Fjordman: The Triumph of Cultural Marxism

Fjordman’s latest essay has been posted at The Brussels Journal. Here are some excerpts:

Mona Sahlin, leader of the Swedish Social Democratic Party, confirmed that her party and the Greens want to form a coalition government in 2010. What kind of policy will such a government follow? Miljöpartiet de Gröna, the Swedish Green Party, state on their official website that the education system should start working for “gender equality” at an early age; children need counterweights to the gender roles which girls and boys are raised into. Therefore teachers and personnel in child care services must finish an education in equality before they are given their exams. They also want to abolish grades in schools:

“We want to do away with the grade system [in today’s schools]. Grades contribute considerably to stress and are not a fair and objective system of measuring the individual’s potential.”

The Green Party favor ideological Globalism in its purest form. They want a “world citizenship” to replace the national citizenship, totally free migration on a global basis, global taxes and a strengthened United Nations to ensure a just world order:

– – – – – – – –

“We do not believe in artificial borders. We have a vision of unrestricted immigration and emigration, where people have the right to live and work wherever they please… We want Sweden to become an international role model by producing a plan to implement unrestricted immigration.”

They have a strong focus on anti-discrimination and racism, and desire harsh and swift penalties for “discrimination” yet soft penalties for many other crimes. They want “religiously neutral” holidays (no Christmas or Easter) and education against racism and discrimination to be taught in schools. No “bigotry” against any group of people (except whites presumably, and white men in particular) will be allowed, and all forms of bigotry should be banned by law regardless of where it is voiced. Among the forms of racism they specify should be aggressively stamped out is “Islamophobia.” However, they understand that racism cannot be totally stamped out until we have dismantled the “racist world order” and replaced it with a just world order where none suffer and the poor are no longer exploited.

The Swedish Green Party state explicitly that the concepts male and female are “socially constructed” and forced upon all human beings. In order to reach the new world order, it is paramount that all such artificial identities are broken down. This should be facilitated by the education system and specially trained teachers. They believe that “all human beings” should be free to choose whatever name they desire. By this they appear to mean “gender” as well. They want everything to be “gender neutral,” not only marriage ceremonies but identity cards.

I assume this means that I should be able to choose a female name on my identity card and that the state is oppressing me if it doesn’t allow this. Since employing artificial categories such as “male” and “female” contributes to upholding the exploitative world order of poverty and global warming, one must assume that children will starve in the Sudan if I cannot call myself “Mary” or “Christine” on my driver’s license. After all, I may have a penis, but it’s a socially constructed penis and it contributes to an unjust capitalist system.

Read the rest at The Brussels Journal.

20 thoughts on “Fjordman: The Triumph of Cultural Marxism

  1. This is postmodernism. To this frame of mind, there is no objective truth, no male or female, no good or bad, no right and wrong: all so-called truth springs from experience, and is relative. There is thus no valid basis for judging others: to each their own. To judge other’s actions is, well, to become an authority figure–an oppressive authoritarian personality according to the meretricious ideas of Theodor Adorno –and this is forbidden. The parallels with narcisstic thinking should be apparent here.

    Ken Wilber, author of Boomeritis, makes an interesting point, he defines Boomeritis, as pluralism infected with narcissism — that is, an attempt to posture as all-tolerant and totally non-judgmental, while at the same time remaining totally selfish and self-absorbed, and requiring the use of a socially acceptable punch bag (i.e. Red-Necks) to placate their rage and grief at an otherwise pointless existence.

    “but it’s a socially constructed penis and it contributes to an unjust capitalist system.”

    This is objectively wrong. But they don’t believe in objective truth, only political truth.

    To them I say what I said to ConSwede, they live much longer than they think they do, they will see it all through to the end, and they will never see the perfect nothingness they like to predicate their ethics on. Even Hell is a mercy afforded to the underserving.

  2. How do people like Mona Sahlin get into positions of power and influence with such whacky ideas? They may as well rename Sweden to “Airstrip One” and be done with it. Why aren’t Swedes rioting in the streets at the destruction of the heritage or are just voting with their feet?

  3. I don’t argue with Fjordman that this happened and is happening. My disagreement is WHY it has happened.

    He blames the State, the Feminists/Marxists, etc. but IMHO gives far too much power to them and far too little credit to the enormous changes in Western Society, particularly urban anonymous living, the pill and Condom.

    What changed is that marriage, and the nuclear family declined to the point where society could no longer be defended against multicultural assaults, indeed people elected these clowns like Sahlin.

