Danish Warship Sinks Pirate Vessel

A news article from yesterday’s Jyllands-Posten, as translated by Henrik Ræder Clausen:

Danish Warship Sinks Pirate Vessel

The Danish navy vessel Absalon seized at least four RPGs from pirates — and then sank their ship.

The pirates were adrift in the Gulf of Aden without engine power, drinking water, or food. After eight days they asked for help from the Danish marine vessel Absalon, which is on patrol duty in the area.

On Thursday evening Absalon chose to board the ship, relates TV2 correspondent on Absalon, Rasmus Tantholdt.

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Aboard the ship the Danish soldiers found four RPG’s and seven Somalis, who were all taken aboard Absalon.

Due to weather conditions in the area it was not possible for Absalon to have the pirate vessel on tow, and thereafter, according to navy operational headquarters, it was destroyed. It is now the intention that the alleged pirates are to be taken to Yemen and handed over to the local authorities.

Previously Danish soldiers have set suspected pirates free after six days, because there is no agreement stating that the Danish navy has a right to detain suspected pirates in the Gulf of Aden.

Here’s a video from Danish TV of the sinking (hat tip TB).

5 thoughts on “Danish Warship Sinks Pirate Vessel

  1. Alas, pirate boats should be sunk with pirates in them. That might have been more “humane” than giving them to the Yemenis, but one never knows.

  2. I read somewhere a couple of days ago somewhere in a Danish Paper that a Danish ship had intercepted a pirate ship that was attacking another ship. The Danes had not been allowed to destroy the pirate ship, the Americans who were in charge of the operation wouldn’t allow them. I can imagine what the captain was thinking, well to be truthful I can’t, what I can imagine is what words he was using on the Bridge. Then the Danish seals were not allowed to board the ship, too dangerous was the excuse. Now one of the problem with the Danes is that they tend to say it and see it as it is. A Danish Admiral was sent back from Washington a week or two ago for roughling somebodies feathers and told not too return. Now I am not the captain of the Absalon, and there is no way I would presume that he would defy orders roughling the Americans feathers Perhaps he would say to himself, I am not allowed to blow this ship out of the water but it doesn’t stop me from stopping it getting into port. Every time the ship head towards the Somalia coast the Absalon gets in the way. In the end the ship runs out of fuel and the Danes who anyone who knows them will tell you will help anyone in distress. This is nothing more than the Danes giving a helping hand to a Somalia boat in distress through no fault of there own. I am not a Dane but personally I think that ever boat in the Danish navy should be called Tordenskjold, and everybody that tries to take the piss out of them should get a broadside, especially this load of islamic throwbacks. Talking about Islamic throwbacks two Danish Jenses ( Danish Soldiers) have been killed while on patrol with British troops in Afghanistan. This wont get on the News in America and England it never does. But Americans should realize that in terms of population size one Dane killed is the equivalent to the death of 60 Americans or 12 Brits. This doesn’t make the loss of your children whether American Danish or British any less painful but perhaps lets us all understand the scope of the sacrifice Danish troops are experiencing.

  3. Good job Danes. I hope that you sink all the rest of the boats that the somalis use. Onnly sink them WITH THE SOMALIS ONBOARD.

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