Who Rules in Denmark?

The following full-page ad was placed in Danish newspapers yesterday by Dansk Folkeparti (the Danish People’s Party):

DPP Poster

Two different versions of the ad were published, and Henrik of Europe News has translated both of them:
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Who rules in Denmark?

The ECJ or the Danes?

Salmonella is something the Danes simply have to accept, if the European Union and the Europhile parties have their way. The government acts — as usual where EU matters are concerned — like chickens already roasted. No standing up, no rejection, no doing anything at all!

Will the EU monster decide that your turkey can be infected with salmonella?

Dansk Folkeparti

www.danskfolkeparti.dk, Tlf 3337 5199, email df@df.dk

Give Denmark back to us!

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Who rules in Denmark?

The ECJ or the Danes?

Judgment by judgment, the European Court of Justice grabs ever-increasing amounts of power.

This harms democracy — and it harms the sovereignty of the Danes.

Now we have reached the point where EU law undermines our immigration policy.

If you have merely applied for work in a different EU country, you will be entitled to bring your family from even the remotest part of the world to Denmark.

The government could simply say: “No thanks, not valid here!” But the government does not dare to do so.

Who actually rules Denmark? Is it the Danes or the European Union?

Dansk Folkeparti

www.danskfolkeparti.dk, Tlf 3337 5199, email df@df.dk

Give Denmark back to us!

11 thoughts on “Who Rules in Denmark?

  1. What the EU laughably terms “rules” governing eligibility to immigrate from a third world country to EU member countries seem like a joke out of Monty Python: No documentation of employment required, merely an application? No record of some months steady work to demonstrate that a would be immigrant can hold a job? And free to move from country to country to achieve the richest Welfare benefits rather than pursuing employment?

    Thousands of bone-headed rules that flout all common sense about shape of cucumbers and importing more welfare parasites rather than workers are the devil work of idle hands. The EU elites are as out of touch with those they would rule by fiat as Marie Antoinette was purported to be.

    Time to bring back the figurative guillotine for these criminally arrogant champagne and limousine bureaucrats. They must sit in their opulent offices laughing uproariously as they make up inane laws for the plebes to follow. Bring out the pitchforks and start the peasant revolt.

  2. Hah! Salmonella… Denmark was one of the few countries that managed to prevent a panic over that issue by changing the rules of how salmonella infection was reported, meaning they could tweak the statistics and prevent the large number of false positives that were reported in other countries. I understand it’s been a matter of Danish pride that they didn’t have the same problem that the rest of the EEC (as it was then) had, so mentioning that in the ad is an excellent idea.

  3. Graham, that’s a damned good point that I wasn’t aware of!

    Booker & North, of Great Deception fame, has an extensive background in this matter and has written a book Scared to Death about how our leaders exploit scares like salmonella to disempower the citizen, grab power and impose draconic regulations on us.

    The problem frequently is that too many have vested interests in increasing the scare, not dismantling it. Politicians get more power, newspapers sell tons of their products, and various research and control institutions get more power and funding, too.

    This is abuse of power, of taxpayer money and a democratic problem.

    I didn’t hear that we managed not to go ballistic over this. Am glad it is so.

  4. Great ads. Good to see the Danes putting it in those terms, who runs Denmark? Something the other EU countries should be asking themselves about their nations.

    I’m not opposed to the EU per se, just the way it’s being implemented. It’s an autocratic leftist / socialist / multicultural wet dream where dissent and different ideas are suppressed, not a democratic union of peoples bound by common interests. The mandarins of Brussels dictate, everyone has to fall in line. Go Denmark, stay strong!

  5. Picked up the intellectual weekly Weekend-avisen. Its headline runs:

    Constitutional struggle

    And goes right back to when we got our democratic constitution in 1848, where the representative of the citizens asked the king to give a democratic constitution that we would not have to “resort to the self-help of desperation”.

    The king obliged, and next year we were a democracy.

    Also saw PM Anders Fogh in the news tonight. I was hoping to see some trace of defiance against the ECJ, but no. He said we’ll follow the judgement, and do what is needed to restore our firm foreign policy.

    Pia Kjærsgaard wasn’t satisfied. Until now Dansk Folkeparti has had a deal to not bring down the government over EU issues. That deal seems off, and if something big comes up with EU, it could now topple the government and trigger elections.

    It’s a complicated game, for sure…

  6. I saw this coming years ago. Why did these foolish Europeans not study the history of American federalism? Did they think they would avoid the mistakes that we made? Did they not notice that it took a hideous Civil War that killed 1/15th of our population at the time, to settle the issue of whether the states or the feds were in charge?

  7. Why did these foolish Europeans not study the history of American federalism?

    No, for we have been told, repeatedly, that the European Economic Community was not about establishing any kind of ‘Union’ or other superstate. We trusted that, and saw no need to investigate the US constitutional situation. Which, BTW, I believe is rather bad.

    We are now figuring out that they lied.

    Whoever ‘they’ are in this context, which is also tricky. It’s a generation ago anyway, and now the System is in place and working.

  8. I know that Henrik. But your parliaments all voted for the Lisbon treaty. They are the ones who should have been paying attention.

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