Has Pelosi Violated the Logan Act? Is There a BIG Payoff?

The right side of the blogosphere is asking the first question, and I’m asking the second.

For the Logan Act to apply depends on whether or not Pelosi can be construed as a “private citizen.” No doubt she would claim she is a “public servant.” Whatever.

In either case, she is the reincarnation of Machiavelli.

This law, passed in the beginnings of our country’s history, was crafted to prevent unauthorized correspondence or negotiations with foreign governments:

Any citizen of the United States, wherever he may be, who, without authority of the United States, directly or indirectly commences or carries on any correspondence or intercourse with any foreign government or any officer or agent thereof, with intent to influence the measures or conduct of any foreign government or of any officer or agent thereof, in relation to any disputes or controversies with the United States, or to defeat the measures of the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

This section shall not abridge the right of a citizen to apply, himself or his agent, to any foreign government or the agents thereof for redress of any injury which he may have sustained from such government or any of its agents or subjects.

So is Representative Pelosi, a congressperson-survivor of bizarre San Francisco politics, and a vocal opponent and sly undercutter of her President’s policies re the Middle East…is she a private citizen/meddler or not?

The Hon. Pelosi is the head dude in the American Congress. Does that stamp her traveling shoes with the right credentials to bop over to Syria and make nice? Or is it simply another example of Democratic interference and Congressional hubristic imperialism?

Some in the MSM are taking her to task for visiting this hellhole, where Boy Assad hatches his various plots:

Nuts…the best that can be said about Pelosi’s trip: Nuts. Having done her shopping, Pelosi went on, against the express wishes of the White House, to talk with President Bashar Assad. Perched on pillowed armchairs, chatting away, they provided yet another photo-op — a tableau implying that Assad is no monster, but in many ways a reasonable fellow, just like the rest of us. Pelosi emerged to announce that she had expressed her concerns on various fronts and that Assad is now willing to hold peace talks with Israel.

This is not just nutty politics; it is dangerous. For Pelosi, this may count as interaction. But for Assad’s regime in Syria, this amounts to chumps on pilgrimage. Damascus is infested by a dynastic tyranny in which “dialogue” serves chiefly as cover for duplicity and terror. These traits are not simply regrettable habits that Assad might be charmed out of. They are big business and prime instruments of power.

– – – – – – – – – –

The long litany of Syrian depredations includes the long and brutal occupation of Lebanon, Syrian involvement in the brazen car-bombing assassination two years ago of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik al- Hariri, and likely Syrian involvement in the continuing series of murders of Lebanese reformers. Syria has been a highway for Hezbollah terrorists trucking weapons from Iran into Lebanon, leading to the war launched by Hezbollah last summer against Israel. Syria provides safety and support for the terrorists of Hamas. Since the fall of Saddam Hussein, Syria has become a conduit of terrorists inflicting mayhem and murder in Iraq.

This kind of “thumb-in-your-eye” behavior (aimed at the President’s orbs) is standard operating procedure for Democrats. They’re the party which wrote the playbook for dirty politics, and use it so aggressively they make the Republicans look spineless by comparison. In the face of the machinations of Teddy Kennedy, Hillary, et al, the Republicans seldom get off the bench.

On the other hand, the Republicans’ feckless behavior the last time around brought about the defeat they deserved. Despite what the MSM and the Dems say, Congressional and Senatorial elections are idiosyncratic to each district and each state. These by-elections are not about the Executive Office, no matter what the chattering classes say when the election results go their way. They are about local concerns and what citizens think these people can do for their state or district. This is especially true in the House

Pelosi is fascinating. She may eventually give Hillary a run for her money, even as she meddles in the Middle East with one face while proclaiming she’s a simple grandmamma with the other. In fact, with this finesse to Syria, she may have pulled off an act that others will find difficult to follow without seeming to be mere “me, too.” The only upping of the ante I can foresee would be Kerry going to Iran.

By the way, if Pelosi says that she has the right to make this little visit due to her standing as third person in line for the Presidency, then she ought to stop returning the emails from people outside her district. I would say “you can’t have it both ways” but the Dems have been doing exactly that since they took genuine liberalism into the back room and embalmed it. No matter what they say, their form of “liberal” won’t pass the smell test.

Hey, that’s what we need: a third party called “Classic Liberals.” Kind of like bringing back Classic Coke, you know? It could provide for the libertarians, the homeless conservatives, and those who say “a-pox-on-both-your-houses” an actual domicile. A place to hang their hat without having to surrender their brains.

Dream on, Dymphna.

I will have to say that since Madam Speaker is not a private citizen, she probably did not violate the terms of the Logan Act. However, she went to Syria without the consent or blessings of her President. Lady, thy name is Chutzpah.

