How Can We Support Israel?

We just received this email. I was tempted to post the email address of the sender, but I have restrained myself. Here’s what it said:

HOW can you support Israel?

They have broken international laws, and are violently and illegally opressing the Palestinian population.

Please, read some literature on the matter which comes from an unbiased viewpoint, like from George Galloway.

It is extreemely distasteful to advocate murder, rape, violence and relocation, please educate yourself properly on the matter before making a statement like that.

An unbiased viewpoint like George Galloway, eh?

No further commentary necessary. Don’t want to gild the lily.

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10 thoughts on “How Can We Support Israel?

  1. Baron , I really feel sorry for your contributor and I wonder if I could recommend a good psychiatrist for him . As for George Galloway ,the novelty
    value has worn off and he will probably loose his seat in Parliament
    come the next election .

  2. For other unbiased viewpoints besides that of George Galloway, consider reading some of al-qaeda’s literature as well as that of hamas and hizbollah.

    Also, Hitler and Stalin are equally as unbiased as Galloway.

  3. Hey, I like that emailer’s advice.

    The next time I want an unbiased viewpoint about Japanese cars, I think I will check with the president of GM or Ford.

  4. Here are a few good reasons why Irael can and should be supported.

    Baron, your emailer must either be very ignorant of the basic issues, or belongs to the “I just hate Israel, let me count the ways” club.

  5. Sir Philip Sydney–Fearfullness, contrary to all other vices, maketh a man think better of another, the worse of himself.

    Edmund Burke–No passion so effectively robs the mind of all its powers of acting and reasoning as fear.

  6. Sympathy with oppressed is a strong sentiment, but it probably originates from some inner git of the person sympathizing. For example, Russian poet of 19th century, Nekrasov, was famous for his sympathy for simple people, actually slaves of the feudal. He cried when he lost in card games, for which loss he had to pay by selling one village of his property. It is interesting to find out, what guilt makes Europeans so sensitive to the staged sufferings of poor Palestinians.

  7. The Muslim forces devoted to the destruction of Israel are also devoted to our destruction.

    Muslims are on an eschatological-driven mission to destroy America, Israel and Europe.

    To be Anti-Israel is to be Anti-America. And that usually is the case.

  8. Why those kind of leftist brainwashed usefall idiots won’t leave us alone and go preach their loony “do-goody” “gospel” to Saudi Barbaria or North Korea.
    Europe, America and Israel are on one old leaking boat, and we aren’t sinking thanks to muslims alone.

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