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  1. I agree with the video, its just kinda cheesy. i just couldnt see that convincing anyone of the islamic threat. i thinks its her voice, everytime she listed things i winced.

  2. Her voice and pronunciation implies she is from the ME and she sounds quite young.

    Until a similar message is delivered by an orator with down home folksy twang like Fred Thompson or a softer mature female voice like Ayaan Hirsi Ali, this will have to do. The situation is reflected accurately as it stands today.

  3. In the EU any criticism of Islam entails legal proceedings and punishment. Europeans voted for it, nobody protested, it’s over for you folks. – And remember: the first ally of the Marxists was Nazi Germany.

    Today EU Socialist and Islamofascist go hand in hand against your civilization: you voted for it, nobody protested, it’s over for you folks.

    You can cry as mach as you want on these sympathetic forums dear Europeans, I offer my towel to wipe off your tears: you voted for it, nobody protested, it’s over for you folks.

  4. Actually “we” voted for a free trade zone. After that it was all pushed into the background where most people wouldn’t be able to find out about it, and then set in motion over 30 years. There are elements of the EU that were put in place in the 1970s, or even the 1950s, and which are only just coming to fruition now, elements so hidden that they could only be found by the sort of person who would be dismissed as a crackpot by most ordinary people.

    You evidently don’t understand what the EU is, Bela. For one thing it’s not the soviet union, though I’m sure it dearly wants to be. It doesn’t trumpet itself, it works so slowly and makes itself so dull and boring that most people understandably lose interest in what’s going on well before those plans bear fruit. And it takes the existing institutions of the countries it absorbs and hollows them out from the inside, sot he façade of normality remains whilst the changes are taking place within. It’s parasitical and hidden and even now the political and media class refuse to acknowledge how much control it has, though the fact that they focus entirely on educational policy and the health service, and refuse to deal with any other policy areaunless there’s a disaster that that can be pinned on the government and “rescued” by the benevolent European Union…

    We didn’t vote for it. When the UK joined we were sold a “free trade zone” and nothing more. Our politicians lied to us and said it would bring us nothing more than the chance to visit France and bring back more wine and cigarettes than we could before then… and that’s how the majority still see it thanks to 30 years of the media misdirecting people and hiding the EU away. Most people don’t realise what the union actually does. They haven’t had the opportunity to realise what it does because the reality of the EU is hidden away behind these walls of lies, because our politicians refuse to admit that they don’t do anything but rubber-stamp EU directives and because the union itself pretends it’s nothing more than a nice, friendly organisation making our lives easier and more pleasant. It didn’t spring into existence 10 years ago and say “Vote for me, I’m the soviet union reborn!”

    It grew in place. Most of the people living here were not even born when the EU was first mooted. The majority were not born when the coal and steel union was created. I was a child when the EEC came into existence. For most, it has always been there. Do you understand that? They grew up thinking the existence of this distant “thing” was normal, that it was harmless like the UN, or the international red cross. It was just a thing that existed and because they never heard much about what it did they assumed it had no impact on their lives

    It’s only now, as it reaches the final moves that people see what is going on and they are rejecting it whenever they get the chance. It’s only a mater of time before they realise that mere votes aren’t enough.

    But the point I’m trying to make is, we didn’t vote for it. I didn’t vote for it. And that’s it.

  5. graham dawson (archonix)

    Please understand I am a native European both from the East and from Paris “sous le pont Mirabeau ou coule la Seine et nos amours…”

    The question I attempt to tackle is the Islamisation of the EU: England is a leader in Dhimmitude, they prosecute anti-Islamic manifestations no matter how innocuous it might be; a word can be considered as “offensive” or “racist” and the perpetrator can be prosecuted or censored. But seldom a Muslim preacher!

    And the citizenry keeps electing these Dhimmi politicians across Western Europe. A Swiss party took a stand against Muslim immigration not long ago but the majority voted it down as “racist”.
    There is no mass opposition to the imams in the EU that is my point and Islam is spreading unopposed.
    To wit, the whole GoV is a showcase of horror stories from all over of Europe and nobody is protesting.

    The other aspect of the EU like the loss of freedom of speech, economy, etc….well it’s beyond the scope of this tread.

  6. Perhaps both Graham Dawson’s comments and Bela’s are not really mutually exclusive.

    The EU did come in on little cat feet with the heat turned up slowly enough that Europeans are being boiled alive without jumping out of the pot. In Canada the misnamed Human Rights Commissions have also been toiling away under the radar for 4 decades now. Leftist tentacles have been boring away at the West’s institutional infrastructure and have made them swiss cheese, ready to collapse. Muslim immigration is to furnish the push to collapse. PC has successfully batted aside any protesters as racists, beyond the pale.

    On the other hand, there have been some pretty loud wake up calls to the lotus eaters of Europe. Their stock and trade anti-Americanism and a certain degree of schadenfreude dulled the lesson of 9/11 but what about the London and Spanish bombings with a German sequel narrowly averted? What about Pim Fortuyn’s and Theo van Gogh’s fate? Van Goh’s assassin was especially up front about his religion’s plans. He stabbed its manifesto onto his victim. Hirsi Ali was pretty outspoken before being hounded out of the Netherlands.

