The Demo in Brussels

Schuman SquareAs you may recall, today was to have been the day when “Stop Islamisation of Europe” demonstrators would gather in Brussels, the capital of the EU, to protest the ongoing Islamization of their countries. The effort was organized by groups in Denmark, Germany, and the UK, and was to be a peaceful remembrance of 9-11 combined with a protest against Eurabia.

After clearing their demonstration through the Brussels police, SIOE was denied a permit for a demonstration by Freddy Thielemans, the mayor of Brussels. The Belgian Council of State upheld the mayor’s decision, so that protestors cannot legally gather today in Brussels to make a peaceful protest.

But that doesn’t mean that nobody is going to Brussels, or that no one will demonstrate. Many people are gathering right now in Schuman Square in the heart of the EU, ready to exercise their natural right to assemble for a peaceful protest.

The word is out through the grapevine that — provided the demonstrators remain peaceful and stay in Schuman Square — the Brussels police will not interfere with them. The rumors also say that there will be a counter-protest organized by Muslim groups not far away, in a different square.

This all should be happening right about now; I’m hoping for live reports from Schuman Square. If any come in, I will post them here.

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