Man Bites Dog

If an Anglican vicar advised his parishioners to be more tolerant about Islam, and that Islam is a religion of peace, would you expect to see a mention of it in the news? Dog bites man, right?

Well, not in this story.

Driffield is a little town in the East Riding of Yorkshire, about halfway between York and Bridlington. This piece is taken from the March 16th edition of Driffield Today. I’m reproducing the entire article, because it deserves plenty of publicity.

Vicar’s warning on the rise of Islam

Anglican vicarA Wolds vicar has penned a controversial column warning local Christians about the rise of Islam.

The Rev Tony Kidd, vicar of the Beacon Benefice which includes Burton Agnes with Harpham, Lowthorpe and Ruston Parva, has spoken out in the latest issue of The Parish Magazine which is circulated throughout the Driffield area.

Vicars from all the area’s churches contribute to the magazine and tend to use it as a way of keeping parishioners up-to-date with church news and upcoming events.

However, Mr Kidd has used his column to record his feelings on Islam and to try and rally local Christians.

Mr Kidd said he is concerned that the UK has abandoned Christianity and the gap that has been left is being filled by Islam. He writes: “We are sleep-walking into problems through our own carelessness.

“There can be no justification for blind tolerance of a faith which sees itself as divinely inspired, righteous and true, namely Islam, when too often its expression of that belief conflicts directly with the hopes and aspirations of the majority of the population.

“But equally we can not be surprised by the progress that Islam is making.

“Our lack of national standards, beliefs and convictions give rise to a host of social problems, unsafe streets and increasing inequality.

– – – – – – – – – –

“As a result the clear-sighted objectives of militant Islam are thriving and no appeal to moderation is likely to succeed while our own decadence is so obvious.” He adds: “Is it not time for us, as Christians, to put our own house in order by making clear what we believe and why?”

Mr Kidd says the UK is vulnerable because its people devoted to materialism, entertainment and celebrity and lack any clear moral code.

He argues that the liberal approach has led to UK becoming the ‘abortion, drug and promiscuity capital of Europe’ and adds that an ASBO [Anti-Social Banning Order] is seen as a greater achievement among young people than an A-level.

“Meanwhile in the vacuum of clear moral leadership from which we suffer and faced with a pro-Arab BBC and foreign office, Islam fills the gap left by Christianity and often features in the news for a variety of reasons,” he said.

“Yet the majority of adults in this country have little idea about the force of the Islamic ideal and even less understanding of its potency.

“We may be able to talk about Big Brother, foreign holidays and football but few will understand why Islam and its beliefs are of real significance to that substantial part of our population which follows its teaching and why it therefore ought to matter to us.”

Mr Kidd explains how land once possessed by Islam remains holy to Islam for all time. He said this explains the problems in Israel and adds: “It also explains what those who want Sharia law to apply to parts of England occupied predominantly by followers of Islam may have in mind especially when we remember that Islam believes itself commissioned by its God to bring its own value system to the world through jihad (holy war or holy struggle).”

It’s a cold day in July. Hell has frozen over, etc., etc.

Hat tip: Yorkshireminer, via email.

10 thoughts on “Man Bites Dog

  1. A man with clear eyes and a fair bit of courage. I honestly believe this man will face some form of censure from higher levels within his church. I also wouldn’t be surprised if he faced some form of government retaliation for his “islamophobic” views offending the peaceful followers of the prophet. Too little, too late, I’m afraid. He’s dead on in identifying the problems of England, and the remainder of the West. Most of them won’t wake up to the threat until they’re subjected sharia in their own communities. By then, it’ll be too late.

  2. Does he do a simple comparison between the teachings of Jesus and Mohammad?

    It would be highly instructive and revealing and could be done in a paragraph of competing quotes:

    Blessed are the peacemakers…” Jesus.

    Slay the infidels wherever you may find them…“- Mohammad; Sura 9:5 Koran.

    Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.“- Jesus.

    Strike at their necks!“- Mohammad. Sura 47:4.

    Et al, ad nauseam.

    The difference between these two mindsets and moralities should become clear pretty quick.

    The reason islam is so desperate to prevent anyone from making images of Mohammad (a film of his life would be quite useful as a teaching instrument for the ill-informed infidels) is to keep people ignorant of his true depredations, rapine, plunder, cruelty, bizarrity and crudity.

    (Not to mention absurdity and lunacy.)

    Christianity is faltering in the West because its leadership has failed to oppose this shadowy force. Or to describe the opposing “faith” of Islam by using its own words and exposing its dismal dogmas.

    The truth shall set you free.

    Know Islam- or else.

  3. If the good Vicar needs a little inspiration on fighting – he might check out the 41´th Bishop of Roskilde. Jan Lindhardt.

    He is very combative, wise and probably inspired by the fighting bishop Absalon, bishop to the Valdemar the great in 1200.

    A pretty good ally in the fight against Islam. Jan Lindhardt has not spoken out in regards to Islam, but if he starts, muslims standing in his way would have a hard time 🙂

  4. He’s toast. The earlier comment is correct. Both the Church and the Government will come at him. If he’s lucky, he’ll only have to retract and apologise. More likely, he’ll also be banned from such writings, or made to submit them for advance approval.

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