    Europeans could have heeded all these clarion calls by voting out the politicians who enabled untrammelled immigration of the wrong kind. They still had the numbers then and the secret ballot and if anyone were stupid enough to call the majority electorate “racist”, it would not have the same devastating effect as when it is leveled on identified individuals who have spoken out publicly.

    What earthly excuse do Europeans have for participating in their own annihilation by voluntarily co-operating at the ballot box? The worst leader in a democratic nation cannot remain leader without votes.

    This is what is inexcusable. Europeans will have to fight to the death now for something they could have had with a little thought and risk-free anonymous protest.

    They could have closed the gates and gotten themselves some breathing space. They could have noted that there was NO RECIPROCITY OF ANY KIND FROM THE ARAB MUSLIM WORLD, no responsible behavior on display anywhere and until that changed, it was best to disengage. No more mosques in the West for people whose home countries burn churches etc. Every cry of “racist” should have been deflected with “Well, at least we’re a better grade of racist than the ones who kill people for the color of their skin or religion whom you in your “wisdom” have chosen as our immigrant pool”. Until they’ve evolved to our level of “racism”, they have no business here.

  7. For those that don’t already know, see:

    Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis (Paperback) by Bat Ye’Or

    A little taste here:

    From: Eurabia The road to Munich – on National Review

    … iniquity engulfs those who hate, who kill — and not the hated victim. It is those who hate who are sick: sick from envy; sick from the frustration of having failed to achieve an absolute, pathological domination; sick from a schizophrenic lust for power. To heal these societies one must first diagnose the evil and not mask it under the excuse of “poverty” and “underdevelopment.” Terrorism is not a consequence of poverty. Many societies are poor, yet they do not produce an organized criminality of terror. To subsidize societies which nourish ideologies of hate will not suppress terrorism, rather such pusillanimity will reinforce it. …

    … After the Yom Kippur War and the Arab oil blackmail in 1973, the then-European Community (EC) created a structure of Cooperation and Dialogue with the Arab League. The Euro-Arab Dialogue (EAD) began as a French initiative composed of representatives from the EC and Arab League countries. From the outset the EAD was considered as a vast transaction: The EC agreed to support the Arab anti-Israeli policy in exchange for wide commercial agreements. The EAD had a supplementary function: the shifting of Europe into the Arab-Islamic sphere of influence, thus breaking the traditional trans-Atlantic solidarity. The EAD operated at the highest political level, with foreign ministers on both sides, and the presidents of the EC — later the European Union (EU) — with the secretary general of the Arab League. The central body of the Dialogue, the General Commission, was responsible for planning its objectives in the political, cultural, social, economic, and technological domains; it met in private, without summary records, a common practice for European meetings.

    Over the years, Euro-Arab collaboration developed at all levels: political, economic, religious and in the transfer of technologies, education, universities, radio, television, press, publishers, and writers unions. This structure became the channel for Arab immigration into Europe, of anti-Americanism, and of Judeophobia, which — linked with a general hatred of the West and its denigration — constituted a pseudo-culture imported from Arab countries. The interpenetration of European and Arab policies determined Europe’s relentless anti-Israel policy and its anti-Americanism. This politico-economic edifice, with minute details, is rooted in a multiform European symbiosis with the Arab world. …

    – Bat Ye’Or

  8. Well I agree with you, Laine, to the extent that most Europeans probably, deep down, realise that their countries are no longer democratic. Oh sure we vote for our politicians but there’s an unacknowledged truth that they don’t actually do anything any more. The facination with American politics springs from this denied realisation of our own lack of genuine political debate. There is a soul-crushing “consensus” that reduces democracy to farce, so we look elsewhere to find more vibrant political life.

    It’s about comfort, though. It is comforting for these people to deny that their governments no longer represent them and once you start denying one thing to yourself, it’s a lot easier to deny other things. The reality of immigration, the reality about the US, the reality of the coming collapse of the welfare state, they’re all ignored and denied.

    Actually I find this encouraging. It’s a truism that people will become increasingly shrill and vociferous when their denial of a situation is untenable. Take anti-americanism. The smug idea that “we’re superior” to the fat greasy slobby americans is facing challenge after challenge, not least with the current presidential race. What country over here has even considered a black man as its leader? With a few notable exceptions the majority of the political class here is white and male. There are no minorities on the European Commission. This supposed bastion of tolerance and enlightened multiculturalism is a white boys only club, and in America they’ve got one of the “oppressed” running for president.

    So the denial becomes more shrill. America is Racist, because they might not vote for him…

    But, like I said, the fact that these arguments are becoming so incredibly absurd means that they know, deep down, that they’re wrong about the world. I know I keep saying it but there is a change coming. People will wake up. It’s like sitting in the bath too long and letting it go cold. If you stay perfectly still you can pretend the water is still warm because it leeches a little heat from your skin and forms a nice layer around you. Stay still enough and you can deny it for, oh, an hour or more but the minute you move – say if you sneeze, or yawn, or get an itch you just ahve to scratch, the illusion is gone. That’s where we are right now. In denial, pretending we’re still warm and cosy, because it’s still more comforting than facing up to the reality that all the heat has gone.

    Why it’s taken so long? The comfort of 70 years of soft-socialist dogma and free money from the government.

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