    Who forms the electoral basis for Sahlin? Who votes and has voted consistently for this program. Who has supported PC and Multiculturalism all the time? Who wants boys in dresses?


    Specifically, single women, who in urban anonymous living, want to pursue endlessly the Alpha Male, then settle down with sperm donor kids or perhaps a “friend” into single motherhood.

    THIS situation was inevitable, once urban anonymity, good social position and wage equality for women, and reliable contraception that was also cheap became a reality.

    It is not going to change any time soon — it relates to the fundamental way in which women relate to men, when given near absolute freedom.

    Men certainly will protect, to their utmost, wives and girlfriends, or potential wives/girlfriends, but not women to which they are nearly entirely removed from, or who are merely casual encounters.

    Sahlin is the symptom, not the disease itself. That she will be the next PM tells you her program has popular support.

  4. …the education system should start working for “gender equality” at an early age; children need counterweights to the gender roles which girls and boys are raised into…

    Fjordman goes on to skewer what the Swedish leftists mean by this statement – but I have a question.

    Is this policy proposal intrinsically bad? One of the major differences Western Civilization has with Islamic barbarism is that we are rapidly deconstructing the edifices that prevent us from fully using the potential of 50% of our population. This gives us a big advantage over other misogynistic societies such as Islamic ones that throw away this potential.

    Does Fjordman believe that we should go back to the “good old days” of Western misogyny too?

  5. Here Gordon has fielded a kind of argument I have been thinking about lately, I call it the dialectical argument. Basically one argues in terms of propositional opposites that are basically linguistic in nature, but not necessarily an in an inviolable part of reality: both material and phenomenological (i.e. up and down). But they are thought to be part of reality.

    I think this is because the Western mind has an absurd over emphasis on the logical syllogism; in fact they have idolatrous reverence for logic, and I mean that in the literal sense of the word. Dostoyevksy always wrote that Petersburg was the most “abstract” and “intentional” city in the world. In his novels he would populate his imaginary Petersburg with logical psychopaths wholly possessed with some philosophical scheme.

  6. Congratulations on your fourth
    anniversary, and many more.
    Hopefully the future of your blog
    will grow brighter.

    As to the swedes, they haven’t
    hit bottom yet. Fail will have to
    be 100 percent before the loons
    are encapsulated and the keys of
    the insane asylum taken from them.

  7. I really can’t believe my eyes when I read such unbelievable garbage. I mean does anyone else think mental illness when they read this stuff? Maybe its the lack of sunshine for 6 mos and then too much for the next 6 mos that does them in? Or the cold? Its beyond logic, common sense, and reason? How do these people get into power and be taken seriously by the citizens? What the hell is going on in Sweden?

  8. Gordon, deconstructing Gender roles leads to single motherhood, and a race to the bottom in thuggish behavior, to attract women.

    In 1965, Marvin Gaye sang sensitive love songs about women. The Black illegitamcy rate was 24%, among Whites it was 4%.

    Today, it is 70% nationwide among Blacks and 41% among Whites. Among Urban core Blacks — 90%!

    THAT is what deconstructing gender roles gives you.

    It does NOT lead to full utilization of women in the work force. Rather, it produces a winner-take-all polygamist society, or a weak, African-style polygamy where no one is sure who fathered which kid, with the predictable result of spread-your-seed mentality and no investment whatsover in children. Men loaf about and impress women by various fights, displays, while women do the work in the fields.

    NO replacement for the nuclear family has been found that is superior. You get Big Man societies of one form or another. Leftists delude themselves that they are “superior” to Basic Biology and Sexual Selection (sorry, icky Darwin and science there). Humans are very flexible and monogamy-nuclear family is rare. Confined to Europe post 900 AD or so.

    Deconstructing gender roles by putting boys in dresses is abuse, likely to make guys angry, resentful, and clueless in attracting women. Creating even more, Big Man Alphas having most of the women, an angry, resentful, and outside society group of beta males.

    What happens when kids, children, and women “belong” to the Big Man only — horrific violence against them, predictably, a feature of polygamous societies, weak and strong. See Africa.

    I’ll say it — the tragedy of the West has been that absolute, without-limits freedom, for women, has been a disaster in undermining the nuclear family. The flip side to Arabia’s polygamy and horrific restrictions.

    The West has ALWAYS had as it’s strength the better, freer, more open treatment of women, but that included social boundaries and mores and controls. On men too, but women while offered more freedom than any other society had limits just like men.

    Liberals like yourself don’t help, pushing along the disintegration of the middle class family in the deluded view that something “better” will replace it … but the biggest change has come with urban anonymous living and contraception. Erasing the middle class family and thus, the West.

