The Discrimination Ombudsman Saves the Day Again

Swedish Ombudsman logoI’ve written previously about Sweden’s peculiar institution: the office of the Discrimination Ombudsman (ombudsmannen mot etnisk diskriminering).

It’s basically a shakedown racket like the Rainbow Coalition or ACORN, but — since this is Sweden — it’s actually an arm of the government. The Ombudsman is tasked with ferreting out racist, sexist, and homophobic discrimination wherever it may be found, and bringing the perpetrators to justice by fining them large sums of money — part of which is presumably fed back into the system so that the whole racket can be perpetuated.

In the past the DO has gone after the publisher who reprinted a Tin Tin book and an artificial insemination clinic which refused a fourth try at pregnancy by a lesbian couple. Needless to say, the plight of discriminated-against Muslims arises frequently, and today we have another such instance.

According to The Local:

Ombudsman Sues Firm Over Muslim Woman’s Firing

Sweden’s ombudsman for ethnic discrimination (DO) has sued a cleaning company after it dismissed a Muslim woman for not dressing appropriately on the job.

In a suit filed with the Labour Court, the ombudsman is demanding the company pay 120,000 kronor ($18,500) in damages.

The woman was hired in October 2007 to work as a cleaner for the company, which is based in Anderstorp in southern Sweden.

But after working for only a few days, the woman was let go.

The company claimed she was fired because her choice of clothing, a long skirt, made it impossible for her to continue with the job.

– – – – – – – –

According to the company, working as a cleaner requires that one wear long pants.

The woman said she was not informed about the clothing regulations and that she wore the skirt because of her religion.

According to Eva Hagström, a lawyer from the ombudsman’s office, the incident is just one of many in which Muslim women are discriminated against on account of their clothing.

“These women encounter problems in both their professional life and in connection with everyday activities. It’s an ongoing discrimination which shuts these women out and that is something we can’t accept,” she said in a statement.

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6 thoughts on “The Discrimination Ombudsman Saves the Day Again

  1. it is harder and harder to avoid the conclusion that no sane employer in europe would ever employ muslim staff if they could avoid it. bring a few to interview, then invent an excuse to turn them down, that’s what i’d do. there is no conceivable advantage to hiring muslims, given the 1001 different lawsuits they seem to be able to spring at a moment’s notice. you would never know what you were going to be hit by, as this case proves.

    increasingly, the pathologies of these hopeless and destructive people force their way into the lives of others, including those who would have nothing to do with them under normal circumstances. at least it will serve to wake people up a bit as to what the consequences of muslim immigration are.

  2. On behalf of my fellow countrymen I’m ashamed for having such a disgrace as this organisation has turned out to be. About a year and half ago a young man in the southern town Helsingborg was fired because he refused to remove his face piercings while at work. He cannot be discriminated simply because he is ethnically swedish. That only applies if your gay or lesbian, aside from that, only non-ethnical swedes can be discriminated and this happens to be mostly muslim.

  3. The term ‘Islamofobia’ is going around. Anti-Islam for short.

    Maybe a contributing cause of this is that more and more people are beginning to see the dangers that are so common within Islam.

  4. Well. In short I guess you could say that the swedish officials are all more or less moonstruck.

    Only this time not by the full moon but by the crescent.

    Swedish media and authorities seems to completely and sincerely have bent to the crescent moon and is now submissive and subdued.

    To tell the simple but ugly truth. The elites are more or less dhimmified and the speed of it and the graveness of it is increasing.

    Luckily enough this is not true to a large part of the people. The silent and angry mumbling is increasing as the dhimmification among the elites are and the swedes, although normally being a peaceful and quiet people, still holds the ancestry of warriors.

    Once in a rage it will be nearly unsatoppable and it´s not going to be nice. I have personally, over the last decade or so, heard the numder of voices calling for vigilantes and militias and even for guerillas. People are simply starting to be fed up with all the multiculti-cr*p. Especially seen in the light of rocketing crimerates and the decrease in welfare such as medical care, schools, police, justice and so on.

    The question is not IF we will get a paneuropean civil war but WHEN.

  5. She wore a skirt because of her religion eh?

    I would have asked her to point to that particular rule in her religion’s code of conduct.

    The ridiculous Common Purpose needs to be replaced by Common Sense

  6. Skalman is absolutely right. Sooner or later it will explode, and as they said in some movie, can’t recall which, “there will be blood”.Yeah, your goddamn right! Hell it will!

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