Taken from the Gare du Midi and Gang-Raped

I reported last night on the second recent incident of rape at the Gare du Midi in Brussels. In the comments o that post, Pistache drew our attention to an article with more information about the second attack.

Although we still don’t know the religion or ethnicity of the rapists, the victim says that one of them didn’t speak French. And, as Queen says in the comments:

Notice the details in the victim’s testimony about the shower after each rape. Muslims are required by the Sunnah to wash after sex. Her assailants were undoubtedly Muslims.

The article below is from today’s edition of La Dernière Heure (my translation, with the help of the excerpts left by Pistache in the comments):

Unbearable testimony after a gang rape

Mathilde, 34 years old, was abused last Sunday by five men

Anderlecht — Mathilde is crying. Even so, she insists she wants everyone to know about her night-long ordeal. Raped repeatedly. “You can’t imagine what it’s like.”

“If I found them again, I don’t know what I might do to them,” added her boyfriend, Benoît.

The tragedy began on June 22 at around 7 pm. “I had just left the hospital. My boyfriend wasn’t at home. I didn’t have the keys. I decided to wait in a place where there would be people around.” The Gare du Midi. “I was sitting on a bench next to the office of the station police. Two men arrived. One young, one older.” They made small talk. The two men left and then returned. “They told me they were going to help me go home.” Things happened very quickly after that. Mathilde was put in a taxi and taken forcibly to an apartment. This is where the ordeal began. “They hit me on the face, on the body. They held me by the wrists.” Mathilde bursts into tears… Unable to continue. “I can still see and remember the scene.”

Benoît takes up the story. “I’ll read her testimony…”, he says. “After the rape, they lifted me up and then washed me.”

– – – – – – – –

A few seconds later, the older man, in his thirties, raped her a second time. “Without a condom, the same as the youngest one, who was about 18 years old.”

Mathilde was again sent to the shower. “Then they put me in a room with a double bed. A third man arrived. I asked him not to do anything to me. He said: Shut up.” According Mathilde, the third man paid her second rapist. “I was sold.”

After being beaten again, Mathilde was raped another time. “She’s covered in bruises from head to toe. It’s unimaginable.”

The third rape, and unfortunately not the last. After being passed through the shower again, a fourth man came to take his turn. “He was in his fifties. He couldn’t speak French. It was the 30-year-old who was translating.”

Mathilde was then made to get drunk. “They forced me to drink whisky. It was at this point that the oldest guy raped me, too.” This fourth rape was followed by a fifth.

Taking advantage of the weakness, distress, and drunkenness forced on their victim, the rapists returned again and again.

Mathilde was dressed and thrown into a metro station. “They threatened me with death if I filed a complaint. I went to the police immediately.” Mathilde and Benoît would like to thank the investigators that they have encountered on their way. They hope that the perpetrators will be arrested.

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  2. I would caution at this point about making assumptions.

    It might well be a criminal organization that has nothing to do with Jihad, note that money changed hands according to accounts. Washing may be an attempt to destroy DNA evidence.

    What stands out in this criminal attack: it was deliberately planned, the victim was alone and helpless, coercion was constantly present even in the first approach, the criminals believed that (if accounts are accurate) the threat of future retaliation was both credible and a deterrent.

    Regardless if this was jihad or not, Belgium has a SERIOUS problem. Abdication of policing creates a criminal vacuum, as NYC saw in the 1960s-70’s-80’s. It will take decades of a Rudy type to fix it, or sadly the creation of Bernhard Goetzs with juries not convicting to force the issue.

  3. I’m glad she went to the police right away, and I hope her boyfriend finds these rapists first and gives them a wash.

    We’ve had our own little shooting spree lately perpetrated by black muslims against black muslims in a residential area. I say one strike and you are out with a bootprint on their backsides.

  4. whiskey – they probably just have a problem with sloppy seconds, thirds, and so on; the act of rape doesn’t make them squeamish though.

  5. In addition to themselves, they appeared to wash her in between rapes. That’s bizarre, unless it’s some Muslim thing.

  6. The third such brutal attack in the span of a week or more?
    Are all the men in this country neutered?
    Why hasn’t a decoy been set up, with a group of men prepared to take action, standing by?
    I truly sympathize for this woman, and the others, who have been treated so horribly, but I am even more appalled that the men in this city are such total wusses, that they don’t take action themselves, or make the threat of it so profound, that the police have to.
    Disgusting story, in every respect.

