Italians Promote Dialogue — In Arabic

Norwegians are funding madrassas, and now the Italians are paying their police to learn Arabic.

According to ANSAmed:

To teach the bases of the Middle Eastern culture and the basic elements of the Arabic language in order to allow police to positively interact with immigrants in the various situations they face in their daily activities: this is the objective of the “Arabic Language and Culture” education course designed for police in the framework of the National Security Operative Programme for Development of the Mediterranean, announced today in Potenza. The course — ten classes, each six hours in length — will be attended by 20 people (from the police, financial guard and carabinieri at service in Basilicata), led by an associate professor in Arabic, who will explain them the basic aspects of the culture and social life in the Middle East, from religion to history, to which elements of the Arabic language will be added. The participants have been provided with didactic materials and instruments to continue, from their homes, on-line classes in order to study in details the basic grammar and linguistic elements. The course, organised by Italian Ministry of Interior, was launched, apart from Potenza, in eight other Italian cities: Catania, Bari, Reggio Calabria, Naples, Palermo, Caserta, Cagliari and Sassari

Hat tip: Insubria.

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6 thoughts on “Italians Promote Dialogue — In Arabic

  1. So when exactly did it become the responsibility of the citizens of the accepting country to learn and familiarize themselves the language and customs of the immigrants?

    EUrabia. You gotta love it.

  2. And when will this happen in the middle east? when will Syria, Oman or whatever teach their policeman Icelandic or Finnish so they can interact with the immigrants? oh wait….

  3. I have to admit, I think it’s a good idea to know the language and habits of the people who are the greatest interior threat. If a police officer knows what things are supposed to look and sound like, he (or she) is more likely to notice when things are amiss amid their muslims. As the saying goes, know thy enemy.

    Cal it practical self-defense dressed up as political correctness.

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