Today We Are Four

Birthday #4

Today we are four. My, how those years have flown since Gates of Vienna was conceived and brought into being!

Our blog has, unfortunately, been flying without me of late, but I asked the Baron if I could write the anniversary post anyway, despite my current lack of input. Being a wise husband, he agreed to have me do it (‘tis a very prudent man indeed who learns early on to say “yes, dear” whenever possible).

We had talked about starting a blog for some time before deciding to commit ourselves to the time and effort it would require. In the process of those conversations, the Baron came up with the name “Gates of Vienna”. That title immediately convinced me we had a firm starting place – to begin with the history which had led us to where we were… where we are still, though things look even more bleak, given the rapid dissolution of former European nations.

Way back then, the Baron described the predicament facing our culture, and task which lay ahead. In summation, he said:

The thesis of this blog is that, like it or not, we are in a religious war. We do not define the terms but we should take careful note of them. We are mistaken if we think the Enemy wants merely to kill us. Once again, Jihad offers two choices to the West: conversion or death. Jihad exists in order to annihilate unbelief. Christians, Jews, Hindus, atheists, or Wiccans, it is all the same to him. [emphasis in the original]

The situation has become even more dire than it was four years ago.

Back then, who could have known how the weapons of the enemy would evolve into something more subtle and corrosive, something that could cause even more long-term stress and fear?
– – – – – – – –

The major terrorist attacks — in New York, Madrid and London, not to mention the ongoing violence against Israel – are evil, but they are not nearly as dangerous as the threats to our individual and collective liberty which we face now. The slow erosion of free speech will undermine us more surely than any physical attack.

This has become the war against a concerted effort to silence dissent. There will be many battles, but only one of two outcomes: either we will live in a culture which permits myriad points of view, or we will live with a samizdat underground where news and information are passed hand-to-hand, at great risk to those who continue the battle.

Even now, the changing outlines of the future skirmishes are evident. Gates of Vienna, like other small, determined outposts, is being labeled fascist, racist and evil, etc., ad nauseam, in an attempt at intimidation to make us quit the quest for truth. Will such bullying manipulation stop us?

What do you think?

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  1. Happy fourth birthday-!! I think I have been a regular now for close to two years and really appreciate all the hard work you guys do. This blog is essential and one of a kind. In a perfect world this blog would be unnecessary and disappear. But alas here we are. Here is to another 4 years.

  2. Many Happy Returns!

    A wee birthday gift for Gates of Vienna and all its readers:


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  3. Happy anniversary to both of you – and a warm thank you for all your excellent work. Most of the time when I quote something from GoV, I tell my European readers that Gates of Vienna is the source for Americans who want to know what’s going on in their land of old.

    “Jeg løfter min kop for gammelt venskab” – Skål!

  4. Thank you for ‘Truth Telling’ these past four years…I just checked the date when I started writing on my blog-3-2-08 and there was Gates of Vienna.
    Thanks – too- for turning me to my Danish roots…


  5. I salute you, Baron and Dymphna, you provide an interesting blog and an interesting perspective. A perspective that I often disagree with, sometimes very strongly, but I value the ability to disagree in your comments section (and occasionally agree too – although you can generally assume that if I don’t comment, I either agree with you or don’t know enough about the subject to provide anything else).

    One question – I have never heard the Lisbon Treaty been described as one of “Kafkaesque brutality.” Could you please explain what you mean by that statement?

  6. Formerly Gordon–

    We have written many times on the shutting down of free speech in Europe that will come about with the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty.

    Here’s just one link with the bureaucratese they used…(don’t forget, the LT is deliberately designed to be unreadable):

    A Blueprint for Suppression of Dissent in Europe

    They have sewn a tidy prison for the EU’s citizens. Not only are you not permitted to post “racist” or “xenophobic” sentiments on your blog in Europe, but you may also not do so from a server anywhere in the known universe. Nor may you do so while visiting outside the confines of the EU. They’ll be waiting for you when you return.

    The civil and criminal penalties, (if found guilty) include fines, the closing down of your blog, jail time, loss of your job, loss of your pension benefits, and loss of medical care for you and your family. And, no, it will not be decided by a jury of your peers.

    I am sure they have Paul Belien’s forms all filled out, just waiting for the date and a few formalities. If it weren’t for the stubborn Irish, this would all be over by now.

  7. @talnik…
    OH! Four years old! Happy birthday. I first thought you had some mitosis thing going on.

    Sorry, that *was* an obscure homage to A.A. Milne’s “Now We Are Six”. It remains one of my favorite books just to pick up and read. “King John” is particularly wonderful…

    OTOH, some cell division sure would help the Baron when he has to carry this blog all by himself.

  8. Congratulations on your fourth anniversary!
    I discovered you from the blog that will not be mentioned, shortly after you first appeared on the innernut.

    My best wishes for your continued success.

  9. Baron and Dymphna, happy fourth anniversary of your blog. It has become my favorite blog, and I’m thankful to both of you for it.

    I hope bullying manipulation doesn’t stop you. Your blog is too important to lose.

    My Two Cents Worth

  10. Happy Anniversary, Baron & Dymphna!

    Here’s to many more years of success to follow, for you and the counter-jihad worldwide.

    And just as importantly, have fun while fighting the good fight.

  11. Congratulations Baron & Dymphna!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your hard and important effort and work……

  12. I get the A.A. Milne reference; painful memories of my childhood were awoken: Eeyore’s Frankenstein monster stitching; the fear of Pooh turning on Christopher Robin, mauling and devouring him; Piglet’s inevitable fate of revolving on a spit; oh, the horror…

  13. I’ve been lurking here for about 3 years. Posted as Shieldwall a month or two back. Never joined in before cos people like Fjordman and Swede were so well informed. rather just read them. Got here thru a link on LGF. Pity about your bust up with Johnson. This is by far the best blog for me. Hate nazis, cannot understand hostility towards jewish people who for me have always been our natural allies. But for 3 years here I really wouldn’t have a clue what is happening to Europe. Visited Copenhagen a few years ago. The centre was mainly Danish, but I knew about Norrebro from here. The centre of Munich is much more visibly islamic. Keep rockin. you opened my eyes to Lisbon and so I voted no in june.

  14. Congratulations, Dymphna and the Baron. You are a reference indeed.

    No, bullying manipulati will not stop you 🙂

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