36 thoughts on “Gordon Brown’s Ramadan Message

  1. “Reminds us of our shared moral universe”? What shared moral universe? Since when does Ramadan remind Muslims of “compassion” towards infidels?

  2. He left out all the wonderful contributions Islam’s jihads, slave raids, and genocides have made to Europe for the last 1400 years.

    Not to mention their wonderfully enriching occupation of Russia, Spain, and the balkans to those communities.

    And values? Please. Muslims are welfare addicted drug dealing thugs. They are raping our women with impunity and feel nothing for the suffering they cause these innocents, they take pictures on their cell phones of their gang rapes and brag about it to the world.

    Plus Mr. Brown, what is the big deal if you ‘fast’ for only 12 hours and then eat a nice large meal after sunset. If the calorie intake per day is the same, they are NO HUNGRIER THAN ANY OTHER MONTH. What a farce of a fast! I’ve gone for days without food entirely but I never bragged about how this made me uniquely moral, and these hypocrites brag about doing precisely nothing, eating the exact same amount as ever.

    Not one word he said in this speech was remotely true. That takes talent.

  3. What shared moral universe?

    Possibly this one:

    “Do not commit evil, except in the cause of Allah”.

    For ‘Allah’, we may substitute ‘power’. It’s a politicians speaking.

  4. How dare this traitor refer to “the prophet,” as if everyone regarded a certain child molestor as a prophet. I just ate some French fries, and when this moron started talking I literally felt nauseous. He also looks weird in his poorly-fitting suit and garish tie, with his odd facial tic. He’s almost as unwholesome as Michael Jackson.

  5. Please let this asshole and his party disappear into a black hole at the next election. Why the British reelected these unbelievable imbeciles in 2005, I’ll never know.

  6. Trophonius,

    “I can’t think of a single example of how “Islamic art, science and philosophy have enriched our lives over the centuries”.”

    After five centuries of muslim rule and after the departure of them all we got this:

    Beautifull moorish style influenced chimneys in Algarve.

    They really fit in. Very beautifull Suthern Portuguese architecture. And there are also beautifull moorish massive buildings in Southern Spain…

  7. Who the f… is this guy? And does he have something stuck in his throat? He looks like he is just about to throw up all the time.
    Well, he sure looks like a dude who ran around that same number 10 office some 70 years ago. Chamberlain I think his name was, but that could not be him, could it? I mean he still have his teeth and all. But then again…the moustache is gone though….hmmm!
    And what are all these shared values he is mumbling about? Freedom of Beheading? Freedom of Wifebeating? Freedom of Blowing Everything Up? Somebody help me out here. I am confused.

  8. On the plus side, I liked the message he taped at the start of Lent last year. Wishing all Christians a peaceful time of reflection and sacrifice.
    What’s that you say? He didn’t tape a message for Lent???

  9. If I didnt know better I would think that there were two guys out of frame pointing AK-47s at his head. But then I remembered. This is Gordon Brown, this is Labour and this is the UK 9/2008.

  10. This whole government thrives on publicity, good or bad, and on “reaction” to what they do. They’re attention whores. Protesting about it would just give them the idea to do more of it, and louder.

    brown’s government is dead in the water and he knows it. We’ll simply remove him when the time comes and this will just cement the deal. But protest? No. It would just encourage him.

  11. This cretin is not the prime minister,he is leader of the marxist/socialist party,his seat is in scotland,therefore no Englishman can have voted for him,he is a fraud and a traitor to the british union,a lickspittle to the new world order.

  12. “….reminds ‘us’…..”

    Who is us? Does he have crabs?

    “….their ‘contribution’…..”

    What contribution? Name anything, anyone wanted from Muslims, other than wanting them to go away.

    Gordon Brown must have his name near the top of the List of Traitors of England. What a sad excuse for a man, let alone an Englishman. God Help Him

  13. Joanne, as ENGLISHMAN pointed out, he’s not English. He’s Scottish. This is one of the reasons I support Scottish independence despite being an ardent unionist in most other ways – it’d wipe out the labour party in a single stroke.

    you just have to look at the Labour front bench to see how true this is. They’re all scottish.

  14. What is he thinking? Non-muslims will be angry because of his dimmi behaviour, and muslims won’t accept lessons on islam from a kuffar. So who does he want to please with this message?

  15. Our leaders are political whores.

    This is more profound that most people would realize. You can purchase loyalty. It’s expensive, but doable. Organizations with too much money on their hands (I know of one or two in Brussels) purchase loyalty by picking up most of the relevant experts in the fields they’re working it, providing them good salaries, low taxes and benefits. Provided the employees, which in a way is natural, is loyal to the mission of the Organisation.

    Ever wondered why there are so few independent experts on EU matters? Most have been bought off. As, would it seem, the Danish PM Anders Fogh Rasmussen. I hope we’ll get him back in shape, though.

    Political whoredom is sickening. I think I’d prefer the company of real whores instead 🙂

  16. This video infuriates me and I’m not even British. It is every bit as pathetic as the Brit sailors taken captive by Iran debacle.

    What a weak nation the UK has become. I now understand the binge drinking phenomenon.

  17. This complete ignorance of Islam at the highest levels of Western government is inexcusable. Do they not read? There are dozens of credible books that can set them right. Instead, they spout Muslim propaganda word for word.

