A Pride of Lemmings

I’ve been posting a lot on Sweden lately, mainly because our Swedish readers keep sending us good tips and information. A faithful reader from Skåne has recently supplied us with a variety of material, revealing Sweden as a study in contrasts.

First, from February 2007, consider this article about Sweden’s military, which asserts that Sweden is now defended by a single company (from the summary; the full text of the pdf is in Swedish):

One Company in the National Reserve
A Network Effect
by Senior Editor Olof Santesson

Threat perceptions have changed. And so presumably has the need for ground troops protecting Swedish territory. Nevertheless it surprised many fellows of the Academy of War Sciences to hear from a representative of our Defence Headquarters how very small the so-called National Reserve is. Besides some Special Forces there seems to be only one light mechanised company to be reckoned with.

There are of course other troops in training on a yearly basis, among them units of enlisted soldiers within the Swedish-led EU Battle Group, but so far one has not seen any organised reserve battalions, even though the country still disposes of selected conscript contingents.

One of the reasons for this state of affairs, the author believes, is the result of over-confidence in Network Centric Warfare. Politicians were too easily persuaded by some military prophets that better sensors, better situation awareness and better intelligence in combination with arms of precision would diminish the need for actual combat units on the ground.

The US showed the way. But Sweden might have found it better to modernise more slowly and in the context of smallpower security needs.

So Sweden doesn’t want to devote any great effort to its military. Obviously, there are more important things to do. The Swedes simply have their priorities straight.

Perhaps the use of that last word is ill-advised, considering what Swedish priorities actually are:
– – – – – – – – – –

Pride WeekSome 50,000 people have marched through Stockholm on Saturday in the 2007 Stockholm Pride parade.

Groups representing teachers, police, members of parliament and priests marched in the parade to show support for gay rights.

Dress ranged, as usual, from minimalist to maximalist. Some men wore only leather pants and displayed rippling torsos; others, such as well known drag-queen Babsan, Lars-Åke Wilhelmsson, wore more elaborate outfits. Babsan paraded through town on a car roof wearing a glamorous confection.

One couple to stand out from the crowd was Joachim Schwartzbach and Frode Tolleröd. Their tiny outfits were complemented by large feather wings and 4,000 crystals placed around their bodies.

“It’s important to show who you are and dare to stand up for it,” said Schwartzbach.


This year’s parade was the first in which priests from the Lutheran Church of Sweden took part. Ann-Cathrin Jarl, the Archbishop’s closest aide.

“I think that it is time for the Church of Sweden to give itself some good PR,” she said.

A large number of members of parliament and ministers also participated. Finance minister Anders Borg said: “I think it’s important to take part in demonstrations for tolerance and openness,” he said.

Included in the festivities were representative of the Society of Gay Police Officers in Sweden:

The Society of Gay Police Officers

And “pride” also means including members of Sweden’s vestigial military forces and the police in iconic imagery:

Normative multiplicity

Normative multiplicityProject picture taken by photographer Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin.

The picture shows a lesbian priest, a transsexual military officer and a homosexual police officer, together raising the Rainbow Flag paraphrasing Iwo Jima on a small mountain in the south of Stockholm.

The photographer Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin is famous for her symbolic pictures, especially for her “Ecce Homo”, depicting the Last Supper with the homosexual Jesus surrounded by bisexuals, transsexuals and other homosexuals.

The full-size image (9MB tif format) is available here.

Kurt Lundgren, who kindly included information in English for us, has this tidbit in his blog (English slightly adjusted by BB):

In Sweden the chairman of the Socialist Party, Mona Sahlin, expected to be the next Swedish prime Minister, was yesterday a participant in the Pride Festival in Stockholm. She received the F***ing Medal Award, after answering some questions, among them this one:

What is a fountain-orgasm?

  • A splash of water.
  • A splash of sperm.
  • Something nasty in your bed? No water, no sperm.

She graduated.

This is our next Prime Minister — can anybody help me out of this country? Please.

The certificateThis “F***ing Medal” is not a hoax. I am not making any of this up.

There’s even a certificate — suitable for framing — granted to those who meet the grueling requirements. Its text reads: The undersigned has fulfilled the demands for the F***ing Medal and is therewith qualified to practice coitus.

I know I sound like some humorless homophobic spoiler of everyone’s libertarian fun, but this nonsense is appalling.

