Mamma Mia, Pass the Linguini

The way to a country’s soul is through its stomach. And European nations (there are still such things, for a while) are fed up to here with having multi-culti menus shoved on their children at school.

That nasty rule of the p.c. world is about to have its table turned over – napkins, falafel, and all – by the new government in Italy:

Ethnic food may be removed from government schools in the Italian capital, Rome, in the latest gesture by the city’s new centre-right government to target multiculturalism.

Laura Marsilio, city councillor for schools in Rome, said the local government would re-evaluate the ethnic menus of public schools, and replace it with what she called “Italian regional dishes as well as typical Mediterranean cuisine.”

Marsilio spoke to the media on Monday and said that the ‘ethnic menus’, introduced by the previous centre-left government of Romano Prodi “gave insufficient results.”

Marsilio reportedly also plans to look at centres where parents of immigrant children and their relatives are taught Italian, the laws of the country and computer classes.

“We need to see if they are really effective for integration,” Marsilio said.

The councillor also plans to ensure laws are respected with regards to the number of Italian and immigrant children in schools, because in some cases, immigrant children outnumber Italian children.

The 40-year-old Marsilio is a member of the post-fascist National Alliance party, a member of prime minister Silvio Berlusconi’s conservative coalition.

However, that’s not the only heresy being committed by the Italian government:
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In an interview with Italian daily Il Nuovo in 2002, Marsilio, a city council member at the time said “To give housing to nomads (Roma Gypsies) would be a social injustice” and that they should live in “isolated camps under police surveillance.”

“They have to learn to respect the rules. They steal and mistreat minors, I don’t like them. Not because I am racist, but because they don’t obey the rules,” said Marsilio.

Now there’s a new meme for you: dislike based upon a culture of law-breaking. How novel after so many years of 1984 silence.

Theodore Dalrymple would approve, but the multi-cults must be gnashing their teeth in the outer (and unelected ) darkness.

9 thoughts on “Mamma Mia, Pass the Linguini

  1. Only a complete moron would go to Italy and NOT want to eat the fantastic local Italian food.

    Just for that they should be deported as uncouth undesirables.

    Molto bene, Italia!

  2. Fantastic so far … if Alemanno’s (“post fascist?”) National Alliance council can just walk as well as they talk.

    One of the big problem is not just PC introduced by leftists in government (we expect that from them), but the refusal of “conservatives” to resolutely reverse those measures when the electoral pendulum has turned right.

    Viva Italia. More post-Fascism please.

  3. This is very good news indeed. At last, a great European nation is making a stand and putting its values, traditions and way of life before those of the colonisers. Sorry, immigrants.

    More countries need to emulate the Italians and I hope my own country, Great Britain, is waking up slowly but surely. Recent election results have shown growing widespread support for the BNP and I think it shows that people are realising that it is not racist to promote,preserve and defend your own culture. Here’s hoping.

    Viva Italia!

  4. Well it is racism according to EU rules. Racism defined by the EU is not liking someone because of “race, colour, religion, ethnicity.” That those things may have a huge impact on someone’s character didn’t seem to enter the debate.

  5. @Homophobic Horse

    The only thing I would say to the EU and its insane rules is:

    F*** THE EU.

    And I really do mean that most sincerely and I know more and more people are feeling the same way.

    With any luck this corrupt, marxist, west-hating soviet is going to be smashed very soon by the very people it has been trying to subjugate.

    Fingers crossed.

  6. The Italians have been the foremost in honor. Oriana. That guy who was about to be beheaded by moslem thugs and tore off his hood and shouted, “I’ll show you how an Italian dies!” And now they have elected a national patriot government.

  7. You got to love Italy.

    Also, where not the all the West afraid of the fascists boogyman?

    And now? Who’s screaming?
    Only Spain, as far as I can tell. But Spain today is as leftist as the Soviet Union so we can discart them.

    Also, now we have seen that European Nationalism is the solution!

    Today Italia, tomorrow all the fricking West!

    Now really, does Berluscani and his fascist friends signed the Lisbon Beast or what?

    P.S. – I remember Berlusconi in a European Union Event calling Hitler to a leftie German.
    All Europe was shocked.

  8. Italy is showing the way forward, I only wish the rest of Europe would wake up to this degree, well done Italy.

    Yesterday I read a book called Sniper One, the story of a British unit in Iraq. An excellent read of a siege of their small forward base.

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