  7. Whether it’s jihad or not (and I’m willing to bet it is), this is absolutely disgusting. Those people who raped her deserve to be shot.

  8. I join the thoughts of no2liberals: “but I am even more appalled that the men in this city are such total wusses, that they don’t take action themselves”.

    Maybe it is time for the -up till now law abiding- citizens in Europe to organise well armed underground resistance movements. To find the barbarians, get rid of them and go underground again.

  9. no2liberals, it’s a pattern which is emerging all over Europe, including in my country the UK, and the overriding impression given is that while Muslims, blacks and other ethnics are prepared to come together at street-level in groups to defend themselves and their interests from attack, the indigenous people are not. At least not yet.

    There is a huge reluctance on our part to accept that, in the end, if you can out-number your opposition, you will win the argument. You do not have to be right, you do not have to hold the moral high ground; just get more of your young men out on the street and you will win. Muslims and other ethnics seem to have an innate understanding of this reality – most of them are no more than a couple of generations away from societies where this is the norm, an everyday fact of life. Whereas for us, with our democracy, our desire for fair-play, our squeamishness when it comes down to openly stating that our society is superior to theirs, our unwillingness to offend – we have been trained from childhood to look down smugly on such mob-rule, to see ourselves as simply above such crude behaviour, to congratulate ourselves for our enlightened attitude, safe in the knowledge that in the end we will prevail, the truth will out, and the sheer “rightness” of our argument will win the day.

    And this incredibly misplaced hubris is leaving us wide open to attack from more primitive, more pragmatic forces.

    Just to illustrate my point, 2 years ago here in the UK town of Birmingham there was a mini race riot – rumours had spread that a black girl had been raped by a group of Muslims in a shop, and this had come after months of rising tensions between local blacks and Muslims – within hours of these rumours being spread, that’s hours not days, a crowd of several thousand young blacks had gathered in the city centre, quickly matched by a similar crowd of Muslims; the riot police then arrive and the fun begins.

    Had the rumoured rape been against a white girl, sadly we all know what would have happened – nothing. No angry crowds of whites, no thousands of text messages sent with meeting instructions, no understanding that voices need to be raised, opposition needs to be seen – just lots of us repeating the liberal mantra that dialogue and tolerance are the way forward, we are so above all that mob stuff, so passe.

    By the way, I am a BNP voter and supporter, anyone who argues idealogically against this in the face of what is happening all over Europe is guilty of the same kind of suicidal hubris I mentioned in writing this.

  10. “By the way, I am a BNP voter and supporter, anyone who argues idealogically against this in the face of what is happening all over Europe is guilty of the same kind of suicidal hubris I mentioned in writing this.”


  11. Someone needs to start compiling a list of all the indigenous Europeans who have been victimized by Third World colonization.

  12. Queen: Someone needs to start compiling a list of all the indigenous Europeans who have been victimized by Third World colonization.

    Permit me to suggest that the final list of those names be etched into a slab of black marble that caps the mass grave filled with treasonous EU bureaucrats.

  13. Leonidas,
    I can answer that one for our Euro friends…none, zero, nada.
    The second amendment is unique to the U.S. As is, apparently, the entire Bill of Rights.

    piggy infidel,
    I can’t compare basic justice with winning an argument. Without justice, the lawless act with impunity. If the government isn’t providing for the most elemental functions of government, public safety, then it is dysfunctional, and citizens need to act in their own defense.
    I won’t get into some of the extra-judicial actions I have taken, when justice wasn’t served, but will relate a story from when I was a kid.
    My oldest brother, like so many other teens, liked to take his date out to a secluded spot, for what we called “parking.” It was a sort of lover’s lane. The teens never bothered anybody, they stayed in their cars with the windows rolled up, music playing softly on the radio, and as the young lovers expressed themselves, the windows quickly fogged up. It was innocent enough, and wasn’t harmful to anyone.
    One night, while my brother was with his girlfriend, and they were parked alone, suddenly his window was shattered, and a loud, possibly drunken, man made threats, and derogatory remarks about the cars driving by his house to the parking spot.
    Of course my brother and the young lady, who he married several years later, were terrified. He informed my father what had happened. For several nights in a row, my father, and a friend, disguised themselves as young people parking, until one night the man approached their car. His surprise at the turn of events was exceeded only by the pummeling he received, and the warning of further action if he ever bothered those kids again.
    Justice is something one has to demand, not expect.

  14. Was the victims sense of self-preservation educated away by multi-culti, diversity training. She left a bench by a police station to go with two strange foreign men. Is it more important not to seem a racist than to protect oneself?

