Superwoman and…What’s-His-Name Again?

Mark Steyn and the Pammie

Mark Steyn poses beside Pamela Geller, at the Conservative Political Action Conference in New York City.

Ms. Geller leaped three tall buildings and stopped a speeding train to get to this event, where she served as the introductory speaker to Mark Steyn and left him with this limerick:

There once was a kafir named Steyn
Muslims said wrote an offending line
’Twas an imam he quoted
Now he’s being swiftboated
But his battle is yours and its mine.

[No doubt the kids had Cheerios for dinner and kvetched, but their hearts weren’t in it — they knew Mamma would be bringing home a whole cape full of hors d’oeuvres from the CPAC party. It’s harder and harder to get that outfit on these days: telephone booths are scarcer all the time.]

Atlas also live-blogged John Bolton and he had this bit of good news:

Bolton tells us McCain strongly lobbied for Bolton’s nominations.

Lenin said “Worse is better…”

“Not a position the conservatives should take especially at a time when our country is at war. WORSE IS NOT BETTER.”

“I’ll be supporting John McCain in this election and I hope you will be as well…”

Bolton thinks McCain took a stronger position yesterday regarding Iran were than Bush.

Go see the whole thing. Lots of good pictures, quotes, and interviews, as usual.

NB: I’d vote for anyone who had John Bolton in his cabinet. I say “his” because Bolton would give Hillary apoplexy within ten minutes.

[that’s all – go on over to Atlas see the rest]

4 thoughts on “Superwoman and…What’s-His-Name Again?

  1. Sorry, Homohorse but I gotta disagree. Mark Steyn is one of our most effective warriors in the battle against political correctness. His talent in using humor to expose the absurdities of the ‘conventional wisdom’ is unmatched.

    Entertaining? Yes.

    Entertainment? No.

  2. I am greatly offended by Ms. Geller. To say that Mark Steyn is being “swiftboated” by Moslems is to repeat implicitly the liberal slander against the Swiftboat Veterans for Truth. The Swifties told the truth about John Kerry. Nothing of what they said has been refuted.

    And this blog should know better too.

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