Boycotting Sverigedemokraterna

I reported on Monday that the Swedish Post Office refused to deliver the party newspaper of Sverigedemokraterna (the Sweden Democrats) because it contained one of Lars Vilks’ Modoggie drawings.

Now a private delivery service has also refused to deliver the SD newspaper. According to today’s Sydsvenskan:

A ModoggieNew boycott of materials from SD

Swedish Direct Commercial has also said no to distributing a campaign newspaper of the Sweden Democrats in Svedala, according to a press release from the Sweden Democrats.

Earlier the Post Office decided not to distribute the latest number of SD-Kuriren since it contains drawings Mohammed by artist Lars Vilks.

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The Post Office sees it as a security risk. Swedish Direct Commercial has stated that they only distribute political information to the parties currently in parliament, says SD in the press release.

“That both the Post Office and its number of competitor refuses to hand out information from a specific political party is a serious threat against the democratic right to form an opinion,” says the chairman of SD, Jimmie Åkesson.

Sweden is not a dictatorship. It does not officially censor Sverigedemokraterna. Yet somehow SD — the only party in the country that criticizes the official Multicultural immigration policies — always seems to be on the receiving end of restrictions, boycotts, official impediments, and even physical attacks.

Funny about that.

Tip and translation: Ted Ekeroth of SD.

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5 thoughts on “Boycotting Sverigedemokraterna

  1. I’m confused. Being steeped in all things U.S. of A. since birth, I know only a little about Europe, in general, and less about Sweden, in particular, but I do know Sweden has a parliament, a monarch & a constitution.

    So isn’t all this censorship / refusal of govt. services toward this private organization & the Swedish citizens that comprise its members fall under a violation of constitutional rights? Or is that a peculiar N. American battle cry? Or perhaps it’s just the muslim immigrants that enjoy the Swedish govt. general favors??

    I’m confused on this ‘these people get postal service, but you folks don’t’ business. Can someone please explain it to me?

  2. it’s not a question of “postal service”. This would be an entirely different matter if the racist newspapers where addressed to a specifik individual, but they’re not.

    What Sverigedemokraterna wants is to distribute this paper to all households in a specific area. Just like any other commercial company. The Postal Service is denying them that service on the matter of safety.

    Are american companys obligated to distribute partisan propaganda for everyone?

    Afaik liberal/left opinions get stopped by the new york times, clearchannel etc ALL THE TIME.

  3. Fire,

    Thank you for your response. I appreciate it, but it has raised another question.

    Granted, these ‘Sverigedemokraterna (swedish democrats)’ maybe some unsavory characters, but denouncing muslim immigration or publishing vile ‘mo doggy’ cartoons is not racist since ‘mohammedism’ is a religion and not a race. Other than that, I have no knowledge of these swedish democrats.

    You ask, “Are american companys obligated to distribute partisan propaganda for everyone?”

    No, not private companies. They enjoy the freedom to refuse service to anyone they desire (within reason). But our U.S. postal service is a public trust and another matter.

    This incident does sound like ‘postal service’, at least from a U.S. of A. perspective. I know we are talking about Sweden here, but the matter is about a mass mailing – junk mail – and, here in the U.S. of A., the postal service is required to transport and deliver anything that has proper postage (even offensive material), unless the FBI or justice dept request a restraint or cease & desist from a judge.

    So…my first question: Is a judge’s order for restraint or cease & desist the legal requirement in Sweden or does the postal service wield broad powers to restrict or prohibit offensive material for ‘safety’s sake’ w/o a judge’s decision?

    My second question: Who’s definition of ‘safety’ is being employed?

    Thanks for all your help.

  4. The US postal service is compelled to provide this service.

    Considering that we had neo nazis marching as a freedom of speech issue in Skokie Ill (ACLU), which was at the time someplace where a large % of holocaust survivors live, I have a feeling that even if a UPS or FEDEX refused delivery, we’d have a firestorm over here.

    I have to admit I don’t get that in Sweden.

    Nanny State stuff.

    What are they afraid of?
    A grievance celebration?

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