  15. No2Liberals let us imagine that say, several groups of men, outraged at what has happened at Gare du Midi, take it upon themselves to perform vigilante patrols.

    AT BEST, they will be arrested and charged by the police. AT WORST they will be arrested, charged, and convicted of “hate crimes” since the police are akin to say, Mayor Lindsay’s reign in NYC during the early 1970’s. Lest any American feel superior to Belgians.

    The police are not doing anything, and will not do anything, because the Muslim lobby has more political power than the majority. The same way Lindsay in NYC responded to the people who held true power: Black Nationalists during his era. During that era, any attempt to self-organize in vigilante fashion to take up the vacuum left by the police was ruthlessly suppressed. Supported by the wealthy and the Media. The elites.

    It took an open, electoral revolt after two decades of this stuff, perhaps thirty if you count back to the 1960’s, for this attitude to end, and Rudy to be elected. Even now, we see the same type of fights over Sean Bell, his shooting (by a black and a hispanic officer respectively) in what is an open and shut case (justified shooting).

    Downside of police enforcement in Gare du Midi: Muslim riots, “racism” charges, elites upset, electoral coalitions of elites + minority fractured. Downside of doing nothing: majority people outside the electoral/power coalition complain, which is ignored.

    People who look to vigilante action are dreaming, at this point. It will not happen because the costs are high and payoffs are low. Moreover, as Dalyrmple says, people EXPECT that the state will in fact, do something.

    It is only when things get totally out of hand, that street riots by likely, provocations that cannot go unanswered, threatening native criminal organizations used to dealing out violence control over neighborhoods and money/power/existence, that things will change. Crown Heights and unreported vigilante action in places like Howards Beach and other sections of Brooklyn scared NYC people into voting for Rudy.

    It’s likely that a say, Muslim attempt to take over places controlled by native criminals will experience violent pushback over who gets to extort the neighborhood, leading to perhaps a power vacuum an ambitious man may claim.

    But Jose European Average has no real social ties, civic organizations, easy access to weapons, or anything but an isolated, individual existence without any social organization to back him save the State. It is therefore a big mistake to think he will do anything about anything unless forced to, and then it will be other men in the few social organizations left in Europe (read: criminal gangs) doing the leading.

  16. no2liberals:

    Winning the argument extends to winning the fight, winning the battle – also extends to dominance of an area, a city, part of a city. Once your young Muslim men dominate the streets of a city, then basic justice (as you put it) for infidels will go out the window. The police can not stop the young Muslims then from doing what they want, including (in extreme cases) raping the infidel women.

    The unwillingness of our young men to counter and match what the Muslims do at street level is the whole point I am making – it’s a general cultural distaste for getting our hands dirty, so to speak, which means we will always be outmanned and outgunned. Assaults, rapes and robberies committed by Muslims will then follow for sure. Weight of numbers matter, and at urban street level, we are losing that battle, that control, that argument.

    I liked your note about the guy who was threatening the “parking” teenagers getting his just desserts, but unfortunately the Muslims we are up against are not really comparable, they are not individual trouble makers, they act as a pack, stand up to them as an individual and you will very quickly find yourself surrounded by 5 or 10 or 20. We are back to weight of numbers, They understand it and are experts at using it. We do not. Not yet, as I said.

  17. Piggy, that distaste is brought about by wealth and social isolation.

    In Italy, Naples specifically, action was taken. Ugly vigilante action, but it was taken, and not by the state. Which prompted in turn the State to act, swiftly, to retain legitimacy.

    Who acted? The Camorra. Men used to violence, depending on the people for their livelihood (they exploit them). There can be only one gangster organization in Naples, and the Camorra were determined to be it. We can expect the same with the Union Corse in France, and in Sardinia, much of Catalonia, and other hardscrabble, organized crime dominated areas. Sad to say, but such are the wages of anonymous and transient urban life.

  18. Baron, thanks for improving and completing my quick translation.

    However, may I suggest to change the title to “Unbearable testimony”, rather than “Impossible”? That’s really what “insoutenable” means, and has much more sense in the context of this painful story.

    Keep up the good work!

  19. Baron,

    As I recently posted, this is not an isolated situation

    Might I suggest the following?

