Gregorius Nekschot Will Visit Denmark

Nekschot solidaritySteen is reporting that the Dutch cartoonist Gregorius Nekschot will be the guest of honor at a Trykkefrihedsselskabet (the Free Press Society) meeting in Denmark next year.

As you may recall, Mr. Nekschot was arrested earlier this year for the “racist” content of his anti-immigrant political cartoons. If he can stay out of prison until his appointment in Copenhagen, he’ll have a chance to speak his mind in a country which still recognizes the right of free speech.

As of this writing, all the information on this topic is in Danish. Links to previous articles about Gregorius Nekschot are below the fold.
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3 thoughts on “Gregorius Nekschot Will Visit Denmark

  1. Good at least he will feel that he is not alone. Things are bad in Holland, not that you would really notice it, unless you ask the locals. England unfortunately is beyond the Pale. He would do well to emigrate too Denmark and take out Danish Citizenship, as it is the only country here in Europe who have the balls to defend freedom of expression. You can bet you life he will be sort out by the E.U. Gestapo when the New laws governing Xenophobia and Racism come into effect. They will want a victim to hang out too dry, to frighten the others who have the effrontery to defy the wisdom of that dumb herd the E.U. . The Danes will certainly defend him, they will not allow Kurt Westergaard to go before a E.U. tribunal and an attack on him would put Kurt Westergaard in the firing line, mention the fact that the Danes might not be able to view Storm P Pedersen’s cartoons that appear in Danish newspapers at regular intervals when circulation is falling, because they are racist and xenophobic and you have the recipe for a revolution.

    Come to think of it “ Lang Leve Storm P” is not a bad slogan, tends to roll off the tongue.

    P.S. For all you non Danes who read this Blogg, check Storm P out on the internet. He had a very special style of drawing, like Kurt Westergaard, you look at a drawing of Kurt’s and you know that it is from Kurt. You look at a drawing of Storm P and you know instantly that it could only have been drawn by Storm P perhaps Storm P was a little heavier with the self deprecating irony which allows the Danes to laugh at themselves. We used to do be able to do that in England, not any more. The Danes in there infinite wisdom have given him a museum. I wouldn’t be surprised if if in the not too distant future they give Kurt Westergaard his own Museum not because it pisses off the Muslims but because knowing the Jutlanders, they will never admit that anybody from Copenhagen is better than a Jutlander. I as a Brit will not take sides, discretion is always the the better part of valor especially when my Copenhagen born Danish Daughter married a Jutlander and presented me with two grandchildren. Any cultural enricher, who thinks he can take advantage of those two because his prophet decrees that he can, has certainly got it wrong.

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