Jordan Jumps on the Bandwagon

Free Geert!I reported last year that the Jordanian government planned to issue an arrest warrant for Geert Wilders because of Fitna. Jordan is evidently encouraged by the Dutch government’s decision to prosecute Mr. Wilders, and is now ready to pile on.

Our expatriate Dutch correspondent H. Numan has translated an article from today’s Elsevier, and includes this prefatory note:

So you people thought Saddam Hussein was the great evil of our times? Wrong. The well known international terrorist Geert Wilders faces arrest and trial in Jordan.

And now the article from Elsevier:

‘Within 10 days arrest warrant for Wilders’

The Jordanian Muslim movement The Messenger of Allah Unites Us (TMA) is excited that Wilders will be prosecuted by the court in Amsterdam. Juridical procedures in Jordan will lead ‘within 10 days’ to an international warrant for his arrest.

‘Finally Dutch justice takes measures against these terrible crimes’ said, Zakaria Sheikh, chairman of TMA, today in De Volkskrant.

According to Sheikh, statements by Wilder lead to ‘the worldwide sowing of hatred and violence’.


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The Islamic action club (TMA) began in June last year with a boycott against Dutch products because of Wilders’ movie Fitna.

At that time a juridical procedure against the Dutch parliamentarian was initiated that had to lead to an international arrest warrant and possible extradition to Jordan. Sheikh expects the arrest warrant within 10 days.


TMA said to the Dutch newspaper that it ‘does not have any problems with the Dutch people’. ‘But these criminals must be brought to trial’, said Sheikh.

Even so the action club doesn’t want to stop its boycott against Dutch products — which presumably is a great success. ‘We have touched the hearts and minds of the consumers’, said Sheikh.

3 thoughts on “Jordan Jumps on the Bandwagon

  1. Wilders will not get asylum in the USA (unlike Hirsi Ali), since we now have a Marxist government and a lapdog media spewing out propaganda for it, but can he get asylum in Canada? Or even Israel?

  2. Jordan is issuing arrest warrants left and right. They have also issued arrest warrants on the Danish cartoonist as well on the editors of the Danish newspapers which published the cartoons (which is pretty much all of them). Fortunately Jordan is a clueless hole in the ground and hasn’t got a leg to stand on. Legally. So Denmark told them to piss off. Which they did. I suggest Holland tells them likewise.

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