    Attacks on Jews & their property

    Attacks on Single European women

    Attacks on cars and property (car burnings in france)

    Areas of Europe that are no long safe for non-african/islamic peoples

    Areas of sharia control within europe

    Honor Killings IN England and Europe

    FGM in England and Europe

    It is not really a fair thing to portray the Gare du Midi situation as JUST how a “european woman” has been raped, but rather it would be MORE fair to tell this story while including all the other attacks by the SAME DEMOGRAPHIC during this period

    Just as I stated on another blog when they were posting the very recent head crushing (using steel pipes) of a jewish youth in paris that this should not be looked at as JUST an anti-semitic attack but rather a much larger anti-jewish, anti-western attack that INCLUDES the Gare du Midi situation, the car burnings in france, the FGM, the honor killings etc…

  20. piggy infidel and whiskey,
    I understand each of your comments, as disturbing as the consequences expressed in each are.
    If the citizens in Belgium, and in your respective countries, don’t take action of some kind, be it direct justice or “vigilantism,” or political action to replace the current government officials, what is left? Quiet acceptance?
    I find that alternative completely unacceptable.
    I don’t know of any acts of historical note involving vigilantism in Europe, though I’m certain there have been, other than the French Revolution and the reign of Terror.
    In the U.S., we have had numerous incidents of vigilantism, since our inception as a nation. Some were unjust and out of control, but many were very successful in returning the rule of law. While I am reluctant to call the incidents of vigilantism in this country a tradition, you must understand how many/most of us refuse to accept injustice. As I’ve said, justice must be a demand, not a request.
    America learned a great deal from the various European countries, that our earliest citizens came from. Those experiences were codified in our Constitution and Bill of Rights, which makes our short history rather remarkable.
    I will relate to you an example of vigilantism, of an expression of rights against a corrupt government, that also illustrates the value of the D.C. vs Heller decision Leonidas referred to earlier, which gave legal precedence to the individual right to keep and bear arms.
    This incident was publicized at the time, just after the end of WWII, as G.I.’s returned home to find their community was under the unlawful control of a Democrat party machine.
    I bring you, The Battle of Athens, Tennessee.
    There are a number of accounts, all differing slightly in their details, but the main points are covered in this link.
    The word spread from this incident, and the potential threat to other corrupt government entities that behaved in much the same way, caused them to change their ways or depart.
    Could this happen in Europe? Based on comments here, and knowing the lack of a Constitution like ours, and a jealous regard for our rights, I don’t think so. Hopefully, it will never be necessary again here, or anywhere, but my insistence on justice is the message I wish to convey. Sometimes, people have to decide for themselves what is worth fighting for, and what is worth dying for. The impunity with which I see criminals operating in Europe, and the lack of serious investigations and prosecutions, is a trend that should move good men and women, to action.

  21. No2liberals,

    While I tend to agree with you, I would like you to imagine how it is to be in our shoes.

    Imagine you live in a country where there’s no real free speach – there’re laws forbidding “hate speach”, and, more importantly, assimilating almost any critical comments on islam or on typical behaviour of some people to “hate speach”.

    Imagine you live in a country where there’s no right to bear arms, where guns are (almost) outlawed, and where, from childhood, people have been taught to trust the police and the state, even against all evidences, been taught to scorn and dispise vigilantism. Self-defense is shunned upon, considered as silly and dangerous. An impression that is sometimes confirmed when someone who defended himself is tried because he did hurt his offender… And an attitude which is repeatedly shown as “better” in comparison with the “silly american cowboy attitude” (sorry for the caricature!)

    Imagine you live in a country where, again from childhood, people have been taught that they do not have to be proud of their country, instead they shouldn’t be, they are just “lucky” to be born here, and they should 1) apologize from any harm their remote ancestors may have done and 2) “share” this “luck” with other people who haven’t been so lucky – so open your door and your wallet please. Also, those others that might misbehave are just victims – either of your ancestors, or of current society, or of their bad luck… so they are not responsible for anything – you probably are.

    Imagine also that about zero percent of the nation “elite” represents your concern – almost no one amongst the politiciens, nor anybody in the media. Instead, your views are ridiculed (at best) or considered as desserving blame. (Television and other medias are a powerful tools for modelling people’s mind, or to keep them away from important issues… and I can’t help but wonder if big past revolutionnary events would have happened if something such as television had existed and been in the state’s power as they are here)

    Imagine now that such kind of blame, such “racist” or “islamophobic” label can cost you a lot in this contest – a lot of your friends and relations, and can even cost you a lot in your career. Especially if you work for the state. If, like me, you live in an area where more than 35% of the people work for the state, and where there’s about 25% unemployement, you tend to be rather careful of what you say publicly…

    Now, imagine that, due to all circumstances above, you barely know a handful of similarly minded people – there might be much more, but they’re affraid to speak or act. And a lot of them don’t think about the issue – either because Big Brother has managed to keep them in his way, or because they feel so powerless that they prefer not to worry about these things – life’s easier that way. Maybe even your partner (wife/husband) feels that way…

    Please tell me now: in these conditions, what do you do? How do you act?

