6 thoughts on “The Root Causes of the Gaza Conflict in Less Than 6 Minutes

  1. Great! Great! Great!

    I found there valious information, including that one about Ataturk stabbing the Caliphate and kicking it in the floor. I don’t know what that man was but he for sure was not a muslim. I mean, he killed the Caliphate!
    However, I bet we will have the Caliphate already by 2024…

    And honestly, I cannot but feel a little compasion for the Caliphate… I really do not know why. Maybe it is because I don’t think islam is that bad; if it has survived it is because muslims like islam… I also think he should never be imposed on others but muslims… And of course, instead of “we” fighting blindly “terror”, we would have a super-power to talk to, and to strike if needed…

    And indeed, if the Caliphate takes place, I believe the three main powers will be able to stop it:
    1) China
    2) India
    3) A Civilisational European Force (Crusades anyone?).

    India would suffer, but it has the nukes… I don’t know…

    All I know is that in Europe if that happens we have to do three things (and I will not even mention immigration or immigrants…):

    1) Destroy the North African, Middle Eastern and Turkish navies in the Mediterranean;
    2) Control their air power and destroy their planes if needed be;
    3) The same to the Black Sea, transform that in a Russian private Sea…

    The only trouble would be the border in SouthEast Europe, we would have to be clear in our goals that.

    I don’t think a potential Caliphate is that threatening. And let’s not discuss the destiny of Israel, there will not be a Caliphate as long as Israel exists…

    The European Union wories me most.

  2. “3) A Civilisational European Force (Crusades anyone?).”

    I wouldn’t count on Europe. Formerly Great Britain is so far gone, I doubt they’ll be able to help themselves, let alone anyone else. The rest of them seem to be overrun by Belgian influences.

  3. Oh really?

    What I think lacks sense of reality is you. Great Britian is a great country. The English have been in worst situations… Now the Americas…

    Sorry mate, it’s true…

  4. True muslims should return to Arabia.
    True muslim should be able to drink 5 times a day from Zam-zam.

    Allah told me this tonight. Please do the will of allah, otherwise you are apppoooostatttess takfeeeeeriiis.

  5. “Allah told me this tonight. Please do the will of allah, otherwise you are apppoooostatttess takfeeeeeriiis.”

    Ha, you’ve captured their language perfectly.

  6. Yes, using their language properly we might get rid of them for less than 10 dollars a year.

    Do not fool me, for me 99% muslims are miserable blaspheming apostates.

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