Arson Against a Jewish Congregation in Skåne

There was a suspicious fire at a Jewish establishment in Skåne (southern Sweden) this evening. Not much information on it is available, even in Swedish.

Reinhard of FOMI has kindly translated a brief article about it from Sydsvenskan:

Premises belonging to the Jewish congregation in Helsingborg were filled with smoke on Friday night. At around 8:30 p.m. there was a fire alarm.

When the rescue services arrived at the locale on Springpostgränd in Helsingborg they put out a fire on one side of the building. According to the police who arrived at the scene, some object had been set on fire right outside the building.

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The fire was promptly extinguished. Now the police are investigating how the fire began.

“We suspect that it was arson,” says Sofie Österheim at the police communications center in Skåne. No one was injured during the fire.

It remains to be seen whether this is a reaction by Swedish Muslims to recent events in Gaza.

3 thoughts on “Arson Against a Jewish Congregation in Skåne

  1. Never fear. The forces of PC rectitude are here to save us from any suspicions against the representatives of the Religion of Peace(tm).

    Quoth another Swedish Newspaper:
    Link, where a fireman speculates:

    “It’s hardly a question of a normal fire. But it’s hard to say if it was arson. It could just as well be an errant new year’s rocket.”

    Yeah. An errant piece of fireworks that just happened to strike a Jewish center two days after NYE. Kinda like how the Moslem terrorists in Bombay just happened to stumble upon a Jewish center during their random, unplanned attack on the city.

  2. There is going to be a lot more of this around the world proportionate to the multicult policies that left wingers, most diaspora Jews among them have succeeded in putting into place.

    Multicult worked fine for diluting Christian dominance in Western nations as planned by lefties, but now there’s the unanticipated additional effect for the Left’s significant Jewish component of the world’s fiercest anti-semites riding in on multicult’s coat tails as the latest waves of immigration from Muslim nations hit.

    Jews have had a giant collective blind spot that has prevented them from seeing that the very Christians they have tried to sideline from power through the ACLU and like organizations were a bulwark against Muslims who have Jews in the number one position on their hate list with Christians a distant second, and often only because American Christians at least are seen as defending Jews and Israel. Jews outside Israel have made a big mistake that will cost both Jews and Christians dearly.

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