    Sorry to sound so negative, but that’s really how I feel. That’s more or less how I felt for quite a long time now, especially since that doomed demo in Brussels.

    Each time I turn this around in my mind, the only “solution” I can come with is: leave this place. I know it is not really a solution, though!

  22. pistache,
    I have to come to understand the straits most Europeans find themselves, in regard to your sincere post.
    My position is, what is more acceptable? Knowing what is right, or not knowing what is right, and being led down the path to oblivion?
    The line “I would rather die on my feet, than live on my knee’s” is ringing in my head, as I clack this.
    Perhaps it is the fundamental difference we face, from each side of the pond. I’m proud of our forefathers, and what they accomplished. I’m proud that our revolutionary past is still found in our genes. I will never apologize or be made to feel guilty for the actions of my ancestors, even if I would never behave the same way. Why should I? I wasn’t there!
    All I can add is…FIGHT BACK! It doesn’t matter how, just fight for what you believe, and for your rights. Many good people have sacrificed greatly so that your country can exist today. If you don’t owe it to your ancestors, to restore what they gave, perhaps you owe it to your children/grandchildren?
    Be excellent, and don’t accept any less, or expect any less.

  23. no2liberals: If the citizens in Belgium, and in your respective countries, don’t take action of some kind, be it direct justice or “vigilantism,” or political action to replace the current government officials, what is left?

    Answer: Dhimmitude or the charnel house. In light of Europe’s history, I’m not betting on Dhimmitude. Not because Europeans are so brave and upstanding but because mass slaughter has always been their last resort of choice. I see no reason for them to abandon such a tried-and-true strategy as that.

    pistache: An impression that is sometimes confirmed when someone who defended himself is tried because he did hurt his offender… And an attitude which is repeatedly shown as “better” in comparison with the “silly american cowboy attitude” (sorry for the caricature!)

    Don’t apoligize, as one of the few people I know who owns a coyboy hat and knows how to ride a horse, America’s cowboy legacy is an important feature of our nation’s history.

    Independent minded cowboy-type trailblazers led pioneers to California where several trillion dollars worth of gold was extracted and—to a largely unrecognized extent—used to enable rampant capitalist free market enterprise that led to the creation of Silicon Valley, this world’s technological engine. Does anyone even want to consider where the Blogosphere would be right now without Silicon Valley?

    What’s more, back in high school (gymnasium), I arrived at the conclusion that if everyone reverted to the wild-West days of walking around with a sixgun on their hip—while there might be bloody carnage for the first few weeks—things would sure quiet the Hell down and damn fast. How ironic to see exactly this sort of thing—without all the carnage—happening in states with liberal concealed carry laws.

    no2liberals: Perhaps it is the fundamental difference we face, from each side of the pond. I’m proud of our forefathers, and what they accomplished. I’m proud that our revolutionary past is still found in our genes. I will never apologize or be made to feel guilty for the actions of my ancestors, even if I would never behave the same way. Why should I? I wasn’t there!
    All I can add is…FIGHT BACK! It doesn’t matter how, just fight for what you believe, and for your rights. Many good people have sacrificed greatly so that your country can exist today. If you don’t owe it to your ancestors, to restore what they gave, perhaps you owe it to your children/grandchildren?

    Author, author!!! Shrugging off White Man’s Burden has never been easier. Especially now that liberals have revealed themselves to be the most bigoted of all political creatures.

    Consider how the Democratic party, with its line of “we must uplift our little Brown Brother” also wants everything to be “green”, as in solar cells and windmills being the only source of electrical power.

    Question: How do you run a steel mill on solar cells or windmills?

    Answer: You don’t. Not only “you don’t” but you CAN’T. Demanding that the Third World operate only with “green” power sources literally damns them to eternal poverty. This is the upshot of liberal “love” for people of color. Namely, permanent exile from the First World.