This is not just a matter of what consenting adults do in the privacy of their bed-and-bondage rooms. When politicians fall over themselves to participate, and when public money and officials are devoted to such pursuits, then something is seriously wrong with the body politic.

Just imagine Sweden’s tiny military — color-coordinated in their trim navy tunics with powder-blue sashes and a matching rakish beret that’s just so you, duckie — gathered in valiant defense against the Muslim invaders.

When the defense fails, and Sweden is overrun, the victorious barbarians will topple a wall on the whole sodomite lot of ’em.

15 thoughts on “A Pride of Lemmings

  1. One thing bothering me is that the “gay-lobby” of Sweden demands that Christian priests should marry gay couples, and yet they don’t demand that Islamic imams should marry ’em…

  2. “The photographer Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin is famous for her symbolic pictures…”

    I wonder what she’s saying with the symbolism of that sky background.

    It screams darkness and storm to me.

  3. To be honest, I don’t see why this is such a contrast. Is essentially disbanding our armed forces a folly? Yes.

    Is is somehow worse because what passes for our elite is off to impress each other with their sexual tolerance? No.

    The refusal to deal with reality and play at PC games is endemic to all of the West these days.

  4. I was a week in the Finnish military and had to quit due to several health issues, but during one lesson the instructor compared the Swedish and Finnish militaries. I don’t remember the numbers anymore, but I was amazed when I heard them. Sweden has an absurdly small amount of hardware. Probably just enough to defend one city.

    If they truly have a single company defending the country, I’m not suprised.

  5. Every country, especially America, has its degenerates. Most of our larger cities have their disgusting “gay pride” parades. There’s been talk of schism in the Episcopal Church over the election of a homosexual bishop. After our Baby Boomers start sucking up Social Security and Medicare benefits, we might not be a great military power either. Of course, we really don’t need a large military any more than Sweden does, our leadership having already surrendered to third world invaders.

    The question is how typical of the population the degenerates are. There were about 106,000 children born in Sweden in 2006. I can’t find stastistics on ethnicity, but the most popular names for boys and girls in 2006 still seem to be European. So it would seem that Sweden still contains a large number of heterosexual Swedes. Let’s hope that they eventually take their country back. For that matter, let’s hope that our fellow Americans eventually do likewise.

  6. Gringo Malo

    can’t find stastistics on ethnicity, but the most popular names for boys and girls in 2006 still seem to be European.

    Actually, the most popular name for new born males in Malmö (and probably also Stockholm and Gothenburg) is… Muhammed!

  7. Falcon_01, comparing this story to what happened with the San Diego firemen shows us that the Swedes are so much more progressive. They all want to be in the parade. But don’t worry, a few more good years of brainwashing in the US and we’ll catch up.


  8. Power abhors a vacuum.

    Hmmm … I will bet both various Caliphate-inspired groups in Sweden and elsewhere are noting this and also various rightist groups.

    If that’s all there is it might be worth if for the authorities of neighboring countries to send their rightists there instead of having them cause trouble at home.

  9. I thought about blogging this but couldn’t fit it into a proper theme.


    Years of cuts have left Sweden defenceless
    Published: 27th July 2007 11:34 CET
    Online: http://www.thelocal.se/8022/

    In less than fifteen years Sweden has gone from having a national defence force to a security policy based on the assumption that territorial defence is no longer needed. Military resources are only deemed relevant as political markers in distant conflicts and Sweden’s territory has become nothing more than a training ground and a shipping station.

    This total focus on symbolic international operations may be an international phenomenon, but there has been no more rapid and all-encompassing shift in Sweden’s security policy since the end of the country’s time as a great power.

  10. It must be admitted, who would wish to invade Sweeden, when aliens can come in the front door and get paid for it. A very clever policy of national defense, complete with a poison pill. The place will soon be too unattractive to provide any traditional enemy the desire to aquire it. And we thought they were being ridiculous.

  11. 2 carpenter

    Dont bother.
    It is perfectly natural.
    Those bloody leftshits want to destroy the West. Any western institution that can stand against them is to be destroied. And catholic church is one of the last ones.
    The good think is if Sweden turn islamic they will get their reward.

  12. The Swedes, within living memory, had a splendid army.

    I maintain that we will be able to do nothing but second-rate defense against the Islamicist peril and the other threats to our civilization unless we deal first with the leftists in our midst.

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