the shooter).”

Anonym Vollsmosebo: “I skulle se igår, en stor, stor fest vi lavede. Jeg håber allesammen vi støtter ham.”

Steen just sent me a note saying that one of the Israelis who was shot at the Odense shopping mall appeared on TV2 at 7:00 p.m. CET. No URL was included, so Steen may have been transcribing from the TV report. The news text from the report is in Danish, and the quotes are in English. I’ve translated the Danish paragraphs:

“They wanted to kill us. I don’t see any other reason. We are the only Jews and Israelis here. He shot me the first time in the leg, then the second shot was aimed at me, but my friend threw a chair at him; that’s how he got his own shot in the hand, and he kept on shooting all over.”

The episode is the culmination of several months of harassment from a group of young Palestinians, says the Israeli owner of the stand where the two men worked. Among other things, the Israeli who was shot in the arm has been threatened with his life:

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“He says: ‘You took my country, I will take your life’. And then he just went out. A bunch of people came shouting at us, yelling at us, cursing us, saying things in Arabic, saying thing like: “F**k Israel, kill the Jews.”

His brother denies there is a political motive behind it:

“It’s all lies. They know it. Everybody knows it. Everyone with a common sense can understand, that in the last few days during the thing in Gaza, if it’s not political, then what is it?”

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