But that doesn’t mean the Republicans would pursue this flagrant act if some government legal beagle could make a case for her having violated the Logan Act. They’re way too engrossed in watching the Dems heat up the impeachment pot for the President and Vice President. And pulling that trick off would leave exactly who in charge?

So maybe soon-to-be Prez Pelosi is even craftier than we could have imagined. Is Syria merely the cocktail party prior to the impeachment barbeque?

Just asking.

13 thoughts on “Has Pelosi Violated the Logan Act? Is There a BIG Payoff?

  1. Good one, lil Nancy violated some law that’s for sure, but I bet the Repubs won’t do squat. Don’t hassle the poor Democrats, they don’t know what they are doing, they are not responsible for their actions…

    absurd thought –
    God of the Universe says
    overstep authority

    undermine your government
    talk to the enemy

  2. Only a woman … an American woman … and an American Democrat Woman at that, would or could pull off such a silly (TV friendly) stunt like this.

    How old is Grandma Pelosi now; 66 years? If so, why is she wearing outfits more suited to a 40 something gal? This reminds me of Secretary of State Madeleine Albright (another Grandma, and Democrat) wearing a miniskirt to meet Egyptian President Mubarak when she was in her late 50’s.

    I watched closely the Boy Assad’s body language, and I sensed he was just going through the motions, already fully aware that Pelosi’s visit was just theatre and that the Californian Gal was right out of her depth.

    18 months or more ago, at FrontPageMagazine.com, I predicted Condoleezza Rice would be a disaster and “a next to useless Secretary of State,” and I think my expectations have been fully born out.

    How many more females has feminist America got waiting in the wings to screw up the Western World’s foreign policy?

    Why not just send eroto-mouthed Angelina Jolie? She’d be no less effective at flashing her eyelashes and crossing/uncrossing her legs.

    America … the big Mamma.

  3. I am apoplectic about this woman and I’m not even an American. she has not only contravened the provisions of the Logan Act but she has placed herself in a position of High Treason. She has betrayed the United States. It’s absolutely irrelevant in which capacity she said she was. The next steps are arraingment, trial and execution.

  4. Dymphna,

    I asked the same question here. You might want to have a look at the State Department opinion from McGovern’s 1975 trip to Cuba that I cited at the end of my post.

  5. What’s the big mystery? Pelosi and the Dems sabotage everything; Pelosi, above it all, does the will of the majority in Congress and runs the show as Congress impeaches the President and Vice President, Pelosi becomes President and runs for re-election as an incumbent. Maybe picks Obama as her VP in exchange for only serving one term.

  6. mission impossible–

    I forget who told me, perhaps someone who’d worked in the State Dept. At any rate, the story goes that Albright was on some visit to a European country. She was in a conference room by herself, before a meeting, to work on some papers. Someone walked in on her and thought she was the maid and told her to leave.


    I’ll bet he’s got a post in Patagonia somewhere.

    And I shall ignore your sexist remarks…Condi is better than Powell, for heaven’s sake. And better than good ol’ boy Baker. To suggest it is women who are screwing up foreign policy is, shall we say, a bit narrow in its focus. Before you come to Rice there are at least two dozen men ahead of her, more inept, mendacious, and meddlesome.

    Not one woman who has *ever* served her country can measure up (or rather, “down”) to Kennedy and Kerry. Not to mention Senator KKK Byrd.

    The basis of your argument is anachronistic. Make it on the merits, not on hormones or what is between a person’s legs. Cause if you go that route, we can trot out Bill Clinton and Jimmah. The latter’s mother, Miz Lillian, was heard to say she should never have had children.

  7. Dynphna,
    I had to go through this over at the leftest Elephant Bar Blogsite, but since there are no doubt bloggers here who also are uninformed allow me to inject a note of Political Science 101.

    You said, “The Hon. Pelosi is the head dude in the American Congress.”

    A quick review. Our government has three branches.

    The Legislative branch, (Congress) is bi-cameral , composed of a House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate. Nancy Pelosi is NOT THE HEAD DUDE OF CONGRESS. She is Speaker of the House of Representatives. She has no standing in the U.S. Senate, where the Vice President of the United States is President of the Senate.
    If we can’t manage to get our own governmental structure correct the wheels fall off fairly quickly.

  8. Habu 1–

    I do indeed realize that Pelosi’s correct position is head dude — or “dud”, depending on one’s political leanings — of the House, not the whole shebang. It was a lazy slip of the keyboard.

    As for your contention that If we can’t manage to get our own governmental structure correct the wheels fall off fairly quickly, I contend that we’ve been riding on the rims ever since they gave us universal suffrage. That calamity is offset by the fact that many of us don’t bother to vote.

