13 thoughts on “Vote for Dymphna!

  1. Hmmm…I’m confused. I thought that was the Baron’s tuba.

    He must have loaned it to me in a fit of..of…generosity. Yes, that’s it: the Baron was feeling generous.

    It would be nice if you guys voted for me, though I’ll let you know ahead of time it’s a lost cause. There are some Big Girls in that contest.

    And then there are some girls with big assets, too.

    If they had categories in this, Atlas would win in the Jewish Princess division. while I might score respectably in the Irish wise ass class.

  2. We all know what Pamela and Michelle looks like, but we haven’t seen a picture of the tuba yet!!! (And no I’m not calling Dymphna a tuba, I have better manners)

  3. I think that Dymphna’s “diva” qualities are a matter of public record, so no picture is really necessary. Besides, her anonymity as well as leaving us all wondering who really is the tuba player, makes the mystery surrounding her candidacy all the more alluring.

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