Again: Is Israel an Apartheid State?

Jimmah says so — ad infinitum, ad nauseam — but then he’s a paid shill and Momma always said to follow the money [I forgot her advice when I met the Baron. He just turned my head… but that’s another story].

That fat wad o’ cash in Jimmah’s pants has got petroleum all over it. Maybe that’s why he sounds so darn oily.

Here’s a Live Leak video on the subject via Pajamas Media:

According to an editorial from Investor’s Daily, our JC has a bit of an ethics problem:

Jimmy Carter says he’s just being fair-minded by continuously condemning Israel. Meanwhile, his Carter Center draws ever more money from anti-Israel sources. Follow the money.

(Evidently their mommas agree with mine on that one.)

The ex-president’s irritating opinions on Mideast matters are one thing. But the funding of his Atlanta think tank by big-money, state-linked Arab sources is quite another — and points to a conflict of interest.

According to the Carter Center Web site’s 2004-05 annual report — the most recent available — the center has received “in excess of $1 million” from characters like Prince Al-Walid bin Talal.

Bin Talal, you might recall, is the Saudi prince who insultingly offered $20 million to New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani in the smoldering ruins of the World Trade Center. The cash was held out not because the prince cared about terrorism but to rub in that the attack was really a byproduct of the Palestine conflict.

The streetwise Giuliani, who once threw Yasser Arafat out of a New York theater, wasn’t fooled by bin Talal’s power play and told him to keep his dirty money to himself. Giuliani smelled the quid pro quo and wasn’t a man who could be bought.

Seems like Jimmah can’t smell at all. As the Investor’s Daily puts it:

Carter looks a little different. His new book, “Palestine: Peace, Not Apartheid” lays all the blame on Israel for the Palestinian conflict in an interpretation worthy of a Cairo coffee shop. It is so extreme — and so seemingly out of character — that a top staffer at the Carter Center resigned in disgust.

– – – – – – – – – –

It may be easy to dismiss Carter’s nutty statements about Israel as the ranting of a bitter man in his twilight years. But it’s not so easy to look the other way as Arab cash flows into the Carter Center from people known to demand something in return. It is worth noting that the center’s anticipated contributions receivable and Carter’s anti-Israeli diatribes have both increased dramatically.

Investor’s Daily calls it “Jimmy Carter’s Li’l Ol’ Stink Tank” – in other words it’s the smell of petro-dollars, not sulphur, which surrounds our Peace President.

So who is it that suffers from apartheid? James and his brain, you say?

No wonder Miss Lillian said she wished she hadn’t had children. See, she knew him and Billy better than we did.

10 thoughts on “Again: Is Israel an Apartheid State?

  1. Speaking of Dhimmi Jimmy, I just recognized him for a new feature on my blog: “WTF was he thinking?”

    Not for Palestine, but for something different. However, it just shows how ignorant he is. I think he could be a weekly winner for his backlog, and that’s if he just shut up now.

    But yeah, he’s taken ignorance to a whole new level.

  2. gun toter–

    Less modesty, more link whoring please.

    Leave live link so we can jump to your words of wisdom, like these:

    But yeah, he’s taken ignorance to a whole new level.

    And what level would that be, whacko?

    And can we blame him, considering his mother’s views of his existence? Ms. Lillian was a wise woman, and he knew it.

  3. Hmmm. Well, okay.

    First off, here’s the link:

    As for the ignorance, I mean that we have here a person who, for good or ill, played a role in the making of the Mideast. Not as much of a role as he thinks, but he was at the Israeli-Egyptian peace talks. He was there when Arafat refused to join in. He had access to the entire US intelligence community. And so on.

    And now, he has the reputation of a Nobel Prize winner. He has his Library, which I believe (I could be wrong) is partially funded by the US government, possibly has access to secret intelligence reports- or perhaps did during the Clinton years-and yet he still- not just on the Israel issue, but everything he talks about- has no clue what the world is really like.

    I’d love to have the kind of access to information and people that he has. But he’s completely out of touch with reality. Whatever information he has, he’s completely incapable of processing.

    I suppose I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt- I just see him as ignorant, rather than beholden to Arab oil money. Which could make me the ignorant one, I guess.

  4. When I was growing up my old man always told me the USA was the land of opportunity, a place where any boy could grow up to be President.

    Sadly enough, Jimmy Carter proved the truth of his words.

  5. The streetwise Giuliani, who once threw Yasser Arafat out of a New York theater

    Oh? What’s the story behind that?

  6. It is so extreme – and so seemingly out of character – that a top staffer at the Carter Center resigned in disgust.

    Not just one top staffer, but a whole slew of others. Of course, one could argue how “out of character” it really was….

  7. Jimmy Carter is the greatest ex-president house builder in history!

    1. He has never forgiven the american people for firing him for a man who he said would ‘separate us rich from poor’
    2. He is functionally, without question, an anti semitic person
    3. Like his predecessor Mr. Maddox, he of the axe handle, Mr. J Carter, is someone who most southerners try to live down, a typical cracker ..Mr. Carter however, may have a slightly less objectionable history, and a less obvious bigotry. Or, he may have just been plain old BOUGHT.

    Any way you want to look at it, every time he opens his mouth his place in american history sinks lower

  8. The fact that in a Jewish state our enemies are given freedom to destroy the country is not something to be proud of but a sign of insanity

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