Italy is Ready to Recognize Kosovo as Long as It Has Company

Here is some typical Euro-wriggle to ponder:

Italy is ready to recognise the independence of Kosovo, but plans to do it together with France, Germany and Britain and “without splits” with the other EU states.

On the day on which it was paradoxically Serbia that officialized the date – February 17 – in which Pristina will continue unilaterally to break away from Belgrade, Italian diplomatic sources confirm that Rome is ready to take up to the end its responsibilities together with the other three big states of the European Union that are part of the Contact Group on Kosovo.

It is an already taken decision which however must be measured with care in the time and modes, so as to avoid digging a ditch with the six EU members – Cyprus, Spain, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania and Slovakia – strongly critical on the new status of Pristina.

Thus, while the United States have their hands untied and could express an official opinion in favour of the independence on the very same day on Sunday, February 17, the situation for Europe is more complicated. The fundamental political opportunity, which will allow the offices in Rome, London, Paris and Brussels to send formal letters of recognition to the Kosovo authorities, will be the meeting of the 27 foreign ministers in Brussels on February 18, the day after the unilateral declaration of Pristina.

According to the sources, apart from determining the timetable of the civilian mission that Brussels will send to the region, the meeting will also have to come up with a document that is absolutely unbinding to the European Union in its entirety and will yet allow every single state to “legitimately” recognise the new state or not.

The goal is to avoid sanctioning the failure of the efforts to reach a unitary position for the entire continent and to create “a political framework in which the Union in its entirety can take note of the new state” while still letting the separate governments exert their power of establishing diplomatic relations with Pristina or not in the following days.

And Serbia can do what, exactly?

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5 thoughts on “Italy is Ready to Recognize Kosovo as Long as It Has Company

  1. Glad to hear it 1389.
    How could one guy with 40% of votes in the first round, loose the second round with no media covering it, at least here in the West?


    “And Serbia can do what, exactly?”

    Well, Italy does not have any real power, unless it is provoked.

    The only four European States powerfull enough to have a say in this matter ar: Germany, The UK, Russia and France.

    And France shall be silenced the faster the better for the sake of this Continent.

    Serbia must forge alliances with those Nations who know what is on the table: Greece (and Cyprus), Bulgaria, Romania. Serbia shall turn to Russia and get Russia on this conflict because every country in Europe is afraid on the Slavic Bear. That is what Serbia has to do.

    It will be interesting, however, to know the Croatian position. What are Croats thinking right now?


  2. And Serbia can do what, exactly?

    Serbia can position its army to protect the integrity of its territory. Legally, under international law.

    If I were the Serbian commander-in-chief, I’d pick the Ibar river as the line of defense.

    And I believe the Russians stil have their carrier fleet anchored nearby.

  3. Hey Doctor!

    Italians seem not to care about the African Union which seems to be claiming the Island of Lampedusa as a pan-African territory, a Island where all Africans can rest in their journey Northwards.

    Sad, though.
    Jean Raspail in “Le Camp des Saints” was right…

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