A Swedish Arsenal

The news from Sweden is coming so thick and fast that it’s hard to keep up with it. This particular story is worth noting because of the sheer firepower involved. Antitank grenade launchers — in Stockholm!

Look here for a photo of the weapons seized (the text is in Swedish).

Gun control legislation is supposed to prevent this sort of thing. Do you think a new law is in order, one that mandates fingerprint registration, a background check, and a ten-day waiting period for any would-be purchaser of grenade launchers?

Would that help?

From The Local:

Major weapons seizure in Stockholm

Six young men have been detained in custody charged with serious weapons crime after police seized large quantity of weapons and explosives outside Stockholm.

The haul, found in a cellar in Spånga and an apartment in Sundbyberg, included grenades, antitank grenade launchers, automatic weapons, pistols and explosives.

The swoop took place in July and the suspects were arrested between end of July and August.

The weapons are both military and civilian, some of which have been stolen in Sweden, others from the former Yugoslavia.

Ulf Göranzon, a press spokesman at Stockholm police, described the weapons as being “generally very heavy”.

Speaking to the TT news agency, Göranzon said it was “worrying that it is so easy to procure weapons from that part of Europe. There are plenty of weapons in those countries.”

– – – – – – – –

Prosecutor Henrik Söderman is also concerned by the extent of the weapons seizure. He has requested a fresh hearing on the detention issue on Friday.

“Of course one is a bit jumpy,” Söderman told TT. “We are talking about weapons such as antitank grenade launchers and and explosives”.

Söderman could not comment on whether the weapons were meant to be sold or used in robberies.

The six suspects are all aged between 22 and 27 and are already known to the police. A few of them are suspected of serious weapon crimes, and one is suspected of smuggling. All the men are from the Spånga and Järfälla suburbs in northwest Stockholm.

As is usual in Swedish press reports, there’s no mention whether these young men are “persons of Swedish background”. Silence on this topic usually means that immigrants are involved.

For our Swedish readers: are Spånga and Sundbyberg generally known as immigrant ghettoes?

Hat tip: TB.

22 thoughts on “A Swedish Arsenal

  1. The jihad in Sweden is about to go to an entirely new level. Those guns are only only a drop in the fjord.

    Will the international liberals demand an autonomous region in Sweden for Moslem’s a la B.J. Clinton? Can’t wait to see how Pres. O will respond.

  2. If they don’t get their automomous region they can always make use of those weapons like in in Israel and lebanon util our politicians cave in to their demands. Even if they get their region it will be a constant thorn in their side to be durrounded by kaffirs and dhimmis so eventually there will be even more demands until the whole of Sweden is under the ummah.

  3. Yes, Baron, both Spånga and Sundbyberg are. Sundbyberg, which I know, is divided in two parts: the self-imposed ghetto of the Arabs and Blacks, and the white Sundbyberg. To arrive to the wrong Sundbyberg metro station is to leave Sweden.

    For those who wish to take a look, simply go here. Then type Spånga in the search field, make the scale somewhat larger and you´ll see that Spånga is next to Sundbyberg, and both are close to infamous Rinkeby (THE immigrants ghetto in Stockholm) and equally dark Tensta.

    For various reasons, it is quite obvious that these “boys” (as the article calls them) are foreign in origin. Had they been Swedes, the article would have said so clearly, in order to show that Swedes too can commit crimes. If thay had been Swedish right-wing activista, the news would have been to-day´s headline.

  4. This is a very disturbing bit of news. If they indeed are Muslim inmigrants, this could be part of a plan to take control of an area somewhere in Sweden and impose Sharia there. As far fetched as that may seem. But the aquisition of such powerful weapons puts this situation well beyond that of a criminal gang aquiring weapons to defend it’s turf. And if what I’ve read is correct, Sweden’s armed forces aren’t exactly at their peak of strength or anything close to it.

    I hope some reader in Sweden can provide info on how strong their armed forces are and how well could they deal with this a situation like this. And I hope the authorities are giving this issue the attention it deserves.

  5. Thank you for confirming what was nearly obvious, Aloysius.

    Söderman could not comment on whether the weapons were meant to be sold or used in robberies.

    Yeah, that’s the ticket. Everybody knows that only the most professional thieves use anti-tank rounds and full auto rifles in the course of a robbery!

    Yoo-effing-hoo, Sweden. Wake up. WAKE UP. WAKE UP!

    This is just the beginning. Jihäd is coming to your front-fricking-door and you are doing everything in your power to help it.

  6. “Jihäd is coming to your front-fricking-door and you are doing everything in your power to help it.”

    So true Zenster and sadly, it isn’t just the Swedes who are guilty of this.

    As Enoch Powell stated in his famous “rivers of blood” speech:

    “Those who the Gods wish to destroy they first make mad.”

    When it comes to Islam, the west is stark raving mad, no doubt about it.

  7. Defiant Lion said:

    “When it comes to Islam, the west is stark raving mad, no doubt about it.”

    So very true. The elites in the West are so insane they forbid the use of terms like “Jihad” and “Islamic terrorism” to avoid giving offense to the PC mentality. By not naming the enemy, Islam, and insisting that Islam is a religion of peace and that the terrorism we face is not the result of Islamic tenets, the public is kept in the dark over the true nature of thr threat. Couple that with the insane inmigration policies that allow increasing numbers of Muslims to settle in the West, and it’s hard to be optimistic about our chances of resisting the Jihad facing us all. Yet those of us who are jihad aware must continue to try to raise awareness. Thank God for people like The Baron, Robert Spencer and the others tirelessly keeping up the fight through the ‘Net.

