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A chapter of SIOE — Stop the Islamization of Europe — has now been established in Sweden. They’re just getting started, and the first email they sent us concerns a couple of videos:

SIOE Sverige has uploaded a YouTube video to their YouTube channel.

Grymt Sa Grisen — Swedish text, English voice

Grymt Sa Grisen — svensk text, svenskt tal

– – – – – – – –

There is only so much that can fit into a single video. This first video is very basic. There is nothing newsbreaking, it does however capture the feelings of the average everyday Swede. This is non-controversial, but we hope that the regular Swede will relate and keep coming back to us.

The next videos in the series will go deeper into darker areas and will be accompanied by the intro post we have been working on. Since we couldn’t fit everything into one video — and quite frankly one long video would be too much to swallow — we decided to release the video without the accompanying text post on the SIOE Sverige WordPress blog, it will get there along with two or three videos that will narrate the outline elements of the post.

6 thoughts on “SIOE Sverige

  1. Hello people from the Gov comunity!
    I still have no time to be around here as I usually have, and as so I’ve not been reading the essays…
    But when I saw this I knew I had to share this with the people from Gates of Vienna.
    Many commenters – and Dymphna and Baron – both Europeans or Americans, have said that the European peoples are defensless because they have no right to bear arms. Fire weapons that is.
    Ok, that is true. The debate has been great and constant here over this. I have one thing to show you.


    SERIOUSLY, SEE IT! (is the same.)

    Do you know where it happened?
    Bolivia? Venezuela? Mexico? Colombia?

    No. It happened in Western Europe, Portugal, just at the outskirts of Lisbon, the city that would borrow its name to the Lisbon Treaty. I must tell you that Portugal is considered the most “safe” country in Europe.
    What you saw was a confrontation between a coalition of gypsies and blacks (at least 50 individual) against a rival group of blacks. You can see they are heavily armed and you can see that they are fighting in a urban area like some talibans fought in Kabul, with total impunity. Only one man was arrested, a man that was arrested two days earlier as well.

    I’d say these ethnic minorities already do have weapons of war; it’s easy to get them in the black market all over Europe. They are still fighting each other, but being the general population (the Europeans) disarmed and the police caring less and less about our security (as the events at Gare du Midi have so shockingly demonstrated), when will this war be directed against us?
    You know, our cars are still the best, our wallets are still the heaviest, our women are still the most atractive to be raped and our children are still the more prone to be beaten or robbed. Do you really think that their arsenal will not turn against us?

    My premisse is that if the poorest people can manage to have war weapons in Europe, the European peoples (much richer) can import weapons as well, and easier. That is not really a problem.

    I have also to say that this events may well take place once weak or twice a month in some areas here… and Portugal is a much “safer” country than any other Western European country.

    Baron, if you could make a post just with this video and a title like “Lisbon, Multicultural Portugal, 10th July 2008” I would really apreciate and be very gratefull for the divulgation. (If not, I will respect it, of course.)

  2. I’m shocked with this, it’s worse than i tought in Lisbon! It’s already a full blown muticultural place. This should be a wake up call here to the dangers of multicultural imposed societies.

    I still think most of the country is not like this, but it sure is fast on it’s way to worse… And it’s not even muslims! I believe that conflicts beteween muslims and gipsies have also occured in France.

    It’s becoming clear that it’s not just an ideology/theology that’s threatening Europe. I wish more discussion could be made about this.

  3. Sverige, Sverige, heja Sverige!

    SIOE has entered Sweden. Great! Way to go! It feels almost like the D-day. I mean June 6. Which is our national day, and the google-birthday of some Spanish painter (I’m still pissed off because Google missed our national day on June 6).

    Hey, we should get Lars Vilks to join SIOE Sverige.

  4. “dos grupos riveis…”

    I just love to hear Portuguese. It’s like a Frenchman trying to speak Spanish, with a Danish accent — under water.

    Very bossanova.

    However these pictures are more supernova… 🙁

  5. Actually its really “dois grupos rivais” (I know you know what it means).

    I don’t know how to speak Swedish but here under we all know how to speak German, with a hot potato inside one mouth, a Portuguese can easily get along with any girl from Berlin…

    We’re just (and we learn this at school) a rude people from the mountains trying to speak Latin…

    Concerning the images, most people would never imagine there was such a nice paintball competition going on here! (Unfortunatly, one nineteen years old girl became blind due to a bullet in the eye. An African Immigrant girl – damn it, with so many boys shooting, they had to hit an innocent!)

  6. Afonso,

    I think it’s the Danes that has the hot potato, and it’s even half way into their throat.

    I do not know how to describe Swedish, but it sounds extremely funny, skurdi burdi gurdi gurdi. The chef in the Muppet Show is spot on.

    Just listen to Margot Wallström in those video clips from the EU parliament. Yiiha! The Swedish chef!

    Yes, I can both laugh at a language and appreciate it at the same time. I love to listen to Portuguese; so musical and soft. Sweet to the ears.

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