Modoggies Make it into the Swedish MSM, But…

Lars Vilks in the MSM…The secular Muslims who planned to exhibit Lars Vilks’ drawings have withdrawn their offer, according to the latest reports from our Swedish correspondent Carpenter.

At last the Swedish media have overcome their fear of giving offense to Muslims — or perhaps of having their offices burned down — and printed a Modoggie. One of Mr. Vilks’ “Mohammmed as a Rondellhund” pieces (shown at right) was printed in Dagens Nyheter. The caption under the image reads, “‘Mohammed as a roundabout-dog’ isn’t primarily a caricature of Mohammed or ‘Islam’ — but of the world of art. And judging by everything, it hit the bull’s-eye.”

Here’s what Carpenter said:

You wrote in one of your posts that you haven’t yet seen any modoggies in Sweden’s MSM. Well, now you will.

How many Scandinavian flags will burn this time? They seem to be out of Danish flags in the Middle East (and I’m not talking about pastries). Thus, Swedish flags might come in handy in a possible flag-burning rally!

Credit to Dan Jönsson of DN’s culture-pages, who wrote the article (on the reaction of Sweden’s art-elite to the modoggies). DN’s culture-section is usually pervaded by political correctness and leftist-propaganda. Guess they wanted to make an exception today…

The online version doesn’t seem to have the drawing.

Last week I reported that a group of secular Muslims had decided to exhibit Mr. Vilks’ Modoggies. Now they seem to have changed their minds. Here’s what Carpenter says:

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In an Expressen op-ed, the editor of the magazine Minaret Mohamed Omar and Hooman Anvari of SEMUS announce that they’ve withdrawn exhibition of Vilks’ Mohammed-drawings

Ingmarie Froman of Svenska Dagbladet dared Vilks to draw an anti-semitic “Jewish sow” on August 21th. Since Vilks accepted the challenge and drew one of those, Omar and Anvari claim it as a reason not to exhibit..

I think it was the right decision by Vilks to draw a “Jewish sow”, although I don’t consider Jews as “capitalistic sows who destroy peaceful villages”, as Vilks — ironically and not meaning it (as far as I know!) — described them.

Well, Omar and Anvari either actually are indignant over the anti-Semitic (yet ironic) character of the drawing, or luckily have found a pretext not to exhibit.

If the Rondellhund crisis escalates further, I’ll be doggedly posting updates.

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