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Not possible, you say? Well, consider these words of a Swedish magistrate: “There has never been a multicultural society that worked — only in the minds of politicians.”

You can’t get much saner than that. One can only hope that whatever virus has infected this woman spreads quickly to the entire population.

According to The Local:

Judge wrote anti-immigrant letters to Prime Minister

A Swedish magistrate wrote anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim letters to Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt during a period in which she was judging in criminal cases involving immigrants, it has been revealed.

Bodil Schibli, who was a lay judge in Ystad District Court until February, wrote several letters to Reinfeldt imploring the government to “protect its own people” against “these fanatical immigrants, who really have no reason to be here, other than to be supported by taxpayers.”

According to Skånska Dagbladet, she also wrote that Islam should be “forbidden from further spreading itself in our country.”

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Schibli sat on panels which passed judgements in a number of cases involving immigrants, including twelve cases in 2007.

Judge Ralf G Larsson, head of Ystad District Court, said it was unsuitable for a lay judge to write letters such as those written by Schibli.

“If this had come to my attention when she was still a lay judge, I would have had a serious talk with her,” he told Skånska Dagbladet. Schibli resigned after falling asleep during a trial earlier this year.

Contacted by the paper on Thursday, Schibli was unrepentant. She insisted that she had always judged according to the law, not her own opinions. She also claimed that 90 percent of lay judges in Sweden shared her views.

“There has never been a multicultural society that worked — only in the minds of politicians,” she said.

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4 thoughts on “Common Sense in Sweden

  1. If a top judge feels able to say this…

    Well it’d be nice to be able to say this is the first pebble in a landslide, but I can’t say I’m holding my breath. On the other hand it’s always amazed me just how fast an entire society can change it’s mind about something.

  2. Jeebus, Baron, staying up to date with all these fast-breaking developments must keep you busier than a squid at a milking contest!

    Heartfelt thanks to you for all your gracious efforts. As I’ve said before, when all is said and done, your Herculean strivings will quite possibly rank among those that saved the Western world. None of us can possibly thank you enough.

  3. NO judge wrote any anti-immigrant – ! RACIST ! – letters to the Swedish Prime Minister – such brave and rational judges does not exist in Swedistan.

    The letters were privately written by a concerned ‘person of Swedish background’, obviously conscious of her social reponsibility, who also at the time being happened to be one of the three paid and politically elected members of the panel of lay assessors that together with a judge constitute a Swedish district court – they are practically powerless, they have only to murmer consent to what the judge decides, however, all three together (when did that happen?) CAN vote down the judge. Not a shred of any ’12 – Henry Fonda – angry men’ here!

  4. Liberal free speech-its like dont ask dont tell for conservative thought. If you have a job, any job, dont ever say anything conservative, because they will try to get you fired.

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