The Ankle Bone’s Connected to the Leg Bone…

I’m off to see the Wizard and I’m wearing my ruby slippers (red shoes, really).

The hospital docs are going to poke, prod, pry, and prognosticate. That last one is my favorite part because then I get to argue with them.

The “interesting” part of chronic complex PTSD is that the longer you live with it, the more your various systems wear out, rattle, or make strange noises. Now that the “experts” are looking at it holistically instead of contemplating each body part as a separate system, the prognosis for an integrated treatment plan is quite good.

I brought along ten books, a Beethoven tape, and the latest copy of National Review to keep me entertained.

I’ll send occasional reports from the front via the Baron.

Y’all be good.

[That’s all, folks]

8 thoughts on “The Ankle Bone’s Connected to the Leg Bone…

  1. I’ll use this ocassion as an opportunity to give—as the French call it—”the gift that everybody gives and nobody takes” … Namely, advice.

    When confronted with snotty-ass high falutin’ sawbones—or “croakers” as William Burroughs called them—one of the best approaches I’ve found is to be an ornery and cussedly sideways specimen of humanity. Make them explain every last damn Q-Tip and pill they want to force down your gullet, insist on seeing the X-rays and always get a second opinion on their second opinion.

    Other than that, here’s hoping you emerge from their ministrations in better health than before.

    PS: When you get back online, I’ll have a PowerPoint presentation for you to review about the plan that I mentioned which would enable Third World women by providing them with an online market for their artistic skills.

  2. Dymphna, I had PTSD for a few months after being a crime victim, and while mine was only situational and temporary and yours sounds like something else, I want to offer some encouragement and advice.

    Please consider looking into EFT, the Emotional Freedom Technique. It’s a do it yourself method of tapping on accupressure points to relieve stress and release trauma. It worked for me (conventional talk therapy also helped). There’s lots of free info at Thanks to self-help and professional help, I’m now more or less cured, aside from the changes in my politics. Good luck.

  3. My very best wishes for a quick recovery. Beethoven will help you. That was a good idea.

    P.S. I have just linked your blog to some French “free-marketeers” who think “islamophobe” is the ultimate put-down.

  4. Dymphna, best wishes for a rapid and complete recovery!

    I’d like to second latte island in recommending the benefits of acupressure (aka: reflexology or go-jo)for many ailments. The beauty part of it is that once you have a decent how-to book – the ones by Michael Blate are very good if still available – the treatment is easy and completely free!

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