  9. Another insightful essay from Fjordman into the destructive ideology plaguing the west.

    We are at the moment in the grip of a 3 headed serpent: Global capitalism – look what that is now doing to us – Islam and most deadly of all, Marxism.

    Since the turn of the 20th century, the marxists set out to destroy the west but the problem they had was the strong bonds most people in the west had to church, family and nation – a strong sense of identity.

    To combat this, a stealth approach was adopted. Small numbers of marxists targetted not mass, but power and influence, mainly through high-end newspapers and the education system. That’s how they gradually imposed marxism on our societies to the point where the media, the judiciary and the political system is infiltrated.

    It isn’t just one aspect – like sexual liberation as stated above. That is part of it but you also have to consider the way judeo-christian religions have been under relentless attack, continually mocked and challenged. The tradition of strong family bonds came from these and by God have the marxists done a number on them whilst at the same time, encouraging alternatives and not just Islam.

    But the biggest weapon they are using is mass-immigration to colonise the west. Marx himself stated that race and not class would be the defining factor in smashing western civilisation.

    The brainwashing magic words diversity, tolerance and multiculturalism. Speak out against any of it and you will be labelled racist, homophobe, xenophobe, islamophobe, mysoginst, hater, nazi or fascist.

    But why are they doing this? I believe it is because they want the chaos that will ultimately ensue – 10 years will see Europe descending into civil war, one of my friends thinks it could be 5 – as society gradually breaks down. This will include lawlessness but also the breakdown of the welfare state, the breakdown of cheap energy and cheap food and the breakdown of the financial system.

    I am 99% certain that what is going on right now is all deliberate. The goal is chaos because the marxists believe that out of chaos comes order – a new world order perhaps?

    And just to add that the British government is now considering teaching pre-pubescent children and I quote “the pleasures of gay sex”.

    These are perilous times for us and the clock is ticking.

  10. Well, I think the official party line of abolishing interests is still there:

    Together with “citizen salary”, i.e. free money for everyone. Put that together with the concept of “world citizenship” and hmmm they might just as well have abolished money.

    Their official party line is also to ban circus, and free choice of gender and name.

  11. Maybe its the lack of sunshine for 6 mos and then too much for the next 6 mos that does them in?

    Sweden isn’t that far north.

    The problem is the system of government. Who people vote for has very little reflection of who actually gets into government. Since no party can achieve an absolute majority, or even a plurality, they have to ally. If a right-wing party gains the relatively plargest proportion of the vote it will still most likely lose out to an alliance of left-wing parties forming a coalition and establishing a “cordon sanitaire”, as the French might call it it, to keep that right-wing party out of power and influence.

    This woman will be Prime Minister not because the people want it, but because she does and because she’s willing to wait her turn. The actual people probably don’t care, working on the assumption that: she’d get there no matter what, sooner or later, so why waste the effort making a fuss about it?

    Call it cynicism, naivety or just plain old resigned fatalism, the point is, these people entrenched themselves. Now, voting means nothing and dissent is punishable by the state so you just have to shut up, keep your head down and try to stay out of their clutches long enough to die unmolested.

    It seemed like a nice idea at the time, you see.

    @Gordon, you confuse the creation of equal opportunity with the enforced denial of the self. The policies in Sweden are not going to free up the 50% of the population as you seem to envision but are going to reduce 100% of the population to a dysfunctional, self-obsessed and fundamentally uncaring mess. Removing the meaning from gender removes the meaning from another piece of language. Surely you can understand that the removal of meaning from language makes effective communication impossible? Without meaning, language just becomes a string of noises with little purpose.

    On top of everything else, Sweden has had a policy of “gender neutrality” for nigh on 50 years yet men and women there still gravitate toward what are called “traditional” gender roles. Face it: the majority of both sexes are wired up to be that gender. Trying to forcibly deny that distinction will not bring about anything beneficial and will remove their ability to be who they were meant to be.

  12. and hmmm they might just as well have abolished money.

    Makes sense…

    Having read Dalrymple, I finally comprehended what this ‘Cultural Marxism’ is about. Unfortunately, it’s a bit difficult to set to words.

