Bombing at the Danish Embassy in Pakistan

Ever since their recent ban on the wearing of headscarves in courtrooms by judges, the Danes have been expecting trouble from the world’s 4.9 octillion outraged Muslims.

Trouble finally arrived today in the form of a car bomb detonated in front of the Danish embassy in Pakistan. Preliminary reports indicate that no actual Danes were injured or killed in the attack. Like so many other expressions of Muslim indignation, the work of the terrorists has had the primary effect of killing and maiming other Muslims.

According to Deutsche Welle :

At least eight people died and more were injured in a car bombing outside the Danish embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan.

An officer at the scene said there were no diplomats among the dead and injured.

The suicide blast came from a car bomb, officials said. More than 30 people were injured, and a huge crater was left in front of the building, officials at the scene said.

Past protests about Mohammed caricatures

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Several cars were destroyed by the force of the explosion, a reporter at the scene said. Security forces had roped off the attack site.

No one claimed responsibility for the bombing. In the past, radical Islamic terror groups have led similar attacks.

In early 2006, and then again in February of this 2008, caricatures of the prophet Mohammed published in the Danish media set off widespread protests in Pakistan. Denmark had recently downgraded the embassy and moved out most foreign staff due to threats from those earlier protests.

Emergency meeting is called

“It was a suicide attack carried out in a vehicle, apparently targeting the Denmark embassy,” a senior Pakistani security official told AFP news service.

Danish Foreign Minister Per Stig Moeller called an emergency ministerial meeting following the attack.

In April, Denmark moved embassy staff in Algeria and Afghanistan to secret locations due to threats linked to the Mohammed cartoons row.

The country also has some 550 troops stationed in Afghanistan’s southern Helmand province.

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  1. But we’re still supposed to continue Muslim immigration as if nothing has happened. It’s crazy. In fact, it’s high treason.

  2. Fjordman: In fact, it’s high treason.

    A charge that innumerable Western leaders and politicians should face before this sordid historical episode closes. Never before has such abject betrayal occured on so massive a scale.

  3. Nothing says “quit painting us as terrorists” quite like a terrorist act committed by the whiners. Good job, Muslims! Way to demonstrate why those cartoons were right on the money!

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