    Islam is not a religion like the others and does not accept inter-religious co-operation except as a temporary measure wherever it is a minority and can benefit from it. Someone should ask Brown to name a single Muslim state out of 60 where other religions have equal rights. Non-Muslims are at best given second class status, at worst hounded out of the country or killed.

    It is one thing to make no mention of this to avoid world wide violence by Muslims offended at the suggestion that they are violent. It is quite another to be doing their lying for them.

  18. I now understand the binge drinking phenomenon.

    No, you don’t, because it doesn’t exist. The outcry against “binge drinking” is just social disapproval of something that has always been there. We’ve had a reputation as heavy drinkers since the 12th century. You know, when we were pasting the French in agincourt and dominating the entire continent for the first time in our history. 😉 This “binge drinking” rubbish is just one more attempt at social engineering to try and make the consumption of alcohol something to feel guilty about. It’s defined so tightly that I would be considered an alcoholic, though I drink an equivalent average of a bottle of wine a week.

  19. Perhaps a better way to put it is that with that sort of leadership, you’ve got as good an excuse to get hammered as you’re gonna get.

    I can understand the appeal of escapism. Not that it’s any solution, of course.

  20. Perhaps a better way to put it is that with that sort of leadership, you’ve got as good an excuse to get hammered as you’re gonna get.

    Oh, well when you put it that way…

    He’ll be gone soon. The urban working class are all deserting the labour party in their thousands it seems, which is unprecedented. It’s like having a front-row seat at the collapse of the Whigs.

  21. June last year: Crackdown on middle class wine drinkers

    And that’s because of something revealed in April this year: The war on “passive drinking”

    I seem to recall an article on EU Referendum explaining that the Telegraph blog and article were a little bit overwrought but the essence is there. The UN is, right now, beginning the path to putting alcohol into the same category as smoking – something evil abd bad. Muslim names keep cropping up in the committees and reports accompanying this agenda.

  22. I can’t help but think of Mohammad’s contributions to science in the world. First and foremost is that he has proven that the shape of the earth is not as the infidels claim it is. Mohammad (according to two of his close companions) said that the earth is flat and has seven layers. That this flat earth sits on the head of a cow having 4000 horns that are 500 years travel apart. This gigantic cow stands on an even more gigantic fish whose tail reaches into the throne of Allah. This gigantic cow is also afraid to move because of a mosquito. Yes, this surely must be the great scientific contribution Gordon Brown is talking about. Oh yeah, and before I forget, if anybody mocks the Prophet for this teaching whether he be a muslim or a non-muslim, he is to be murdered by the good muslims. Gotta love the science contributions of Islam!! (read about it here http://www.islam-watch.org/SyedKamranMirza/Superstition.htm)

  23. > Dhimmitude at its finest from the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

    Excellent sum-up indeed, but Gordon Brown will never know you wrote it. Unless…
    Unless we apply to him the french Amnesty International SITA method : the printed article, in a stamped enveloppe, sent by snail-mail (see http://tinyurl.com/6r4fsu and http://tinyurl.com/592ezu )

    Why spending a stamp ? Why not a free e-mail ?
    Because if you go to the website displayed at the end of Gordon Brown’s ramadan vidéo ( http://www.number10.gov.uk/ ) then to page “communicate” you will notice this VERY important detail : There is NO snail-mail address provided there.
    Instead, they ASK you to create and sign e-petitions.
    Guess why ? Because that way they can easily IGNORE the opinion of THOUSANDS of people by just a click of a mouse to put the petitions to the bin within a few seconds !

    They DO NOT WANT to face the people’s claims, they just want the people to release their anger and forget about it : signing an e-petition is the best solution for this !

    (a must-read on this point is http://www.snopes.com/inboxer/petition/internet.asp – french translation http://grouik-grouik.org/9/2007/11/lactivisme-en-pantoufles.html )

    THAT IS WHY, if you want your article (or any article) to be efficient and handled (HAND-led : think about the meaning of the word, you do not handle e-petitions) by the prime minister, or ANY-body else that you target, the winning strategy will be to ask your readers to individualy PRINT the article and send it BY SNAIL-MAIL, in a stamped enveloppe.

    A pile of letters is NOT just a number of signatures on the screen of an e-petition, it is a CROWD, ready to beat and mangle the target.
    It is brute force, it is intimidation.
    Obviously the elite now works for those they FEAR, it is a pity but it is reality, that’s why they now work for the muslims despite islam is obviously slowly destroying Europe.

    That Gordon Brown’s ramadan vidéo video is an excellent opportunity to start a SITA action targeting the prime minister, so… JUST DO IT :

    – Print just the first page of this article (directly from your browser (File > Print…) and underline the (excellent) sum-up in red.

    On the back, print a self explanatory cartoons by Steph Bergol to emphasize what you mean, either :

    A stamp allows to send two sheets of paper, so you can add a second sheet printed front and back to tell the prime minister what you know about islam despite he tries to fool you :

    1- a leaflet about islam (see http://tinyurl.com/2m8ggr or http://tinyurl.com/69pt27 or see right column of http://www.actionsita.com )


    2- the first two pages of chapter XXII from the 1923 book “Islam and the psychology of the musulman” by André Servier : http://tinyurl.com/63ocxy (for information, the original french version is on http://tinyurl.com/5kxhu6 )

    Snail-mail address of the prime minister is on page

    Put the two sheets in an enveloppe, write the address, stamp and send. It is just that easy and you can be 100% sure that your mass information weapon will reach its target.

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