August 23rd Demonstration in Århus

The upcoming SIOE demonstration in Århus is on track. SIOE Sverige just sent out an email asking for bloggers to spread the word that an anti-jihad demonstration is taking place in Gellerupparken on August 23rd in support of Denmark’s Greenlanders targeted by Muslims for harassment and violence, and against Islamic racism in all its forms.

Here’s what SIOE Sverige has to say:


The Gellerup horse is not dead, please help us beat it!

The demo is shaping up, we are aware of people making travel plans from different countries and we will TELL the Danish government that “Enough is enough”!

Please tell your readers to make blog posts asking for additional participation at the demo in Denmark, and words of encouragement to those who are already committed to protest.

This SIOE Sweden’s latest YouTube video, and here is the info that goes along with the video:

“This message will be repeated in English…”


Nu får det vara nog!

Ja, vi vill ha era blogginlägg och vi vill att ni sänder denna information via e-mail till alla ni känner, men vad gäller dem av er som bor i Skandinavien — vi vill ha era HETA Skandinaviska kroppar nere med oss i Aarhus den 23:e augusti!

Vi vill att det skall bli känt att den etniska rensning som har pågått i Gellerup, Danmark är oacceptabel, och vi ser samma sak ske runtom i Europa och i våra egna städer i Sverige.

Vi vill inte behöva överge våra hem och våra områden för de sociala experiment som utförs av tidningarna och eliten i regeringen.

Om du har möjlighet att resa (detta gäller så klart er som bor någon annanstans också!), skaffa en tågbiljett eller bussbiljett och åk till Danmark med oss. Idag är det Gellerup som har blivit ett rasistiskt Sharia-område dit icke-muslimer inte är välkomna. Imorgon kanske DU blir tvungen att packa dina väskor och flytta någon annanstans.

Det är tid att agera NU!!!

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *


Enough is enough!

– – – – – – – –

Yes, we want your blog posts and we want you to send this information via e-mail to everyone you know, but for those of you in Scandinavia — we want your HOT Scandinavian bodies down with us in Aarhus on the 23rd of August!

We want it to be known that the ethnic cleansing that has been going on in Gellerup, Denmark is unacceptable, and we see the same thing happening throughout Europe and in our own cities in Sweden.

We do not want to abandon our homes and our communities to the social experiments of the newspapers and the elites in government.

If you’re able to travel (this of course goes for those of you who live elsewhere as well!), get a train ticket or a bus ticket and ride to Denmark with us. Today it is Gellerup that has become a racist Sharia community where Non-Muslims are not welcome. Tomorrow YOU might have to pack your bags and move somewhere else.

The time for action is NOW!!!

— SIOE Sverige

2 thoughts on “August 23rd Demonstration in Århus

  1. Please, oh please let hundreds of thousands of protestors show up!!! I also hope that SIOE has the wits to field their own broadcast-quality video teams. The MSM probably will not cover this event anywhere near the necessary levels.

    While I always would like to see such protests remain peaceful, if the Muslims start any violence some serious damage needs to be done in return. People should wear boots with high-traction soles, wear long sleeve apparel (no shorts), plus bring a pair of leather work gloves, bandanas and safety goggles in preparation for the unexpected.

    It is exactly these sorts of protests that are needed all over Europe. Marches through every no-go zone and banlueie should be used to spark Muslim violence and exposes these thugs for the out-of-uniform troops that they are.

    Islam is at a very fragile point in that it has nowhere near enough arms to properly pursue its goals. If things can be brought to a crisis right away, there is still hope for reversing the situation. Let things drift along as they have for another decade and all bets are off.

  2. The MSM probably will not cover this event anywhere near the necessary levels.

    They probably won’t cover it at all, except to broadcast their master’s anti-protest propaganda.

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