  24. piggy infidel
    While it is true that weleducated and spoiled young europeans of today are completely unprepared for doing battle with streetgangs of muslims , this unpreparedness should not be confused with something else. And also the great talent of these streetgangs for making frighteneng noises should be confused with real courage and determinatiion .
    Before or later there wil apear on the scene much more organized and diciplinend “gangs” of young europeans who will eat the muslims for breakfast ,and who will learn to deal with the police in ways we should not talk about.
    Its just too early in the game to see this happening, but eventualy the very humiliation that a certain kind of young male european is made to feel ,will be strong enough to make some of them
    choose WAR in the streets as the meaning of their lives.
    And when that finaly happens , the muslims will find themselves living in a very diferent place.

  25. Liberals will point out that America too has rapists, so we shouldn’t get bent out of shape with what’s happening in Europe. However, when an American goes berserk and tries to rape/kill young girls we question how someone could be so barbaric, so inhuman, so vicious and mentally unbalanced. But when Muslims do this in Europe and Australia on a daily basis, the response is, “Oh well, you know those silly Muslims, always raping and killing.” from my article Islam and the Amish Massacre.

  26. We’ve all been waiting
    We’ve been wondering – will we ever know the truth?
    What it’s like washing windows
    When you know that there are pigeons on the roof?

    I am in Israel for business for a time. Not much to do most evenings but read. The town I am staying in, Ashkelon, on the south coast near Gaza which some of you will recognize has grown considerably in the last 10 years since I was here last. I asked why and was told that it is immigrants AND French and other European jews who buy ‘vacation’ apartments as a place to get away on cheaper vacations. And as a place to run if the need arise. It was then mentioned about the ‘attitude’ of Europe. I understand because my business contact and I share the same views on Israel and the ME. The point is that we are going to find ourselves back where we were in the 1930’s if we do not do something to correct the situation. European jewry is your canary-in-the-coal-mine.

    Maybe after this one we force the countries of Europe to adopt a US style Constitution with the attendant Bill of Rights. As zenster points out you have allowed yourselves to once again become disarmed. Did not Europe learn from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd times? Once the citizen is disarmed then the only ones to have arms are the state and the criminals. Too often they become one and the same when disarmament occurs.

    Where I come from in the US we can and do open carry. It is perfectly legal. I can carry a handgun in my car when I want. We also have concealed carry with the proper permits. I only hope we can pass a Texas type ‘Castle Doctrine’. Google it. True, we are a quite rural state but still, all the more reason to have a weapon. It keeps the ‘yutes’ and other nasties at bay. Since we are on the border we do have issues with MS-13.

    Maybe it is time for some in the EU to insist on a ‘Bill of Rights’ there. I can lend ou a copy.

  27. @leondavis3@gmail.com

    I spent Sunday reading your blog and its archives. I will spend several days more going through it and searching scripture as I check your references. Yet there is one issue I have with you: you present as some witnesses people who are of questionable character; I do not consider hardcore, liberal democrats to be reliable witnesses when discussing Geo. Bush. They are accusing Bush of doing things that they didn’t blink at when Clinton was in office is unacceptable. For Democrats to accuse Bush of being an idiot by using video clippings but ignoring Obama’s incredible blunders is also unacceptable: you cannot use these liars and demagogues as creditable witnesses.
    The difficulty is that you may be 100% correct but your fringe evidence raises my skepticism. Yet I do not consider G. W. Bush to be a Christian but a liar.

    I see and agree with your main argument: The rise of the old Seleucid empire (I did the research), The rise of Iran, its spreading influence, that through its pawn Hezbolah it has overthrown Lebanon and that Iran is dominant in Iraq as it plays several sides; I will await its overthrow of Syria as I know that Syria is a client state of Iran.

    I have anticipated the world wide dominance of Islam for several years now based on the statement that Christians will be beheaded for their beliefs during the end times. And I notice that their spread throughout the world is being done so quickly and potently that the only reason that they have done so is that there is a demonic power behind them.

  28. All native Europeans should keep dogs. I am not kidding or trying to be funny; dogs are excellent Muslim repellents. Once on another blog, a woman wrote that when she observed Muslims looking for housing in her neighborhood, she grabbed her two large dogs and walked them around the block, so that the Muslims could see them. The Muslims did not buy a house in her neighborhood. The best kind are the big ones that are always leaving their mouths open and slobbering all over everything — Muslims despise them. Take your dog(s) with you when you go out whenever possible. If you are affluent, help the poorer Europeans buy and keep their own dogs. Flood all of Europe with dogs, from stem to stern, dogs everywhere. The Muslims will stay far away from you.

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