Trickle Down Jihad in Amsterdam and Brussels

Eurabia is showing its ugly face this week.

We all know about the rioting in Amsterdam, how some maniac came into the police station and started stabbing two officers. Now we start to get some details about this “poor mentally ill fellow”:

The incidents started on Oct. 14 when a policewoman shot dead Bilal Bajaka, a 22-year old ethnic Moroccan, whilst he was stabbing her and a colleague with a knife. The officers were stabbed in the breast, face, neck and back. Surgeons could only narrowly save their lives.

Since the incident, Slotervaart has seen rioting almost every night. The Amsterdam Moroccans are “shocked” because one of them has been killed by an infidel woman. According to his family, Bilal Bajaka was mentally deranged and had a suicide obsession. Ahmed Marcouch, the Moroccan-born Socialist mayor of Slotervaart, criticized the Dutch authorities for failing to provide adequate health care for Bajaka’s mental problems.

Bilal Bajaka was, however, a personal friend of Mohammed Bouyeri, the Jihadist who ritually slaughtered the Dutch film maker Theo van Gogh in 2004. Bilal’s attack on the two police officers came exactly two years after the arrest of his brother, Abdullah Bajaka, the leader of an alleged plot to blow up an El-Al Boeing at Amsterdam airport. Bilal’s family background is not at all deprived. One of his sisters is a medical doctor, another sister is a Dutch judge. — my emphasis — D

So much for the idea that this person didn’t have “adequate” health care. Or perhaps his sister-the-doctor had given up on him years ago? Who knows? But his sister-the-judge (if she has any integrity) can certainly testify to the fact that his mental illness is not the fault of the Dutch government, any more than the murders of the students at Virginia Tech can be blamed on Washington.

Have you noticed that when people want to avoid taking responsibility for a situation, they start blaming others?…
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Blame is a handy defense designed to cloak the truth and to avoid having to do anything to change things. Eric Berne called this game “Ain’t It Awful?“ Sure is.

Meanwhile, the police in Brussels appear to be worse than useless. The officers in Amsterdam managed to kill their attacker, but it appears to be hands-off for the keepers of the peace in Belgium:

Last Sunday, demonstrating Turkish youths ransacked an Armenian restaurant in the Sint-Joost-ten-Node borough. According to the owner the police w[ere] present at the scene but did not interfere while his establishment was being demolished. The Armenian had to flee for his life.

Another man who had to run for his life was the Belgian journalist Mehmet Koksal, an ethnic Turk. He was attacked around 11 pm on Sunday evening by a group of some twenty Turkish youths in front of the American embassy in Brussels…


Koksal fled to a nearby police car, but a female police officer refused to let him into the car, whereupon the youths savagely beat him up. Fearing that they were about to lynch him, the police officer changed her attitude and allowed the journalist to seek refuge in the police car.

As any parent can tell you, the worst thing you can do with an out-of-control “youth” is to stand by and watch his destructive tantrum. Brussels might as well lie down in a corner somewhere and sew itself into a silk shroud.

Meanwhile, like a metastasis, the no-go zones in Europe continue to grow. The rageboys are in charge and the party is on. Paul Belien says:

Senior police officers compare the current situation in Amsterdam to the 2005 Ramadan riots in Paris. Media outside the Netherlands, however, hardly mention the riots, which aim to drive the police from Slotervaart and turn the neighborhood into a new no-go area – yet another pocket of Eurabia on Europe’s soil.

A pus pocket, by all accounts.

Just one more example of sumud in action — the mayhem is just to deflect our attention from the strategy.

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  1. The police have to start arresting or gunning down violent rioters…

    STOP KUFFARPHOBIA Demo in London Friday 10/26!

    I think we all must start calling the hateful Left and Islamofascists ‘racists’. We should scream that they are hateful towards the Christian race, and the Jewish race, and the Hindu race, and the Atheist Race, that they are Christianityphobiasts. They will scream that Christianity is not a race, and we’ll say:

    “See, Islam is NOT a race either.
    And by the way, the Bible doesn’t say to convert, conquer or kill non-Christians; like the Koran says to do to non-Muslims. So there YOU RACIST hater of non-Muslims!”

    Stay safe in London everybody!!

    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe says
    don’t call a spade a spade

    Islamist terrorism
    not related to Islam

    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe wants
    many Taliban planets

    stonings and beheadings
    billions killed daily

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