“VKO Majority Intact”

That’s the headline over at Steen’s place, so it looks like Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen will continue to head a government in coaliton with Dansk Folkeparti.

I’ll bet the post-election party is really getting lively right now…

According to Steen, the Social Democrats have suffered “the worst numerical results in 100 years”, and “the Social Democrat voter base has shrunk permanently.”

The mood at Danske Folkeparti (Danish People’s Party) headquarters seems exultant. As near as I can make out, Pia Kjærsgaard, the leader of DPP, said, “This is fantastic; this is thrilling. We don’t have the final results yet, but no matter what, the Danish People’s Party is strong.”

I don’t have the time or the Danish to do more extensive translations, so we’ll have to wait for the Vikings to check in with their reports.

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6 thoughts on ““VKO Majority Intact”

  1. The incumbent Danish government is maybe the best government from a counterjihad perspective that’s yet held power, at least, Western Europe. That they continue to govern is a definite success for this movement you are no mean part of, Baron and Dymphna. The counterjihad platform was a very real part of Kjærsgaard’s, and even part of Rasmussen’s, to a lesser extent.

    That they win with such platforms is a sign of both reason and will in Europe, I would say. Long way to go though anyway.

  2. The fat lady has finished the song. We made it! VKO got the magical 90 seats that makes a majority.

    Here’s the most important numbers:

    New Alliance the new joker in the game polled at around 12 seats ended at 5, after running a campaign hell-bent of keeping Danish Peoples Party (DPP)from any influence (A point pretty much every other party repeatedly made during the campaign) Instead the party is in reality without influence themselves!

    Far from being kept from influence, the DPP gained a seat with 13.8 percent of the votes.

    Social Democrats got a lousy result, but it is never the less celebrated as a great victory. Party members are full of moxy and optimism. They are still a force to be reckoned with.

    The far-left Unity List clung on with the fingernails and made the 2 percent that is required to get representation in the Parliament. Asmaa Abdol Hamid was not elected. Ha!

    Biggest winner was the Socialists Party which nearly doubled the seats (13 percent). However, the party is irrelevant. It’s what we in Denmark call a “Hammock Party”, a safe place for bleeding hearts and artists to place their votes, as everybody knows the party’s influence will be minimal.

    The real winner in my opinion is DPP. Despite all the demonization from the the left side, eagerly supported by the MSM, they stood their ground.

  3. That was quite a campaign! It’s the first one I participated actively in, and the polls looked like crap for weeks.

    As usual, we beat them.

    At midnight (remember, the election was held on the 13th), it was announced that the Islamist candidate Asmaa had been elected. Baaad.

    Fortunately, when morning came around, it turned out just to be a brief nightmare. She’s out.

    It was tense. Am regenerating…

  4. Not the overwhelming majority I had hoped for, but good enough.

    Time for a large glass of the 18 year old single malt and a large pipe.

    Congratulations to the government on defending its position.

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