The New Italians

Italy now has three million resident foreigners, which is about five percent of its population. But even more significant than their numbers is their fecundity — they are breeding twice as fast as native Italians.

And, needless to say, most of these fertile foreigners come from Albania and other Muslim countries.

ANSA has the story:

The number of foreigners living in Italy rose by 10% to reach almost three million last year, according national statistics bureau Istat.

Figures also confirmed that foreign couples tended to have more children than Italian ones, with the result that for every 10 babies born in Italy, one now has foreign parents.

On January 1, 2007, some 2,938,922 foreign citizens were resident in Italy, Istat’s report said, noting that last year’s 10.1% increase was slightly less than in 2005. With 5% of its population foreign citizens, Italy still has a smaller immigrant community than other European countries such as Germany, which has 8.8%, and Britain, which has 6.2%.

Istat figures showed that Albanians were the largest foreign community, with 376,000 nationals now in Italy, followed by Moroccans (343,000), Romanians (342,000) and Chinese (145,000)…

The alarming news for “persons of Italian background” is that these foreigners are now flexing their political muscles, and have formed their own party:
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The recently formed New Italians Immigrants’ Party greeted the Istat statistics by calling for political representation for the foreign population.

“Now that the ‘New Italians’ have reached three million politicians cannot continue to ignore their needs,” said President Mustapha Mansouri.

“We’re asking for resident citizens to enjoy political rights. They pay taxes and contribute to the country’s wealth. This is a fundamental right”.

What this “fundamental right” means from a practical standpoint is the further Islamization of Italy. A bloc that large — depending on the number of adults, it could be as much as five percent of the voters — cannot be ignored. All the major political parties will compete for the favor of the “new Italians”, and the immigrants’ party will play a prominent role in any coalition government.

As a result, no matter whether the Center Left — the socialists — or the Center Right — the somewhat-less-socialists — form a government, the New Italians will carry the swing votes, and the ruling coalition will owe them favors.

It’s not unlike the situation we have here in the United States with the increasing flood of Hispanics. Both major parties are competing to enfranchise them and promise them lavish multicultural benefits in order to gain their votes.

It’s an ominous trend.

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One thought on “The New Italians

  1. The reason Italy doesn’t have more Muslims is simple:
    Italy and the other countries of Europe’s ‘soft underbelly’ (France, Spain and Greece) take in millions of Muslims. The main entry into Italy is Sicily and the island of Lampedusa. When arriving there the Muslims are taken to interim camps and – shortly thereafter – released. But Italy doesn’t provide the luxury welfare so typical of Northern Europe. But now the Muslims are inside the EU and ASAP travel up North to Germany, Austria, UK and Sweden where they are received with open arms and fistfuls of coarse, green banknotes. So Italy is merely a transit country for Muslims. In fact, when in Rome you’ll hardly see any at all.
    On the other hand, Italy does have a lot of immigrants, only they’re not Muslims. Lots of Roma’s (gypsies), Ethiopians, Chinese and whatnot.
    When in Rome, do as the Romans: keep the Muslims out.

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