Expectations of a Race War, Part 2

I mentioned a couple of days ago that a Muslim African-American reporter in Philadelphia is warning America to expect a race war if Barack Hussein Obama loses the upcoming election.

Since then a number of people have emailed me with links to similar predictions made by other writers. This one is interesting because it comes from a black conservative. Bob Parks warns us to expect trouble, regardless of whether the O-man wins or loses:

Bob Parks also has a blog.

Hat tip: JB.

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21 thoughts on “Expectations of a Race War, Part 2

  1. I have thought for several months now that there will be violence if the O is not elected.
    I never considered the opposite scenario such as when rioting ensues after your team wins.
    I think this man is probably right on…

  2. Its true. I didnt even consider it until now. I think the question is how bad and how far spread it will be? Will it stay in the cities or will they fan out into the suburbs or rural areas looking for whites? We could be looking at another “Civil War Draft Riots” type of violence. Only the people swinging from the lamposts wont be black this time. All I know is I have my trusty 12-gauge handy.

  3. I’ve read some of Park’s commentary before. He doesn’t spin these things out of whole cloth.

    Life is going to get REAL interesting.

  4. Well, here I’ve been thinking all along that folks who post on Gates of Vienna must all be “hard corps,” but I am at this point only mildly amused to note that I seem to have a somewhat more jaundiced view of my fellow man than many of you guys and gals.
    Yes, I’ve been predicting for months that there will be rioting in the streets, even if the Messiah wins! The phenomenon is similar to soccer hooliganism or what is sometimes called “happy firing” ( shooting to make noise in celebration. ) Yep, we’re gonna see lots of “happy rioting.”
    Note that, far from uniting people, Obama has actually made things worse ( or perhaps, simply brought things out into the open. ) The shameless race baiting will never end; it is too cheap, too easy, too much fun, and it is very, very lucrative $$$. If they were not part of the professional grievance industry, they would have to bust their asses working for a living, like the rest of us. Can you imagine Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton, not to mention the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, having a real job??
    In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, it became obvious that those who had prepared, who had emergency supplies, and who had, ahem….. GUNS….. did okay.
    Well, there’s a lesson there, people.
    Spackle, be sure to buy plenty more ammo.
    Note also, that if Obama wins, with the Democrats in power there will be concerted efforts to enact new, wide ranging “gun control,” especially restrictions on “assault weapons,” large capacity magazines, and “microstamping” of ammunition.
    There: Santa’s little helper, One_of_the_last_few_Patriots left, has just given you your wish list for Christmas. 🙂

    This is what the Lunatic Left has given us to expect: rioting, mayhem, arson, murder. Hhmmm….. reminds me of a certain “Religion of Peace…..”

  5. If you think about it, Obama winning, will mean to blacks that they don’t have to take it anymore from whitey or anyone else because they have Obama in the WhiteHouse watching their back.

    I would suggest the National Guard, police, etc. arm themselves with rapid fire weaponry, whether with the potential to shoot rubber bullets or the real deal.

    I would also make an announcement that anyone arrested for rioting would be enlisted in the American military; it would be like their own way of volunteering per se: they were warned!

  6. joanne-

    It may mean that to *some* black people; it certainly won’t for a great number of them. Black people are no more monolithic in their political philosophies than are whites or asians.

    For example, I could say “don’t tar them all with the same brush” and lots of black folks would not consider that racist. Some might, though. And of the second group, a subset would shrug and walk away. Another group might see me as part of the “race problem” in the US.

    The thing is, should I say “don’t tar them all with the same brush”, nearly every American — black or white or anything in-between –would think that I had said something that had the potential for being interpreted as a racist statement.

    That is how completely conditioned we have become. Various grievance groups that form like weather out on the left of us have made so many words and phrases questionable that we are some kind of -phobe no matter what we say.

    And that is the point: to reduce us to silence. If those groups had their way, people like one_of_the_last will be bound and gagged and handed over to the tribunal for inciting violence among “the bitter ones”.

  7. I hate to disagree with the hostess, but this simply isn’t true: “Black people are no more monolithic in their political philosophies than are whites or asians.”

    Simply looking at their voting records they are 90%+ Democratic voters. This is significantly more monolithic than either White or Asian voters in the USA, both of whom are much closer to 50/50 than 90/10 splits.

  8. This is pretty scary stuff… I never thought that something like Parks postulated could happen. I think he makes a valid case, though. This year’s election is going to be very interesting.

  9. The rare sighting of a black conservative invariably shows them to be thoughtful and well-spoken. Coincidence? Mr. Parks is even rarer because he’s willing to go public with his opinions.

    Black conservatives are undoubtedly independent thinkers and have great strength of character as the forces trying to keep them on the Democratic plantation are huge. They are called Oreos and race traitors by the over 90% blacks who vote Democrat for continued dependency and their white enablers.

