A New Motoon — Live From Finland

Evidently the Finns are jealous of the Danes, the Dutch, and the Swedes, who seem to get all the attention from the world’s 1.78 quadrillion offended Muslims.

So the Finnish cartoonist Seppo Lehto decided to videotape himself drawing a Mohammed caricature. He posted the result on YouTube: Mohammed as a “pig pedophile prophet”.

Hat tip: Henrik.

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    “Pig Paedophile Prophet – DO YOU LIKE?”


    Now bring on Fitnah…over to you Geert Wilders.

    I’m going to send this link to all and sundry…absolutely brilliant! HAHAHAHAHAHA!


  2. I wouldn’t call him a cartoonist or a caricaturist, even if he calls himself with that name.

    He is a person who enjoys provoking people and has a reputation of a village nut of sorts. His comments on Youtube and elsewhere are mainly some truths about Islam, mixed with racism, written in bad English.

    However, I must admit I liked this video. Moslems need a steady and growing exposure to other viewpoints.

  3. Thank you protecting of freedom of speech

    I reveal that newest pedofile prophet Muhammed idea to this latest video came or enlighted 2.3.2008 when I read Afganistan riots against Muhammed caricatures

    The former idea publiched 1:st month 2006 was “qurans to fire” website” but it was put down wery quicly.
    Even our (Our security police = Supo) Supo director was contacted me and demanded to put them those “qurans to fire” vwebsite down. I refuced and they succeeded in other way using their legalised power.

    This is my latest freedom of speech declaration to all muslims at this time:

    Let`s support freedom of speech

    There is a new one Muhammed caricature published by video in youtube 2.3.32008

    Thank you by your publishing this production revealing Muhammed caricature with voices 😉

    I decladred already in semptember 2007 this kind of Muhammed caricature contest in Finland.

    This videoversion Muhammed pedofile prophtet is my 4 th Muhammed picture

    Second Muhammed caricature you can see from my profile. There woman is sitting and shitting on quran in ramadan time. Look that picture carefully, there is a lot diffrent kind of messages.

    The previos other you can see this and other similar blogs

    Seppo Lehto
    Muhammed caricture artist from Tampere Finland

  4. ok Messr Seppo Lehto,
    as to the “shitting” part – enough is enough. It gets tired.

    It also puts off a great many people – instead of having them want to join you.

    Find some other method of satire.

  5. Its very horrible, sad, pathetic and misfortune to find you guys celebrating the act of offense. There are about 2 billions of Muslims in world. One may disagree with the teachings of Islam. One may criticise certain actions of Muslims. There is no problem, if you are talking in good faith, logic and rationality. But to play with the religious feelings of humans can never be compromised in the label of ‘Freedom of Expression’. I beg all you to please think of the humanity and bring reconciliation and harmony. World these days is miserably praying for peace. If you can not add your share in bringing brotherhood, then heaven sake, dont atleast burn the fire of hatred among the humans. I beg you all to please serve your energies in better ways. I wish you to please think over my requests with a soft and clear mind. Thanks

  6. There are about 2 billions of Muslims in world

    My God.. Muslims are multipying at the rate of Gremlins.. which is odd since they never bathe.. how did they get wet?

  7. Mr. Lehto is a well-known provocator in Finland. Tens of thousands of people have received spam email written in extremely crass and tasteless language from him. He’s against Black Africans, Muslims, and Russians. Mr. Lehto is a stounch opponent of “negroidification”, although he has also told of some of his rare positive negro-experiences

    In my opinion, he’s a very funny guy. It’s impossible to take him dead seriously. The real humor value in his activities are the reactions of people who do take him seriously.

    Seppo Lehto and a friend of his going by the pseudonym Rymy-Eetu have published podcasts on Patrioottiradio. I’ve greatly enjoyed them. Part of what makes them so enjoyable is Seppo’s masterful use of the local dialect to comical effect and a weird combination knowledge of historical facts (Seppo majored in general history at university) and backround and extremely crass language.

    One of the funniest episodes was Seppo’s letter to the editor in a local paper where he protested the city of Tampere taking down trees with swastikas (in all likelihood a bunch of teenagers) carved into them along a jogging path. Seppo’s argument was the correct observation that the swastika appears in some of the highest medals of honor appointed by the President of the Republic. Such a valued heraldic symbol ought not be grounds for taking down trees where it appears.

    (I’m no the same Markku as the one above.)

  8. allat, It’s no use advising Mr. Seppo Lehto, it’ll only encourage him to get worse with his obscenities. He’s such an embarrassment to Finnish anti-Islamists and nationalists that some believe he’s a provocateur paid by the Left. I personally think he’s just an incurable Finnish jerk (“juntti” in Finnish) with a severe personality disorder. He’s been doing stuff like this for years and won’t stop until he’s put to an asylum. Which will probably never happen because his existence serves well the powers that be.

  9. “But to play with the religious feelings of humans can never be compromised in the label of ‘Freedom of Expression’.”

    ARe you kidding? Yeah, we ALL want peace and brotherhood – and above all – LOVE!

    But you really have nerve. Are you excusing the rioting, and burning, and violence and UTTER LACK OF DISCIPLINE AND RESTRAINT in the part of islamics?

    Are you saying islamics have a right to riot and kill and destroy property, because the West prints cartoons about mohamed?

    Hey, bro, get a thick skin!

    Same as everybody else – same as the Pagans – the Polytheists – the atheists – the Jews – the Fellahs, the Indigenous Peoples, the Berbers, the rest of us – you, islamics have stepped on all these years!

    The reason you’re all doing this is because you’ve had yor way all these centuries in conquered countries. Those who’ve opposed you have been stumped over and made into a grease spot on the sidewalks.

    Where is YOUR espect for others? And YOUR respect for LIFE? and YOUR respect for property? All you, islamics that have destroyed cars and property of others that had NOTHING to do with the cartoons – cars JUST sitting there parked on the sidewalks- and shops and windows, property of hard-working people – that had not even been paid for – money borrowed from banks, that still have to be paid to the banks?

    What about YOUR respect? Is it all to be one sided?

    It’s OVER! It’s over. I think we, common people lhave reached – quite reached the point of “We’re NOT going to take it any more.”

    As to blasphemy! Get outta here. The day of the religions being top-dog and telling us what’s to be respected or not, is over. OVER!

    JUST W-H-O is anybody to tell us what is Blasphemy!!

    I’m sick of the pope. I’m sick of people being burned at the stake!

    Nothing should be sacrosant. THose days where the common man is afraid, and quacking in his shoes, are OVER!



    Allat-Wild Amazon

  10. There are always people who take information to save:)

    Alike this at twice from youtube down put Muhammed video, is again to wiewable in our blog and throug youtube 😉 Look at and put it message to go to those who need it most

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