Not-So-Hate Crimes in Malmö

Our Swedish correspondent Henrik W. sends this report on the recent murder of a homosexual in Malmö. He has translated an article from Kvällsposten, and includes his own commentary. He offers some helpful tips for decoding crime reports in the European media when the issue involves Muslims — a process that is very similar to reading Pravda and Izvestia in the old days of the USSR.

In his preface to the translation, Henrik W. says:

A few days ago, a 26-year-old gay man was killed by two Muslim youths in his apartment in Malmö. In and by itself, this is not remarkable — violence against homosexual people perpetrated by Muslims is no new phenomenon in Sweden, even if it’s very hard to find MSM reports on the subject. Last year’s Stockholm Pride Parade, for instance, saw a stabbing to death of a gay man, an event that got very significant exposure in the media before it was established that the perpetrators were Muslims — at which point the story disappeared from the newspapers.

But as en exercise in how Swedes who want to know what happens in their country have to read between the lines these days, this story delivers. Let’s begin by examining this initial report from the daily Kvällsposten.

And now for the translation from Kvällsposten:

The youngest murder suspect admits to violence

Two teenagers are suspected of the murder at Kapellgatan in Malmö. The motive might be a hate crime. One of the boys has been known for his extreme views on moral issues. On Thursday, the younger suspect confessed to using violence against the 26-year-old — claiming self-defense.

The two teenagers were picked up by police as they were on their way to school this morning. After an initial interrogation in which they both denied being involved in the crime, they were both arrested on suspicion of murder.

“We believe they are identical to the two unknown men who were seen in the building at Kapellgatan at the time of the murder,” prosecutor Bo Albrektsson said after the arrest. He refuses to offer any details about the murder. Not how it happened, nor what motive the police suspect.

Some confessions

On Thursday, the younger suspect confessed that he had used violence against the 26-year- old, but claimed self-defense and therefore denied being guilty of a crime. The suspect claimed to have been attacked by the 26-year-old and to have acted in panic. Defense counsel Kjell Ersarve tells Kvällposten that his client is full of remorse and that he didn’t intend to kill the 26-year-old. The older suspect continues to deny all allegations. According to his defense counsel, Kurt-Lennart Ankarberg, he denies all involvement and claims not to comprehend the murder charge.

Have extreme views

The two teenagers have not previously been sentenced. The older, however, has made a name for himself for extreme views on his internet blog.

It was on December the 20th that a 26-year-old man was killed in his apartment at Kapellgatan. Some acquaintances went to seek him when he didn’t show up for a party and didn’t answer his phone. They called the police who used the services of a locksmith to enter the apartment. The acquaintances were able to establish that it was their friend who had been knifed to death.

The hunt for the killers began by a mapping of the victim’s associates. His boyfriend — a 39-year-old Dane — was serving with the Danish forces in Afghanistan at the time of the murder and didn’t come home until a few days later.

There were no threats

– – – – – – – –

In answer to a direct question to whether he or the 26-year-old had been subject to any threats over his international mission, the 39-year-old replied no.

“Not that I know of,” the 39-year-old tells Kvällsposten.

Information has been collected from various contact sites on the internet. But the police decline to comment on what led to the breakthrough in the investigation.

More to be heard

Prosecutor Bo Albrektsson plans to decide on Friday if he will demand that the boys remain in custody. At that point, the police will have performed more interrogations and verified the boys’ claims about what they were doing at the time of the murder. The neighbors who saw suspect in the stairwell and outside the building will also have confirmed their initial reports.

“Right now, we’re holding intensive interrogations with both the suspects and various witnesses. Because of this, we have chosen not to inform the press any at this time”, says Bo Albrektsson.

Could more people be involved?

“No, it feels as if we’ve hit the nail on the head with these two.”

Further commentary by Henrik W.:

How does a Swede know the suspects are Muslims? Well, let’s examine it from the top:

1.   Because the victim is gay, a hate crime is suspected. And yet, the newspapers refer to the perpetrators as “boys”, something that is highly unlikely if they had been native Swedes, since they would almost certainly have been referred to as “the right-wing extremists” in that case, no matter their age.
2.   Then we learn that one of the “boys” is known for his extreme views about moral issues. At this point, any reader with a proficiency in European MSM texts should intuitively realize that they are Muslims — again, a native who committed a hate crime against gays would never be referred to as having “moral issues”.
3.   We learn that one of the suspects has a extreme blog, but we don’t learn what sort of extreme blog. The right-wing designation is missing.
4.   What really clinches it is the seemingly spurious information about how the victim’s partner denies having received threats about his service in Afghanistan.

Hmm… let’s see — what sort of people with “moral issues” and “extreme views” could possibly take issue with somebody serving in the war against the Taliban in Afghanistan? In short, for someone who has become adept at decoding the European media — a business of looking at what is not said just as much as what is — it’s evident that the suspects must be Muslims.

Enter the underground web site Fria Nyheter (Free News) that has made it their mission to comb the public judiciary records and publish what the MSM will not. We learn that we were correct: The suspects are named Kushtrim Ademi and Abdurraham Kushtrim Nika, and both live in the infamous suburb of Rosengård. We also learn the web address of the blog the newspaper article referred to, where the suspect Abdurraham Kushtrim Nika exposes his views:

Here, ultimately, we learn about his religious affiliation without a shadow of a doubt. We see links to Jihadist online resources, discussion about Islamic jurisprudence — “Should you help your non-Muslim neighbors if they need it?” — and more in that vein. Currently, the visitor is greeted by the text “Your Imam. About Islam and how to be a real believer. Heart — Speech — Action. Plan your work, work your plan”.

But of course, you need to search the web to find this out. Those who rely on the Swedish mass media to inform them may have their suspicions, but they will look for confirmation in vain. This sort of hate crime is not to be reported.

Hat tip: Reinhard.

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  1. Following the Jordan case against the Danish non-voilent cartoonist, we should ask for extradiction of guys like ayatollah al-Sistani who may influence a large muslim population in the West while preaching death to the homosexuals.

    The compromise however could be reached by sending all the “believers” back to Sistanis and company.

  2. Personally, I’m dismayed at the huge numbers of gay activists who seem to have no problem at all with the islamization. Like feminists, it seems as if they simply don’t understand that more “diversity” simply isn’t going to be healthy for them at all.

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