Nail Bomb Explodes in an Exeter Restroom

A man reputed to be a mentally ill convert to Islam (is that a redundancy?) has been hospitalized under armed guard after detonating a nail bomb in his own face. The incident occurred in the toilets of a restaurant in Exeter (UK) when the device apparently detonated prematurely while he was arming it. Another bomb was found at the scene.

Here’s the report from The Daily Mail :

A Muslim convert with a history of mental illness was being held tonight after two bombs were found in a family restaurant toilet following an explosion at lunchtime.

Police and bomb disposal teams were called in after Nicky Reilly, 22, apparently attempted to detonate a nail bomb.

Mr Reilly, who suffered serious facial injuries in the blast, is thought to have carried out the attempted attack after being targeted for radicalisation by Islamic extremists.

Diners heard three blasts which sounded like gunshots go off in a toilet at the Giraffe cafe in Exeter city centre as they were having lunch today.

Eyewitnesses said officers had to break down the cubicle door because the 22-year-old refused to come out.

In a further development, police carried out an armed operation in Plymouth, over fifty miles away where they searched a premises in connection with the bombing.

Following the explosion this lunchtime, two further bombs were found in a family restaurant toilet.

Eyewitnesses said officers had to break down the cubicle door because the 22-year-old refused to come out.

When he emerged, wearing jeans and a dark t-shirt, blood was running down his face and all over his clothes.

– – – – – – – –

He was arrested at the scene and taken to hospital, where he is under armed guard, for treatment to a severely lacerated eye and facial burns. None of the customers or 15 staff at the restaurant was hurt.

There were claims the suspect was a Muslim convert and detectives are now trying to determine whether he has links to Islamic extremism.

Devon and Cornwall police refused to say what offence he was being held on suspicion of but sources close to the inquiry now fear the man was arming a bomb when part of it blew up in his face.

Police revealed that a second device had been found nearby.

Police forensic teams are believed to have recovered one or two canisters of sodium-based home made explosive either from the toilet or outside the restaurant.

A 14-strong team from the Metropolitan’s Counter Terrorism Command has travelled to Exeter to assist in the investigation.

Architect Peter Lacey, 63, and his wife Celia, 60, had just arrived to have lunch at Giraffe when the explosions went off at about 12.50pm.

Mr Lacey, from Exeter, said: “I heard a noise which sounded like a gunshot and at first I thought it was a kitchen accident of some sort, albeit a very noisy one.

“About a second afterwards there was another identical sound and maybe a second later a third…”

Further details may be found in the original article.

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14 thoughts on “Nail Bomb Explodes in an Exeter Restroom

  1. If this man really does have mental difficulties, then it’s one more example of Muslim’s using the weak and frail to do their dirty work.

  2. I realize this is off topic, however, in the comment section of the 4/28/08 essay on Europe’s possible future, Zenster seemed confident that in the end Europe will defend itself. I am curious if he would please elaborate on that. Sincerely, Paul

  3. Welome to the world of SJS (Sudden Jihad Syndrome), coming soon to a nearby restaurant loo near you!

    Paul: in the comment section of the 4/28/08 essay on Europe’s possible future, Zenster seemed confident that in the end Europe will defend itself. I am curious if he would please elaborate on that.

    Sadly, Paul, I’m not at all sure that Europe will properly defend itself in the face of a gradual Muslim demographic takeover or even a rapid violent one, for that matter.

    What I do remain unwholesomely confident of is Europe’s ability to devolve into a charnel house mode when needed. While Africa and Asia all too often revert to this sort of mass slaughter, it is disappointing in the extreme that Europe seemingly has yet to learn its hard-earned lessons.

    One might think that WWII’s Holocaust would have served up adequate notice. Nothing of the sort seems to be the case. Instead, much as El Inglés has predicted, time and again, despite the likelihood of this exact and very drastic outcome, little notice seems to have been taken by all involved: Save in the very most unconstructive ways. My own best estimates are hard pressed to contradict any of the foregoing as I can only foresee the very worst outcomes within the MME (Muslim Middle East), should things continue on their current course.

    My personal wager is that, unless the West finds sufficient backbone to begin assassinating Islam’s uppermost tier of financial, scholastic and clerical aristocracy, a Muslim holocaust is almost guaranteed to ensue. Horrible as that may sound, it is THE DIRECT RESULT of Islam’s intransigence and obsession with death. The West’s own views and social morés haven’t much to do with any of this. There is little the West can do in terms of altering this outcome unless it has the courage to assail Islam’s elite. Such is not the case, therefore I have an extremely dismal outlook with respect to how Europe or, even, America will eventually respond to this menace. Not at all a positive outlook.

    Gloom & Doom aside, I hope this answers your question.

  4. This article is frustrating because it uses a term unfamiliar to me (“nail bomb”) without defining it. Can someone elucidate?

    (Greetings to the Baron and Dymphna; I am here almost every day)

  5. Perfected by Palestinian suiciders who lace the fragments with nails, glass, rat poison (to keep blood from coagulating)ball bearings and other vile things, for maximum damage to the largest number of victims. It is the gift which keeps on giving, so to speak.
    The cliché, and face it, that’s exactly what it is, due to the predictability factor, that the lad was Mentally Unstable is a sign that the press is only grudgingly acknowledging the Islamic angle. But what we read is that anyone who converts to Islam is mentally unhinged. So maybe that is a good thing to know!

  6. A nail bomb is a (generally) home made explosive device with metal matter (nails, ball bearings, buckshot etc) around the explosive core. These metal pieces become shrapnel when the explosive forces propel them during detonation. This is intended to cause injury to persons outside the immediate area of detonation.
    Although military munitions often contain similar materials, the definition ‘nail bomb’ is generally confined to home-made type explosives and not to say… the ‘Claymore Mine’ which is a military piece with ball bearings designed to propel projectiles into one direction.
    Most munitions do contain a metal casing, fragments of which will act as projectiles after encasing and protecting the ‘working materials’ of the weapon…. an example is the ‘fragmentation grenade’ which is designed to not only explode, but propel fragments of its carefully designed casing in all directions.
    An explosion alone has concussive forces which can damage internal organs even from a distance, but the projectiles can inflict damage further away. Furthermore, in a military situation, the aim is not necessarily to kill an enemy, but to disable them, this leaves them non-combative and moaning on the battlefield inflicting psychological distress on the remaining enemy, as well as requiring two or more of the enemy to cease fighting while they care for their wounded, so sometimes to maim is even better than to kill in the short term.
    This same thinking might be in the minds of terrorists… the damage inflicted on civilians, the maimed tortured bodies with bits of metal in them… the people crippled forever we will see on the streets, these are the aims of psy-ops terrorists…they desire to kill and to maim… to force us to see every day the devastating results of their actions so we will submit rather than have continued maiming. Until we submit, their reasoning goes, we will have more and more of these bombs going off, maiming children in ball parks, commuters on subways and trains and busses, shoppers in stores, and diners in restaurants. If things continue on the slope up that is indicated, there will be so many of these occurances in the next ten years, that each street will have someone maimed for life, someone we will see everyday to remind us that we must give in, otherwise it will be our own children and grandchildren who will be also maimed or killed. The maiming is a terrorist action all onlookers will see and fear, once someone is dead, strangers do not record the action daily… to see the damage is a daily reminder to a stranger…. a very effective way of working the submission of the enemy to your side…. if they do not choose to fight you.. they will likely capitulate in the end.

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