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Holger Danske Vågner

At the Counterjihad Summit last month, SIAD (Stop the Islamification of Denmark) asked me if I would make some “Holger Danske Vågner” T-shirts. Fortunately, one of the reasons I went to Denmark was to take my own photo of the old warrior in his cellar under Kronborg. When I came home I was able to make a high-resolution version of the design, one that would be suitable for T-shirts and other materials

So now we have opened a Holger Danske store at Café Press.

Besides T-shirts, I made variations of the design and put them on mugs, buttons, bumperstickers, and other Holger-related items. There’s even a tote bag, suitable for packing sildesalat and snaps for a picnic on the reboubts of the slot.

For more information on Holger Danske, see The Twelfth Viking.

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4 thoughts on “Your One-Stop Shop for Viking-Oriented Merchandise

  1. Dear BARON,
    What really irritates me as an Englishman, who has a certain affinity and love of that little land with that great heart that resides somewhere about 1,000 kilometers north of Brussels. I personally have a Danish Daughter and a grandson called Christian Larsen and don’t give a dam about what those irritating viking have to say to me. They can like it or they can lump it. I might be an Englishman and getting a little long in the tooth and certainly do not ascribe to regal titles, isn’t it about time you Danes gave some sort of recognition for the work he has done. It doesn’t have to be official it just has to come from the heart. The Baron is a Virginian and proud of it. He has a lot to be proud of. His loyalty to his country is beyond doubt. I have read what he had to say about General Jackson. He is ambivalent, as a Virginian he prides himself about Jackson’s tactical and strategic ability. As an American he realizes that if Jackson had lived the united States of America would have been divided into two. The Baron made his choice.

    It doesn’t really matter why the Baron chose Denmark to concentrate his blogg on. Did he chose it or was it chosen for him. I personally think that the Danes chose him. I like the Danes. I am certain that the Baron feels the same . Danes don’t fuck around. The Baron writes an article over Denmark and the Danes piles in. He realizes that 90% of his comments come from Denmark. The Baron suddenly realizes that these people are not only articulate, but that they are articulate in a foreign language. The Baron checks the comments, an allusion here an allusion there things he doesn’t understand. Holger Dansker gets mentioned then It is a google search. The Baron is hooked driven by curiosity. I have to understand these keepers of a foreign culture. He starts to learn Danish. What drives these people, he starts on a odyssey. He goes to Denmark , he is full of questions , what makes these people tick. Promises are made and kept. He stays with friends, friends he has made over the Internet, good friends. He tries out his newly learned Danish. His friends are flattered. The bond is sealed. They have certainly enjoyed this Virginian. My only regret is that I couldn’t be in Denmark at the same time and enjoyed his pleasures photographing Holger Dansker and standing on the battlements of Kronborg Castle and looking out over the sound towards Sweden, something he has not mentioned but certainly did do. Danes it is time to say thank you.

  2. Yorkshire Miner,

    Thank *you*. 🙂

    Actually, Anders Gravers has been very nice to me. He seems to like what I do for SIAD. We just had an online meeting today.

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