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  1. I am sorry to see no comments here as Henrik’s point that Islam cannot withstand close examination is a brilliant one.

    The propagation and conservation of Islam depends on benighted masses who follow (sharia) orders like unquestioning sheep and are quite ignorant about the prime writings of their religion. Many are illiterate in any language. Most cannot read the original Arabic of the Koran. Even their few “intellectuals” cannot make a good case for Islam from their holy writings.

    Henrik submits that exposure to intellectual scrutiny in the West is dangerous for Islam’s world domination project, as anyone with half an unwashed brain would recoil at the barbarism, the supremacist notions, the poor example set by Mohammed whom Muslims revere and are expected to imitate.

    Western thinkers will eventually recoil (perhaps too late) but there doesn’t seem to be much danger of Muslims being “corrupted” by the West. Instead, they have remained cohesive and had an impact on the West out of all proportion to their numbers. It is amazing how diabolically they have been programmed into prime loyalty to the cult, even when they are a mere drop in a sea of Westerners.

    Followers of Islam are used to droning unintelligible tracts and following hundreds of rules unquestioningly. When their self-appointed leaders direct them into the streets, they go. When they’re commanded to strap on a suicide vest, they’re honored. They are programmed to obey. It’s a global Jonestown.

    The riots vs the cartoons are not because Muslim leaders fear the West’s ridicule. It is basically a show of muscle to the West, cowing the disobedient dhimmi by violence, actual and threatened. Simultaneously, it is another bonding exercise for Muslims, reminding Muslims in the West that they are to remain a fifth column, and hostile to their hosts whom they are told repeatedly is hostile to Islam. We could only wish that were true.

  2. For context, I guess the article laine is referring to is this one at EuropeNews.

    It’s Friday today. Which means it’s Hate Denmark Day. Except Wilders is now interfering and making it a Hate the Netherlands Day. Except that Germany is now interfering and trying to make it Hate Germany Day.

    I’m getting rather confused by all these ‘religious feelings’…

    BTW, Dansk Folkeparti is requesting our government to file an official protest against the Netherland for their attempted censorship against Wilders.

  3. Slightly off-topic… In response to the death threats, not only to Kurt Westergaard (the Cartoonist) but to several other Danes with the same name, Danish bloggers have started a new trend, abandoning their anonymity and signing with their real name: “Kurt Westergaard”

    See: Hodja’s Blog

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