    Therefore kudos to Mr. Parks, though his message on this occasion is very discouraging (but probably accurate).

    He’s right. Youth of all hues want Obama because they think it’s another episode of American Idol. Blacks want Obama. Both have sizable subgroups who have been known to be easily incensed and express their feelings through property damage.

    Those of us who don’t belong to either group or Obamanation wouldn’t make our disappointment or displeasure known through violence so it is hard to imagine it in others though they demonstrate it over and over.

    We just retreat and write letters to the editor or wear our fingers out on blogs such as this one.

    If you were a benign alien from another planet, in whose hands would you think the United States was safer?

  10. Oh for crying out loud. Way to pump up the interracial hysteria.

    Please stop assuming that “blacks” think and act as a single mindless entity.

    The folks I know personally are decent, hard working people who would never act in such a manner, and that includes members of my own family.

    Yes, some of them are in the tank for Obama, just as many white females were/are in the tank for Hillary. I am trying to educate them to the conservative way of thinking, and we are somehow able to have civil discussions about this election without beating each other to a pulp.

    If you’re talking about big city lowlifes, maybe. But I don’t expect much from anyone who was raised in a big city!

  11. Yes, bordergal–
    I was surprised some three or four years ago to see a national poll showing that 79% of blacks saw reparations as a bad idea.
    Although they routinely vote for the sociopaths, when their actual opinions are broken down we see them in a much more elevated state than we would find at any university.

  12. bordergal–

    I am real tired of hearing about the “woman vote”, the “black vote”, the “Hispanic vote”, etc.

    As though those groups were a monolith.

    However, I do think you hit a clue here: urban/suburban/rural. There are some serious divides there. You sure can see that here in Virginia.

  13. zeke–

    How do you *know* that the black vote split is 90/10? It wasn’t in the Bush elections, though I don’t have the figures.

    And I don’t believe exit polls, I believe vote counts (in most places. I don’t count Chicago).

    Yes, many blacks are Dems. They are in my county which has a large black population. But that is not necessarily how they vote in major elections. Most of the political class in this county is Dem also. I don’t think we even have a Republican Party group as such.

    The official Obama “leader” in my voting district is white and middle-aged, a male who is used to the big city kind of Dems. Like *all* liberals, he just assumed we were liberals, too. Invited us to a party to watch the Dem convention. I told him I had to stay home and listen to my Guy Lombardo LPs.

    Funny thing is, I don’t believe there were any local black people at his shindig. I wonder if he even noticed…

    I still contend that the old alliances are crumbling and will continue to do so.

  14. “How do you *know* that the black vote split is 90/10? It wasn’t in the Bush elections, though I don’t have the figures.”

    Dymphna, I believe Zeke may have gotten that figure from the recent North or South Carolina Democratic primaries.

    I think most of the country will be OK after the election either way, although I would rather not be in Detroit or LA. Just in case.

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  15. I hope that Obama does get in, a muslim for president is the best hope for middle eastern peace, hence no war with Iran. Pak can get more aid with additional F-16s at cut price to protect themselves and finish off the Taliban where they need to.

    I know that Obama will have to take some decisions …a lot that will not sit nicely with the peoples of America, and some may want to take matters further.

    It is for this reason that I hope president Obama moves swiftly to ban guns in America.

    Shut the gun shops, the shooting ranges, declare an amenesty to hand guns into the law enforcement agencies.

    If there are problems, let the government sponsored agencies take care of them.

    I hope you peoples can see the sense in this..innocent muslims need to be protected. Islam is peace loving and muslims are no threat, ex-president Bush said so himself.

    your president deserves your support.

  16. Dymphna-

    The comment was somewhat tongue in cheek, but it also reflects reality here in California.

    Would anyone like to buy a couple of large urban areas? I’d be more then willing to sell San Francisco and LA **cheap** if the buyer would arrange transport out of California. 🙂

    I am beyond tired of “hyphenates”. Either you’re an American who believes in the founding values of this country or you are not.

  17. Too bad these particular innocent muslims didn’t have guns. Maybe they would still be alive.

    “A 17-year-old Pakistani girl forced to marry a 45-year-old when she was only nine was reportedly killed by her parents, according to the Weekend Australian.

    The murder has intensified despair among human rights workers in Pakistan over a recent spate of “honor killings,” in which two women and three teenage school girls were buried alive in Baluchistan Province because they wanted to marry the men of their choice”.

  18. A “race war” is already underway. Just listen to the hip-hop lyrics that were rapped by protesters at the Dems’ Denver convention.

    (I hate to use inflammatory language, but since that’s what’s being touted….)

    Stokely Carmichael’s Black Power was among the sources Michelle Robinson (later Obama) uncritically relied on for her Princeton undergraduate thesis.

    Such is the Pandora’s Box latter-day liberalism opens…. Like Hillary with her Alinsky thesis.

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