Update on EU Truth

A commenter on my post about the disappearance of the British site EU Truth says that The Register is reporting that the Planet Data Center in Texas has had a fire, and 9,000 web sites are down. According to the news story:

A fire at The Planet’s H1 data center in Houston, Texas on Saturday has taken out thousands of websites.

In messages posted on the web hosting firm’s forum, the company blamed a faulty transformer for the fire. No servers or networking equipment were damaged, but the data centre remains without power, after The Planet shut down all generators “as instructed by the fire department.

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About 9,000 servers and 7,500 customers are affected by the outage. B3ta.com, a popular British comedy site, is a high profile casualty.

The Planet is posting hourly updates on its forum. It has five other data centers, which remain up and running.

So it looks likely that no conspiracy was involved this time.

Many thanks to yokel for being an alert reader.

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