Pro-Köln 2009: Once More With Feeling

Pro-Köln is a German anti-Islamization movement based in Cologne. Back in September the group held an anti-Islamization Congress which was disrupted and cut short by leftist “ant-fascists” with the tacit support of police and local officials (see the bottom of this post for links to previous articles about Pro-Köln).

The leaders of Pro-Köln are undeterred by the vicious smears and violent attacks against their efforts, and are planning another anti-Islamization Congress next year. According to the Pro-Köln website, as translated by our Flemish correspondent VH:

The Anti-Islamization Congress will be repeated on May 9, 2009 at the Roncalliplatz in Cologne!

The reprise of the Anti-Islamization Congress will take place on May 9 and 10 in Cologne. Furthermore, as result of a high-level conference of Pro Köln, Pro MRW [Nordrhein/Westphalen], FPÖ [Austrian Freedom Party], Vlaams Belang and MP Henry Nitzsche, it is agreed upon that on Saturday, May 9, a large demonstration will be held at the Roncalliplatz right in front of the cathedral of Cologne. The speakers will be Islam critics and top officials of rightist populist movements from all over Europe.

The chairman of the Pro movement, Markus Beisicht invited these parties for a meeting about this Congress. For the FPÖ the Viennese State Minister Johann Herzog participated, the parliamentary delegate Hilde Delobel represented the Vlaams Belang and the Member of the German Parliament Henry Nitzsche headed the delegation of the voters society for “Work, Family and Country” (AFV).

At this constructive meeting, in which the Pro Köln fraction leaders Judith Wolter and Pro NRW Secretary-General Markus Wiener also participated, the four delegates discussed the planning and preparations for the Anti-Islamization Congress of 2009. After talks lasting several hours, pro Köln/pro NRW, FPÖ, Vlaams Belang and AFV agreed on the planning:

The reprise of the Congress will take place in the weekend of May 9 and 10, 2009, in Cologne, of which the main campaign will be May 9 at the Roncalliplatz. Amongst the prominent main speakers who have been found willing to appear are the Pro chairman Markus Beisicht, MP Henry Nitzsche, the Vlaams Belang chairman of the parliamentary fraction, Filip Dewinter and the European delegate Mario Borghezio of the Italian government party Lega Nord. For the FPÖ Johann Herzog assured the presence of a high-ranking delegation, whose exact composition will be announced in the next months, as well as the names of further Islam-critical German representatives and leading politicians of successful Rightist populist parties in Europe.

“The illegal end that came to our Anti-Islamization Congress of 2008, when the demonstration on the Heumarkt at September 20 was prematurely terminated by the police due to Leftist riots, made a repetition of the congress almost compellingly necessary,” Markus Beisicht explained. “With the restaging [of the Congress] we not only protest against the building of the huge mosque in Cologne and Islamization, but also for freedom of opinion and the liberty of assembly.

– – – – – – – –

“Four weeks before the local elections in 2009 we therefore want to return democracy and rule of law to the city of the cathedral, which suffered damage after the shameful disgrace of September 20. This time the choice of the Roncalliplatz as prominent place for the event of the main demonstration will not be open for a dispute; concessions in this respect on our part will not happen again. Together with up to 2,000 visitors from all of Europe we will set a powerful sign against Islamization and foreign domination, right in front of the world-famous cathedral of Cologne!

Photo caption:

High-level conference in Cologne (from left to right): FPÖ Landesminister Johann Herzog, Member of the German Parliament Henry Nitzsche, Pro chairman Markus Beisicht, the Flemish parliament delegate Hilde Delobel and Johan Verreyt, office manager of the leader of the parliamentary group of Vlaams Belang, Filip Dewinter.

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2 thoughts on “Pro-Köln 2009: Once More With Feeling

  1. “…with the tacit support of police…”

    Can someone help me understand the mindset of the police in Europe?

    Here in the US police are generally more Conservative than the average person in a manner similar to the military. Why does it seem that in Europe it is the police that are the “enforcers” of political correctness?

    In the US Liberals don’t tend to be the personality types that join the police.

  2. Here in Sweden, the police has been infiltrated by the infamous “68-movement” for decades, like they have thoroughly has infiltrated all other institutions, academia, media etc. thus enforcing their political correctness down our throats. While ruling in a draconian/machiavellian way, the people has been conned into thinking that they are free and that we live in a democracy. Now the facade is slowly falling apart, showing the ugly face of raw power behind. I can’t talk for other countries, only my own, that is if we really still are sovereign antions that is. Thanks to the Lisbon Treaty we are more like semi-sovereign regions now, thanks to the European f****ng Union!

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