    Try this experiment: ask the next five people you meet in any store or gatherig place to name the vice president or the secState — or any other cabinet member for that matter. In fact, ask them about any of the statements you made, including the one you yelled about Pelosi’s position.

    Besides, the self-selected group of people who read this blog already know the information contained in your blessedly brief Civics lecture and sermon.

    Nonetheless I will do my penance:


    See, I can raise my voice,too.

    I also said five Hail Marys for this heinous crime.

    I suggest you do some appropriate breat beating for the sin of assuming the ignorance of our readers.

    It’s Monday, Hubris. Don’t mess with me.

  9. Dymphna,
    I did not imply that all of your contributors or readers were ignorant, only that many who might follow your words were being mislead. Granted it was not the caliber of Walter J. Duranty but it did merit attention, lest the disinformation spread like some prose ebola virus. (ooh good one +5 points)

    A “slip of the keyboard” pleeese.(+1 pt. for using 3 e’s in please) Mount a better defense than that.

    “Besides, the self-selected group of people who read this blog already know the information contained in your blessedly brief Civics lecture and sermon.”

    When I corrected your mistake no contributor prior to my offering had done so. I wish it had not fallen to me to make the correction given that it is your responsibility to get something as fundamental as the workings of our government and it’s structure correct, if that is what you are commenting on at the time. It grossly erodes your credibility to write on issue more complex if you can’t manage to get the three branches of government and their functioning correct. It may be boorish to you to have it pointed out but it’s, like wow, FUNDAMENTAL, dudette.(+5 pts..got correct gender of “dude” in place)
    “It’s Monday, Hubris. Don’t mess with me.”
    With apologies to HST, “If you can’t stand the heat, stay off the keyboard” (a big finish here +10)
    21 pts … reshuffle, lets play another hand.
    P.S. My choice for the money quote.
    “It was a lazy slip of the keyboard.”

    Note to self..learn to use italics, not upper case.

  10. Your quote , not mine …. if you prefer to call it a monkey quote I’m sure Mr. Scopes and Mr. Darwin will have no objection.
    I do apologize in my attempt to add the lustre of lucre to what you penned. But then scientists do know that rudimentary tools were used by monkeys. Keep typing, this is fun.

  11. Dymphna,

    The title of your article reads: Has Pelosi Violated the Logan Act? Is There a BIG Payoff?

    Therefore, we are focusing here on Nancy Pelosi, a 66(?) year old grandmother who has bought her way into politics and has also been under the plastic surgeon’s knife on several occasions.

    Consequently, in response, I think it more than reasonable for me to focus on some other idiotic, egotistic, American women who have also made fools of both themselves and the Western World, when trying to shape western “foreign policy.” Quite where you got the urge to ‘tantrum’ about “my sexism” from, I know not. I have noticed in my many travels that American (middle-class) women do not like to be back-chatted to; they’re more used to having their every whim catered to. It was amusing to see President Bush’s meek bodylanguage when Pelosi was standing next to him on the White House lawn (a few weeks back). A picture tells a thousand words.

    Indeed, I could have added at least 10 more female names to my earlier list, from both sides of the Atlantic. Every female Minister in Tony Blair’s New Labour government has been either incompetent or an unmitigated disaster. So, have many of the males; but in percentage terms, the female gender has scored a 100% success rate at achieving ineffectiveness and incompetence! If you get my drift. That isn’t just my opinion, but the opinion of the majority of British people (according to Blogs, Opinion columns, and polls, etc.).

    You contradict your own assumptions. Truly “sexist” males (if indeed such creatures exist) wouldn’t bother reading your articles, knowing you are a lady, let alone respond to them.

    You wrote: And I shall ignore your sexist remarks. Who are you to say they were sexist? Sounds a bit too judgemental to me: more typical of ad-hominem ‘leftist’ tactics. Perhaps if you’d added ‘IMHO,’ it might have read better.

    To suggest it is women who are screwing up foreign policy is, shall we say, a bit narrow in its focus.

    Not at all. My focus was and remains spot on, because I am writing about the situation today, not yesterday. Baker was co-author of a (largely rejected) report; he isn’t making policy. Powell is yesterday’s man (and was also an ineffective Sec. of State). Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter should have been taken out at dawn and shot, with CNN’s cameras rolling, two years ago.

    Today, America’s foreign policy is being guided by women’s emotions, which are biologically more suited to domestic policy. Pelosi, Madame Hillary, Albright (she was guest commentator on Wolf Blitzer’s CNN programme just last Sunday, speaking about Iraq), and Dr. Condi Rice racing around in circles looking busy but achieving nowt.

    Perhaps you need to get over your 1970s, militant “women’s rights” campaign thinking Dear Dymphna, and learn to stay a little more chilled when I write on gender issues in future.

    America … the big Mamma.

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