Is Aeroflot a Target?

The Amsterdam office of Aeroflot has been put under guard by the Dutch security services. According to an article in Trouw, the precaution may be related to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine over the Gazprom pipeline.

Our Flemish correspondent VH has translated the article:

Dutch Terrorism Coordinator puts office of Aeroflot in Amsterdam under surveillance

The office of the Russian airline Aeroflot in Amsterdam has been under guard since Saturday morning. The National Terrorism Coordinator (NCTb, Dutch National Coordinator for Combating Terrorism) received information from “partners”, after which the police was asked to monitor the building and to take other “measures”. This confirms a spokesman for the NCTb.

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Since Saturday police have been guarding the building at the Weteringschans, near the Rijksmuseum [National Museum of Art], from a mobile lookout station [a prepared container]. The spokesman would not say why the measures are being taken. The company may have been threatened in connection to the gas conflict between Russia and Ukraine. The two countries have been arguing about overdue accounts of Ukraine and a price increase for gas.

Ukraine is accused by Russia of having drained gas destined for Europe. Russia closed the pipeline Tuesday. The state gas company Gazprom announced Friday that this decision would be reversed as soon as European observers monitor the flow of gas to the Ukraine.

Saturday an agreement was signed by Russia and the EU on the appointment of the observers. The resumption of Russian gas to Europe is now one step closer, but Ukraine has yet to sign the deal.

5 thoughts on “Is Aeroflot a Target?

  1. This reminds me. Can someone explain why the most excitable religious group on the planet that feels such solidarity with the Palestinians over hundreds of deaths never demonstrated in front of a single Russian embassy around the world nor attacked Russian personnel or commercial interests when Putin levelled Grozny and the death toll from 2 Chechen invasions was 160,000 Muslims?

    What do the Palestinians have that Chechens didn’t have, besides fewer dead by a factor of a thousand and Jews as opponents?

    And as for the lefty false “peaceniks” who didn’t burn a single Russian flag…don’t bother pretending you’re for “peace” since some wars no matter how brutal don’t bother you at all!

  2. Uh oh, don’t bring up the R word or we’ll have a GoV food fight again…
    In seriousness, you bring up an interesting point. I suppose the only reason Palestinians get more attention is because the U.N. has 26,000 jobs on the line to supply them with their needs. 26 thousand dedicated jobs to the Palestinian cause. The Palestinians receive more aide per capita than any other group on the face of the earth. Some people in Egypt claim that the Palestinian diet is richer than the Egyptian diet as judged by calories per day…
    One might assume that no one actually cares about the suffering, it is the established jobs that are a concern…
    I have often wondered if all 26,000 employees of the Palestinian aide programn were instantly fired what the result would be?

  3. 1968 the Aeroflot in Prague was provided with paving stones and agents provocateurs to prove “counterrevolution”. This old script is used by some lazy KGB officer again?

    Why Holland? It seems Holland has done something horrible to Russians.
    The Dutch wife of Saakashvili has kissed Yushchenko recently?

  4. Notice the Russian maneuvering in the Ukraine. They issued Russian passports to their nationals in the Ukraine much as they did in Georgia. They have their Black Sea fleet anchored in Sevastapol… a constant irritant to Ukrainian sovereignty. Now the gas issue is centre on the agenda. But a threat on AeroFlot in Amsterdam! Does anybody believe this is not a setup? Keep an eye on the Ukraine… the Russians are creating a pretext for some move in that area.

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