Muzzled in Finland, Part 3

I’ve written previously about the recent crackdown on dissidents in the Finish blogosphere. The Finnish authorities use a law — modeled on a Swedish version — against hets mot folkgrupp (agitation against an ethnic group) to prosecute bloggers who step outside of acceptable politically correct discourse.

But the law is not the only means by which dissent is silenced; there are other ways of dealing with heretics.

The latest victim of the Finnish suppression of free speech is Jiri Keronen. Tundra Tabloids has the story:

Another Finnish Blogger Gets Censored…

It’s soon election time here in Finland, with many online news organizations offering space on their web pages for guest bloggers to comment on the various issues and events surrounding and effecting the municipal elections which are slated to be held very shortly.

The main message for this election couldn’t be any clearer, it’s an issue about our freedom of speech. Do we Westerners prefer the rights of humans or the rights of gods?

Finnish blogger Jiri Keronen recently received a major slap from one of them, Finland’s online news magazine, Uusi Suomi (New Finland), by deleting his election blog (formerly viewable at their online website) for publishing a post on his own web log, Helvetin puutarha (Hell’s Garden) that was critical of Islam.

Keronen wrote a blog post titled “Islam tells you to kill all those who dare to criticize Islam” which very correctly depicted what had happened to the publisher, Martin Rynja, who dared to publish Sherry Jones book on Mohamed’s pedophile escapades with the nine year old, Aisha, “The Jewel of Medina”.

– – – – – – – –

Keronen also states on his own blog that prior to his entire election blog being totally removed by Uusi Suomi on their website, some of his other writings had been quietly deleted, like the blog post, “Islam causes violence towards women”. Please bear in mind that all of his writings were well researched and factual, there is absolutely nothing in them that could be considered as incitement.

The facts are that Jiri Keronen is being slapped down by a supposed “conservative news organization” just because he was presenting a critical view of Islam, nothing more, nothing less.

Read the rest at Tundra Tabloids.

The pattern is now well established in most Western European countries: criticize Islam or mass immigration, and you risk being hauled before a kangaroo court to answer for your sins. Even if that doesn’t happen, you may still lose your job and any possibility of publishing your work again.

The case of Finland is especially poignant, since it has only a small immigrant community, and up until now has had only relatively minor problems with its Muslim minority.

All that is about to change, since the Finnish establishment is determined to jump on the Multicultural bandwagon and import as many immigrants as possible. Anything else would be racist and xenophobic, you see.

Goodbye, Finland.

9 thoughts on “Muzzled in Finland, Part 3

  1. What was the point in the Finns fighting for Independence from Russia if they end up restricting freedom of speech just as though they were still part of Russia?

  2. Zerosumgame,

    Had you referred to the former Soviet Union, rather than to Russia, you would have had a valid point.

    Let me emphasize and re-emphasize that it is neither the Russian government nor the Russian people who are doing the dirty work of muzzling the counterjihad these days.

    Anti-Slav bigotry seems to infest the blogosphere as well as the mainstream media, and it’s so common that nobody seems to notice how blatant it is.

  3. 1389, I think you’re missing the point completely here. What Zerosumgame is presumably referring to is the process towards Finnish sovereignty from Russia, which was completed in – November 1917!

    If you see anti-Slav bigotry even where there isn’t any, you can find quite a lot 🙂

  4. Finnish declaration of independence in December 1917 was a low key affair.

    What followed was a bloody Civil War between Communist “Reds” and non-Socialist “Whites”.

    The real test for independence became in 1939 when the Soviet Union invaded Finland in accordance of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact.

    Finland has never been ‘big’ when it comes to freedom of speech. However, the recent trials about ‘freedom of speech crimes’ are an even bigger disgrace than the self-censorship during the Finlandization era. My guess is that Uusi Suomi is mainly censoring Keronen in order to avoid a lawsuit.

  5. OK, December. There are some technicalities to this. The Bolschevik regime in Russia had declared on November 15th that nations had the right to self-determination, and recognized Finnish independence quite fast.

    As for the Finnish tradition of standing up for free speech – or rather, the lack thereof – see Finlandization.

    We suffer this malaise everywhere now.

  6. I beg to differ: who is someone who loves the Danes and hates the Albanians?

    Xenophilic xenophobe or xenophobic xenophile? Xenophobophile? Xenophobo-xenophile?

    Are the immigrants dangerous xenophobes if they donť like locals or another group of immigrants or local minority? Creating their own antilocal-culti, anti-multiculti fortresses? “Xenophobic muslim minority”? Religious xenophobes? Why not?

    The immigrants are protected to such a degree, exempt from any guilt, almost modern time multiculti angels – mythological untouchable beings.

  7. Uusi Suomi is nevertheless probably only one in MSM that lets people to have open dialogue in Finland.

    To be sure, multiculturalism is most discussed topic and these facts are videly discussed on a daily basis.

    I’d agree that Uusi Suomi did the censorhip probably to avoid law suit and possible enforced shutdown. I bet they have pressure already from the govt agencies.

    Nevertheless, this is no excuse. Imho, they should dig the battle axe (pen) and start to do some REAL journalism what pulizer talked about decades ago.

    They’d win the hearts, minds and souls of the vast majority of the finns, including most of the immigrants, because when immigrants gets to have a say here, they are siding with ‘nezies’ ( prank name ‘net nazies’ – bloggers who oppose multicultural idealogy).

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