    We are in for a rough ride before we get to restructure our societies in a workable way. I hope we have insulted Islam enough already that it doesn’t seize the opportunity to plunge people into a darkness that will make the Middle Ages look like Paradise…

  13. Video about Cultural Marxism

    This coercive Gender Equality stuff is pernicious and anti-human. To oppose gender is too oppose fertility and thus life itself. Which is to be expected from queers anyway. A queer is an advanced homosexual, who, having realised they are excluded from reproduction base a whole pseudo theory of humanity on the need to reproduce. As far as they are concerned, whole civilizations, wars, suffering, all things that go into life are really only the inhuman twitching of the sex drive. We spend our whole lives trying to solve the death problem, the queers think that life is the problem.

    ConSwede’s new favourite, Srdja Trifkovic, fired by Orthodox wisdom wrote this:

    [A necromancer quoted by Trifkovic writes] “The Christian misunderstanding and stigmatization of death,” one of its organs says, is the root of most evils in the world: “A whole theology of evil, sin, punishment, and salvation is anchored in seeing death as an enemy.” Our “siege mentality” in relation to death in Christianity has created “the sense of opposition, battle, victory and domination, which has powered Western Civilization in its geographic and technological exploits.” Only by accepting death can we acquire peace and overcome neurosis inherent to the Western mind.

    The triumphant chant of Paschal vigil – Christ is risen from the dead, by His death hath He trodden down death and on those in the tombs hath He bestowed life – is to be reversed: only by accepting death can we become really free.”

    Whiskey may not believe it, but there are Women who actually like men as men and not as sperm banks, money banks, or car owners:

    Orthodoxy and Masculinity

  14. Maybe it’s simple biology dressed up in cultural garb.
    Think about it: these are mostly Swedish women (or those who think like them) pushing an agenda. How many times have we heard that native Swedes are all related to some extent, that native Swede men will no longer defend themselves, that native Swede birthrates are unsustainable, and that Swedes must treat the immigrants well so the immigrants will treat the Swedes well when they (the immigrants) become the majority?
    What if this is just a subconcious play by Swede women to expand the gene pool so their DNA will survive?

  15. Sweden is no “true democracy”. The form of government is “representative democracy” — that is the people is governed through ‘not by voters elected representative individuals’ but through PARTIES (…whose representatives has the decision-making rights) in periodic elections (every fourth year).
    The parties alone decide the representatives in the parliament or in the municipalities. If you want to vote socialdemocratic (sosse) 2010 you have to take Mona Sahlin aka ‘MOna Muslim’ entirely, and all the rest that MOna Muslim and her bigwigs in principle have choosen.
    If you voted Green in 2006 you without knowing it admitted the islamic mole Mr Mehmet Kaplan into the paliament. He is still there and no green voter and almost no one else knows about it.
    No sole representative can be helt responsable for their actions — they are all dancing, and have to, to the party wip, otherwise they will loose the job and their support for a living.
    The Swedish parliament members are always talking in the first person singular – “I mean this and I mean that” – never: “me AND MY CONSTITUENCY mean this or that”.
    The distance between the ruler: the individual parliament member (there are 349), and those ruled: the Swedish people, is infinite.
    Did these scanty facts explain something?
    It is now open for complementary additions by CS.
    – – – – –

    Antonio Gramsci (1891-1937)
    “It is through “cultural hegemony” the ruling class is staying in power, said Gramsci. The case is to undermine and replace this hegemony. Win and subdue it. Not through violence but through gradual infiltration. That Gramsci advocated a non-violent approach, however, had nothing to do with he himself being opposed to violence. Not the slightest. The choice of strategy was tactically motivated. The competitors – Italy’s Black Shirts – were better capable of organizing themselves and therefore stronger and more effective in their practice of violence. Therefore it was necessary to be smarter and more cunning.”
    – – – – –
    INDEX (quite a lot to read – in Swedish!)
    Gramsci-Vänstern, åsiktsförtrycket och glömskan
    Utnämningspolitiken formar ENPARTISTAT
    Nihilismens revoltörer
    Den sista bastionen mot den framvällande Mediavänstern
    Havet stormar
    SR-Staten inifrån
    Sverige behöver en friare opinionsbildning!
    Pensionera Gramsci-Vänsterns övervintrare!
    Gramsci-Vänsterns svenska nätverk
    Exkurs GRAMSCI
    I dagens Media-Sverige
    Gramsci-Vänstern & Media-Sverige
    – – – – –

  16. … I actually understood that without a translator. I’m learning! 😀

    Whiskey may not believe it, but there are Women who actually like men as men and not as sperm banks, money banks, or car owners

    It’s true. I can’t think why my wife would stay with me if not for the fact that she liked me. I’m not rich, I have a shite car and – at this moment, at least – children are not her primary concern.

    Working on that one though… 😉

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