The Counterjihad Calendar: June

Stop the Sharia Clock!

The month of June in the Counterjihad Calendar is represented by Italy.

All of us in the Counterjihad owe a special debt of gratitude to Italy for producing the late great Oriana Fallaci. Her steadfastness in the face of the Great Jihad and her resistance to the forces of political correctness has been an inspiration to the rest of us.

I have chosen the Coliseum, as Italy’s iconic monument for the calendar.

Before all our Italian readers start complaining about my choice: I know there are many more grand and beautiful monuments in Italy, but I wanted to use a building that would be instantly recognizable to non-Italians, especially Americans. We all know the Coliseum when we see it (click for a larger image):


With the help of Gaia and Oriana, I have compiled the following list of Italian Counterjihad websites:
– – – – – – – –
I could use some help with collecting URLs for the other countries. The goal is to fill up each sidebar with Counterjihad sites.

Once again, the twelve countries I will be using for the 2008 calendar are:

  • France
  • Denmark
  • Germany
  • India
  • Sweden
  • Italy
  • The U.S.A.
  • Greece
  • Britain
  • Australia
  • The Netherlands
  • Spain

For each country involved, I invite readers to post suggested Counterjihad links in the comments, or send them via email. I particularly need links for Britain, the Netherlands, Spain, and Greece.

With luck, 2008 Counterjihad Calendar will be finished and available at our Café Press site sometime in September.

Next up on the calendar is the United States of America, for the month of July.


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  1. Tried to link my post on your efforts and your post, but the trackback/creatalink didn’t work. my post is here. You have been doing marvelous job on the whole counterjihad effort.

  2. I think it was Oriana Fallaci who said:

    “Christians are dangerous when they do not practice their religion; Muslims are dangerous when they do.”

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