Oh, Those Renegade Boy Scouts

There’s an international Scout jamboree in southern Sweden, but not everyone can attend:

A group of nine Lebanese scouts due to participate at a major jamboree in Rinkaby in southern Sweden have had their visa applications turned down by the Swedish Embassy in Damascus.

Wednesday’s decision ran counter to a Foreign Ministry recommendation advising embassies to look favourably on visa applications from scouts intending to take part in the Jiingijamborii event, Sveriges Radio reports.

Boy Scout Troop 6, First Presbyterian Church,ca 1945 These are Christian Lebanese boys, and the head of the Swedish scouts said he thought his government’s officials were afraid the boys would not go home once they got to Sweden.

Tundra Tabloids seems to understand their fears:

Who knows, they might begin setting up scout cells of their own that preach being kind to your neighbors and helping little grannies cross the street. The very foundations of Swedish society would be threatened by these tots if allowed to preach their messages of goodwill.

Right. And what if they were caught saying the Scout oath, or went around preaching preparedness, patriotism, or any of those other out-of-date Boy Scout virtues.

Another bureaucratic mind-boggling decision.

It does seem as though Sweden has more than its share of them.

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5 thoughts on “Oh, Those Renegade Boy Scouts

  1. A little news from Norway — Oslo specifically:

    Taxi scandal keeps growing

    Signs of widespread corruption among Oslo’s taxi operators keep spreading, with drivers and taxi owners suspected of fleecing both their passengers and the city’s social welfare system.

    A series of articles in Aftenposten has highlighted questionable practices among drivers suspected of underreporting income, charging excessive fares and engaging in welfare fraud.

    Tax authorities believe that more than 900 taxi owners and drivers have operated in the so-called black market, failing to report all the money they’re taking in, in order to lower their tax liability.

    At the same time, more than 500 of these alleged tax cheats have been collecting welfare payments to which they weren’t entitled. Welfare agency officials believe the alleged swindling has cost the city of Oslo more than NOK 100 million….


    Prolly won’t come as any surprise to anyone here that, as reported by Aftenposten back in Feb (just 320 taxi drivers were implicated at that time), 3 out of 4 of those caught cheating on their taxes were Norwegian-Pakistanis:

    286 of them have also ripped off Husbanken (The House Bank or Homeowner’s Bank), getting 15M NOK in (what I think are — not sure of the translation) housing grants?/loans? (bostøtte) for low-income people:

    And, many of these cheating drivers have big houses & properties back in Pakistan (wonder how they financed those?):

    Ah, fun with multi-culturalism….

  2. This is NOT a beurocratic decision. They may pretend to be silly when they need. But they know what they want – no chrystians. Chrystians are the enemies of EU. I believe, all pro-gay policy of EU is just a trick to make life in Europe unbearable for chrystians. My hypotesis is that EU is the project to unify Europe alternative to Christianity. EU would be not needed if all Europeans felt some common spirit due to the common religion. EU is alternative non-chrystian project, and they see chrystianity as their competitor.

  3. P.S.
    The policy of EU is not to accept or proclaim anything openly. They want us to think that everything there is a product of some good-will but mistaken and not too smart executors. But ideas are great! That’s only a mask. All those pseudo-silly decisions are always in one direction. They are not good-will.

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