A Common Eurabian Identity

An exhibition in Rome is celebrating the common heritage of all the peoples that inhabit the Mediterranean basin. In other words: Italy, Libya — same thing.

According to the AKI article:

The works of twenty-one contemporary artists from around the Mediterranean basin went on display in Rome on Wednesday exploring through experimentation and tradition the identity of the region. “L’Uomo del Mediterraneo” runs in the Vittoriano complex until 8 July. “This exhibition is an utopia, of bringing together united in dialogue the countries of the Mediterranean, with their wealth of history and culture, too often divided by tragic conflicts” explained Maria Teresa Benedetti who along with Alessandro Nicosia curated the show which is part of the Lazio between Europe and the Mediterranean Festival.

Often divided by tragic conflicts — now there’s a weasel phrase for you. As if the Arab conquest of Spain were just a deadly natural disaster, a kind of human hurricane. These things just happen occasionally, you know?

The language of the artists on display at the Vittoriano complex in central Rome is experimental and seeks to launch a message which underlines the existing historic links between the people of this region, who all face onto a sea which should serve to unite different cultures who share a common if turbulent history.

“This is a choral work which reflects the utopia, but also the hope, that the forces of good will triumph and allow the miraculous emergence of precious common roots,” said Benedetti.

In other words, “Prepare for the Eurabian Superhighway, which is coming to you whether you like it or not.”

Here’s the money quote:

“It is certainly true that today, every day, [the idea of a common Mediterranean identity] is betrayed by the difficulty of spreading out equitably resources and opportunities to all the citizens of the Mediterranean.

Could he say more clearly that the Eurabian enterprise is the 21st century version of Socialism? “Spreading resources out equitably” means “taking things from Europeans and giving them to Arabs, Turks, and Africans.”
– – – – – – – – – –

“Yet there is a deep bond that united us. The light of democracy and dialogue — against the darkness of totalitarianism and intolerance. Building together the tools to fully express their common core will help consolidate the cultural, economic and political integration between the peoples of the Mediterranean” Marrazzo said.

The people of Europe never voted for integration with the Muslims of Africa and the Middle East, but they are going to have it shoved down their throats anyway, by people who know what’s best for them. Is it any wonder that the natives of Sweden and the Netherlands are fleeing to the Anglosphere in record numbers?

Fjordman, who just now sent us the link to this article, has this to say about it:

I notice that even at Jihad Watch there are those who question whether the Eurabia thesis presented by Bat Ye’or is correct. I have spent a considerable amount of time checking it, and in my view, her conclusions are perfectly sound. Louis Michel, at present a member of the European Commission, the EU’s unaccountable government, told the Belgian parliament that the European Union will eventually encompass the entire Mediterranean basin, including North Africa and the Middle East. The EU is actively working towards this goal on a daily basis, and spends large amounts of money on promoting the Euro-Arab Dialogue. The most dangerous aspect of this is how they rewrite European history books to erase any traces of the 1300 years of continuous Jihad warfare against Europe, Asia and Africa. The EU as an organization is so thoroughly corrupted by such pro-Islamic sentiments that it is simply impossible to fight the Islamization of Europe without getting rid of the EU. This is an example, clearly encouraged by the EU, of an Eurabian art exhibition in Rome dedicated to celebrating a “common Mediterranean identity,” whatever that is.

3 thoughts on “A Common Eurabian Identity

  1. It’s very simple : the people of Europe disappointed the EU Commission, so now the EU Commission elects another people.

  2. The British have had to suffer such drivel for the last year. There has been a traveling circus going to different museums in england called 1001 Islamic inventions paid for mainly by the British taxpayer the whole affaire is nothing but a farce thin on facts and thick on padding. These Eurocrates are living in Utopian dream and we all know that Utopia is only a dream these idiots think we can build one. I have been tempted to buy the EU flag just for the therapeutic pleasure of burning it. E.U. how I have come to detests the name it is nothing more that an abbreviation of Eurothenasia. The whole affair is nothing more than an out dated farce. It is the Autro-Hungarian Empire write large, if the dead heads in the commission, especially that fat bald French speaking Walloon, Louis Michel, had read any history instead of fantasy novels they might be able to predict how things will end up. I am sorry but reading this sort of crap puts me in a bad mood.

  3. “the people of Europe disappointed the EU Commission, so now the EU Commission elects another people.”

    Bertolt Brecht quote, isn’t it?

    Yes, I’d been thinking that myself recently; the European people don’t want the EU, so the EU is flooding European countries with immigrants who they hope will support it. They really seem to have taken Brecht at his word.

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