Sweden Draws the Line at Dissing Mr. Mojo

As if taking aim at Mohammed weren’t bad enough, the Danes had the nerve to defame the Great Ever-Living God of Gonzo Rock and Roll, Mr. Mojo Risin himself, the late great Jim Morrison.

That’s according to a report from our Swedish correspondent LN, who sent this brief note today:

Good taste in Sweden: the performance artist Itziar Okariz of NY urinating in front of a paying public at the Opera of Norrland in Umeå some two months ago, remuneration SEK 10,000 ($1,450 US).

[LN included a photo of the artist at work here, which regretfully had to be excluded. — BB]

Bad taste according to the Swedish blogger Gudmundson: burning a Mohammed straw puppet in Denmark.

Gudmundon is a normally respected and oft-cited Swedish blogger…

His headline: Profeten och Jim Morrison skändade i Danmark (“The Prophet and Jim Morrison desecrated in Denmark”)

“…but that rather is very near to some kind of inflammatory crime taking into consideration their slogan about a Denmark free from Muslims.

“…The video is accompanied by the worst version of The Doors classic “Light My Fire” that I have ever heard. Without any doubt there will be consequences.This is not the first time the Danes have challenged good taste. [emphasis added]

The rest of LN’s message was a lengthy quote in Swedish from Mr. Gundmundson’s blog. My Swedish is even worse than my Danish, so a full translation will have to left to others.

[Nothing further.]

6 thoughts on “Sweden Draws the Line at Dissing Mr. Mojo

  1. Gudmundson used to be an interesting voice in the Swedish blogosphere – amongst other things, he’s been dilligent in reporting about Swedish connections to various islamic terrorist groups that Swedish mainstream media wouldn’t dream of publishing.

    He has, however, recently gained a temporary gig as a pundit in one of Sweden’s leading newspapers and has been quick to conform to the dhimmitude expected from such exalted personages in this country.

    Time to look for honesty elsewhere.

  2. Burning our national flags is also an affront to good taste, but this gets very little attention even though it happens much more frequently.

    Such desecration of our national symbols also causes a great deal of upset and hurt feelings in the “western community”. Furthermore when our sacred symbols are being treated with such disrespect we are also asked to relinquish our deeply held beliefs in things such as freedom of expression. This belief is the very bedrock on which our way of life is built and is at the very core of our value system.

    Why do Islamists burn our flags and treat our customs with such contempt while at the same time demand respect for their beliefs?

    Burning flags is very insulting and demonstrates contempt for all people within the borders of our nation states. It is also an affront to the entire system of states that is the basis of world order and stability. In terms of the latter, flag burning is insulting to all people across the world who live in and believe in states.

    I would think even socialist appeasers and apologists would be insulted since the states for which flags are emblematic are the very institutions that provide the welfare systems to which they are so addicted.

    So why all the fuss about this story and why not focus instead on the contempt for western civilisation and western values that flag burning represents?

  3. Actually, I wouldn’t object to a torching of a straw-Mo (the cover-version of Light my fire is harder to stomach), but i DO object to the slogan “For a Denmark free from moslems”, or what the slogan now said exactly.

    Freedom of religion is a cornerstone of our democracies, and I cannot, and will not, tolerate advocacy of cleansing on religious grounds, as i would not tolerate a slogan for ethnic cleansing.

    Regarding my job as a pundit – it does not affect what I think, or write on my blog. I happen to be one of the lucky bastards who have a job I am at ease with.



  4. Gudmundson

    “Freedom of religion is a cornerstone of our democracies”

    That is true. But what do you think the intention was with that cornerstone?

    The intention was obviously to prevent people from being attacked or harassed for religious reasons. Do you honestly think that those Danes who made that Video or somehow religiously motivated to target Islam?. Of course not, the motivation is to stop destructive gang like behavior. They are motivated by a desire to protect our democracy with cornerstones and everything.

    Islam demands of its followers to attack others for religious reasons. Exactly what the cornerstone was meant to prevent.

    If you want to twist the meaning of freedom of religion into a free pass for Islam to organise and attack people of other faiths, as it is happening in our own country. Then it becomes the cornerstone of our destruction.

  5. Correction, it should have said – as it is happening in your own country – I am not Swedish. Or alternately it could be – as it is happening in our own countries, as in Denmark and Sweden.

    But when you imply that those Danes on the video was motivated by religion, you should know that others can play that game also.

    I am starting to question your motives. Twisting freedom of religion into the exact opposite of the intention, referring to Mohamed as “The prophet”, making a big fuzz over the most irrelevant part of the whole thing; the song. Am I the only one seeing a pattern here ?. hmm.. ? 🙂

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