    There are signs parts of the public are getting it, but as long as leftists remain an integral part of our governments and media, it will be difficult to sound the alarm and get the bulk of the public to face the truth.

  8. My wife is over there right now, visiting her parents. I’ll have to see what she’s heard about it.

    It’s interesting that this has come so soon after the Swedish defence ministry started making noises about Russia’s new aggressive stance toward the balts. Perhaps the Swedish army decided they needed more guns and went to the best source?

  9. Oh now that’s the easy part. Getting them into the EU proper is the problem, but that can be done by simply going thruogh a weak point – say, parts of east germany, Spain, Greece, Austria… the borders are well manned but they’re large and land-based, which is why most european countries opt for internal identity checks as part of their immigration control. There are obvious ways to circumvent the border checks. Put your weapons in a crate marked as baby toys or something, with CE marked paperwork, and you’ll just be waved through.

    Once inside the EU it’s just a case of loading up suitable transport. Unless the security services know in advance that those weapons are going to be brought across the EU border, there’s no way of that transport being discovered within the EU zone unless someone tips them off. There are no border controls within the EU.

    In fact you dont’ even have to go outside the EU to find such things now. There are several countries within the Eu proper that have large, unaccounted stocks of all sorts of weapons that could easily be stolen or bought, and transported across suddenly open frontiers to anywhere within the union.

    The controls at the EU’s external border are not well maintained thanks to crippling EU legislation that prevents proper inspection of certain types of people, goods, what have you, for political reasons most often.

    The very nature of the EU makes it incredibly easy to smuggle these things anywhere you like. And people wonder why I despise this construct…

  10. Swedish military:
    “… But today the Swedish military has been almost entirely dismantled and it is hardly likely that the countries in our immediate vicinity view us as any sort of serious actor in terms of security policy…” – End of quote.
    For more information this article is useful. I think Baron posted it the other day:

  11. Archonix, I wouldn’t say Portugal or Spain are/have “weak points” in what concerns the entry to the European Union. After all, we are surrounded by sea every where and we make conection with France through the Pirynees which are an impressionable barrier.
    Despite all this, both Portugal and Spain are still doors to the European Union, not without the complacency of both the European Union and our National Autorities.

    Yes, we are the entry to Europe of everything: Drugs, Weapons, War Weapons, Prostitutes, Trafic of Women and everything from Africa and the Americas. In the Spanish case even illegal immigrants.

    But that’s not because it is easy, it is because autorities facilitate it, both in European and National level.

  12. Mhmm, Yugo and Swedish indeed. There are various AK/AK-clones (Zastava M-80), a Dragunov, a “Swedish-K” Bofors M45 machine pistol of old Swedish manufacture, but the rocket launchers appear almost certainly to be yugoslav 64mm M-80 “Zolja” (compare with this photo).

    Fairly likely that the guily parties are Bosniaks or Kosovo Albanians.

  13. Homophobic Horse: Ohh, antitank grenades..
    Silly terrorists wasted their money, Sweden has no tanks to destroy.

    RPG-7s work OK on cars, buses, and recalcitrant dhimmi homes and storefronts.

    Not as effective on soft targets as the HE armed OPG-2, but more common on the world market.

    They will get the job done, if your job is mayhem.

  14. Seen this?

    Same issue of TheLocal…

    CEO Jan Lund told The Local that the company’s signals point the way to God in 17 countries including Ireland, Austria, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Finland, Belgium, Israel, and the US among others.

    Prisma Teknik’s hand points upwards, much in the way that many religious icons or pictures of Jesus have done through the ages. Lund told The Local that this was entirely intentional.

    However, Prisma Teknik’s hand of God does not go down quite so well with its Muslim clients in the Arab world, who are much more aware of the hidden Christian message than your average Swede.

  15. It is not just Sweden. China had a gun and grenade battle with Muslim separatists in XianXing province.


    A nation not known to be shy about ruthlessness inside it’s own borders. Jihad simply fears no one. They think they’re winning.

    It’s a disaster in the making. Like the Somme in slow motion.

  16. It’s got to start somewhere. I wondered about the car-burning and riots in Paris but clearly that wasn’t the start of anything big – although maybe that was due to the French authorities’ softly-softly approach to the rioters. A more vigorous approach may very well have seen Muslims in other European countries rise up in opposition to the ‘injustice’ their brothers in France were suffering. But sooner or later it is going to happen – Muslims have a better understanding of Europe than most Europeans do since Europeans have a fondness for their home countries that Muslims do not share – national boundaries in Europe mean little to Muslims beyond a measure of welfare benefits.

    And it is something that we need to see happen. The only good from this Muslim invasion is that it is drawing Europeans together under a common cause – a Europe-wide outbreak of Muslim barbarism will speed up the process. And that’s got to happen for us to make progress.

  17. Spånga and Sundbyberg aren’t exactly ghettoes – some parts are quite nice – but to be sure there are third world-immigrants who live there. My suspicions fall as always on them.

    Note that four “swedes” were arrested for a major (10 m $) robbery in Copenhagen just now. Swedish mulitculture on export. My apologies, for what it’s worth, to the brave danes.

    Daniel Eriksson, falkblick.nu, Sweden

  18. Dear Grue,

    As my comment above says, Rinkeby and Tensta, not far from there (I supplied a link to a map), are ghettos, while Sundbyberg is split in half.

    Had the weapons been found in Östermalm or Lidingö, there would be no obvious immigrants link. Now, there is.

  19. @ Graham Dawson

    It’s actually quite nice to know. And I won’t look at the ‘select’ pointer on my mouse in the same way again, lol.

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