An Appeal to the UN

Some well-meaning Danish citizens were appalled by certain opinions expressed by the leaders of Dansk Folkeparti (Danish People’s Party). They took their complaints to the Danish legal system, which refused to give them satisfaction.

Now they’re going over its head, and appealing directly to the United Nations. Our Danish correspondent Kepiblanc has kindly translated a brief article from last Sunday’s Berlingske Tidende. He included his commentary on the whole affair:

This is just another example of wasting the taxpayers’ money. Our tiny country undoubtedly holds the world record for superfluous “centers” for this and that and the other. On the other hand it probably solves innumerable problems, such as traffic casualties, work accidents, and overcrowded asylums for incompetent academics by containing them safely inside the thick walls of their institutions where they can cause only limited harm, such as this.

In short: they’re nothing but laughingstock to all Danes. Nobody cares, and if the UN takes this seriously nobody cares either. Another New Year’s joke.

And now for his translation:

Indictment for racism sent to UN

Can one compare Muslims with Nazis and head scarves with swastikas? The UN will consider if MPs from DPP (Danish People’s Party) went too far

– – – – – – – –

The UN will have to decide if several prominent members of the Danish People’s Party, including chairwoman Pia Kjaersgaard, went too far when they compared Muslims with Nazis and head scarves with swastikas.

First thing into the new year the UN Human Rights Commission in Geneva will receive an indictment. Sender: Danish Center for Documentation and Advisory Board on Racial discrimination (DRC).

The indictment is due to the fact that Denmark’s State Prosecutor rejected the DRC’s complaint about Pia Kjaersgaard, MEP Mogens Camre and two MPs, Søren Krarup and Morten Messerschmidt.

“The State Attorney is cheating by refusing to take our complaint into consideration,” says Center Chief Niels-Erik Hansen.

Hat tip: Henrik.

8 thoughts on “An Appeal to the UN

  1. Unless I’ve missed something, which is entirely possible, the UN has no enforcement powers regarding this whatsoever. Am I mistaken? If that happened here we’d all get a good laugh out of it. The UN is a hated entity within the US and if given the chance to vote on it most Americans would vote for the US to get out of the UN and for the UN to relocate themselves to a more friendly locale. Some place like Darfur.

  2. I’m almost wishing that they succeed in making the case in the UN Human Rights Comintern (Committee, Council, Circus or whatever it is called these days, can’t keep up with the name changes…) that way it will hopefully be obvious for many more people how utterly corrupt the UNHRC really is and in turn the DRC…

  3. While the UN doesn’t have direct enforcement powers, the decisions it makes are widely respected along the PC elite, and can cause significant problems.

    We need this idiocy shot down.

  4. The Danish Peoples party are not taking this lying down and have filed a counter complaint another article in the same Newspaper had this to say

    (Danish Peoples parties E.U. Spokesman Morten Messerschmidt has now taken the unusual step of complaining to the U.N. Over imam Abdul Wahid Petersen who has defended stoning as a part of islamic law. The imam has complained to the U.N. Human rights committee in Generve, that Morten Messerschmidt and other leading members of the Danish Peoples Party have made racist remarks.

    Morten Messerschmidt, said, “Basically I think that this is rubbish, that political questions shall be decided by courts and the U.N. Now that it has come this far I think that he should taste a bit of his own medicine, and at least the U.N. Human Rights Commissioner knows that a man who defends stoning is behind the complaint”.)

    Here is a balanced thumbnail sketch of the imam.

    imam Abdul Wahid Petersen, is a nasty little Danish turd who converted, if my memory serves me correctly while serving a prison sentence for drug dealing. He runs his religious con game from a nice little mosque in West Copenhagen, where the slimy little B****** invites the local population in at Christmas for a good dose of Jul Hygge ( Christmas Cosiness). All this obnoxious little man has ever done with his life, is to substitute one mind destroying drug for another.

  5. It’s standard practice when you don’t have and answering argument these days.

    They just protest, “you’re not allowed to say that!”


  6. The UN will have to decide if several prominent members of the Danish People’s Party, including chairwoman Pia Kjaersgaard, went too far when they compared Muslims with Nazis and head scarves with swastikas.

    The truth must really hurt for those who will not listen to reason. As the old saying goes:

    Better the ugly truth than a beautiful lie.

    Far too much of this world has been living a beautiful lie for far too long. Better that Islam’s facilitators are unmasked now than letting this farce continue any longer.

    Anyone, repeat: ANYONE, who condones or assists in the spread of shari’a law needs to be labeled as the enemy of humanity that they most certainly are.

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